$100 per couple to enter Zarah Lounge VIP section

Revellers at Zarah Lounge in Bulawayo on its opening night

Revellers at Zarah Lounge in Bulawayo on its opening night

Showbiz Correspondent
UPMARKET Bulawayo joint, Zarah Lounge, on Friday launched a cosy VIP section to further enhance the relaxed atmosphere for its mature clientele that appreciates the finer things in life.

The pub and restaurant is located at the Lounge Night Club courtyard.

The VIP area, nestled in a corner of the lounge, can accommodate 20 people. With sliding glass doors and an indoor and outdoor section, the area has comfy sofas, air-conditioning and a huge flat screen television – befitting for “moneyed” patrons who prefer to imbibe away from the prying eyes of the public.

A dedicated hostess is on hand to serve patrons housed in the VIP section.

Zarah Lounge proprietor Phathisani Nkomo said entrance to the VIP area will cost $100 per couple.

“The $100 will cover the drinks for the two people who have booked that area. If they are three, they’ll have to add another $100. If they’re four, it’ll cost them $200. The whole objective of this is to have people in pairs,” said Nkomo.

He said those who wanted more exclusivity were free to book the whole VIP at $100 but exclusive of drinks.

Meanwhile, after a Zarah Lounge waitress trended on social media for misspelling T-bone steak and writing Tea Born, Nkomo said they had since renamed the dish to the latter. A lot of interest had been generated with some patrons said to have been asking what sort of dish “Tea Born” steak is. As a result, Zarah Lounge has made “Tea Born” one of their signature dishes.

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  • Major Musango

    aircon and sofas in a bar and a $100 … for what … I would rather stay home and enjoy my beer and have fun with my family in the comfort of my house!

    • Kabius Kekedu

      Its not for the little poor fellows like you and I. Let them do their own things, market forces will tell them the truth and they will adjust.