2 000 docs, nurses to get jobs

Dr David Parirenyatwa

Dr David Parirenyatwa

Paidamoyo Chipunza, Harare Bureau
Treasury has given the Ministry of Health and Child Care the greenlight to employ over 2 200 doctors and nurses who are graduating this month, a move that is likely to avert a strike by the health professions that was scheduled to begin today.

Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa, in an interview yesterday, assured all doctors set to graduate of absorption into the public health delivery system as Government medical officers.

“I am very excited about this development and I want to assure all doctors who will be graduating this February that we will be ready for them,” he said.

“We have been negotiating with the Ministry of Finance since November on review of staff establishments for both doctors and nurses and I am happy that we have been given the greeenlight to employ over 250 doctors and 2 000 nurses.”

Dr Parirenyatwa said his ministry was now looking at the provision of posts for other professionals such as pharmacists and laboratory scientists.

He said Government has since communicated the latest development to the doctors and appealed to them not to go on strike as they had scheduled for today, since some of their grievances have been solved.

Although our Harare Bureau did not see the letter, the doctors insisted that there was nothing concrete as yet from Government since they had not received the letter assuring them their grieviences had been addressed.

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors’ Association (ZHDA) president Dr Farai Munatsi said last night that they were still consulting with their membership on the way forward regarding the latest promises.

Earlier in the day, the doctors had circulated a memo among themselves insisting that today’s strike would go ahead and they had not withdrawn it by last night.

“We have not received any concrete solution from the relevant authorities concerning our demands,” said Dr Munatsi. “Tomorrow (today) we stand united and firm. We have to save our health delivery system in Zimbabwe.

“The ZDHA urges all its members nationwide to withdraw their services from 15th of February till our demands are met.”

The doctors are demanding issuance of their practising certificates upon completion of their two-year internship and an upward revision of the on-call allowance to $720 for the lowest paid doctor.

After completion of their studies, doctors are required to undergo a two-year internship after which they are given a temporary certificate to practise in a Government institution for another year.

It is only after completion of the additional year as a Government medical officer (GMO), will they get their open practice certificate, enabling them to search for employment from elsewhere.

Government recently announced that it was no longer guaranteeing GMO posts because the current establishment was now full, prompting the junior doctors to demand their open practice certificates to enable them seek employment.

Health Services Board spokesperson Mr Nyasha Maravanyika said the board understood some of the doctor’s demands and was engaging with Treasury.

“The issue of on-call allowance revision is before Treasury and the HSB has always been having it on its agenda, including non monetary incentives such as the duty free framework,” he said.

“As far as we are concerned, these are issues that Treasury is seized with.”

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  • #TeamMugabe #TeamBob #TeamAmai

    Doctors, please do not strike. This move by government should prove that under the God-given leadership of Life President Cde Robert Mugabe and Amai President Dr Grace Mugabe your jobs are safe. Do not allow the utterances of the Lacostista Chinamasa to worry you. There will be no cuts or freezes to the civil service while a Mugabe occupies Chancellor Avenue.

    In return, you must support our President and the heir presumptive Dr Mugabe against those who wish to illegally remove them from office and sack you or cut your salaries in half.

    “Munhu Wese Kuna Amai” – Amai President Dr Grace Mugabe is the People’s choice to succeed Life President Cde Robert Mugabe

    • brian

      Tell that to thousands of qualified teachers seated at home . nxx heartless !

    • 1975

      You are just one dreamer. You are lost and have gone astray. you obviously have nothing productive to say.

  • MgamezulukaHlatshwayo

    Just wonder where is this broke government going to source money to pay all these new employees…since King Mgabe cannot seem to be reducing his international trips

  • matiya

    One minister is saying he wants to cut down labour costs to 55% and the other is saying to increase 2000 more. You begin to wonder if its just a campaign or politiking

    • sinti

      but you cant freeze hospital posts that would be disastrous, that will cost the lives of voters

  • 1975

    once upon a time a leader promised 2 million jobs to a nation and up to now he has failed to deliver just 2000, then his junior comes up with another promise of creating or availing 2200 jobs for those graduating in february. This leader and his junior are obsessed with the figure 2.my question is what about the thousands that graduated yesteryear are they all going to get a job. If 2200 graduates are produced each year that means for the past four years 8800 people have graduated and 99% of them are unemployed and the dreaming minister promises 2200. To all those that are graduating this year, my word of advice to you is wake up and smell the coffee, create your own employment, don’t bank on the promises of this tired government.

    • Joy

      Two million jobs?

  • mayebabo

    the wage bill will balloon again, since there is need for health personnel fair and fine and need for teachers for the new curriculum, estimated to be around 10 000 more teachers, and more Police Officers since there is a rise in gun crimes, murders and robberies

  • vusumuzi

    Jobs to those who graduated this year ???? What about graduates of previous years??? . Sebe le rust ??????barusile ????. I tell you we will be divided and ruled by these imbeciles. So those chosen are happy , they feel more human than those graduates of previous years . Thats a sign of a divided PEOPLE. If you see people doing a ” i care about me only”not nowing its coming to you tomorrow. What is the reason for existence of Trade Unions , Student Unions , Work Unions, isn’t there a Professional Councils Union to tackle all these issues with Govt? Instead of Govt coming into unions and dictating the pace. Thats dividing workers. Go back to Unions and Union heads tackle the Govt head on , its allowed, legal and permssible, do not be pretenders