21-gun salute marks Botswana president’s 2nd term

khamaGABORONE, Botswana — Dancers and a 21-gun salute have marked the inauguration of Botswana’s president who is beginning a second term after the ruling party won an election last week. President Ian Khama a retired general and the son of independence leader Seretse Khama was sworn in yesterday by Botswana’s chief justice. Khama wore the country’s flag pinned to the lapel of his dark suit.

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party has dominated politics since independence from Britain in 1966, but it faced a tougher challenge from the opposition in the election on Friday.

Khama’s deputy, the vice president, will be elected by the parliament when it sits for the first time today. — AP.

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  • Jabulani Khumalo

    We may not like his dictatorial tendencies but here is an African President who is doing something for his people. Diamond have changed the face of Botswana yet they have been a curse to some African countries including my former homeland( Zimbabwe). Can our country’s ambassador in Gaberone please negotiate a “South African-like” dispensation for Zimbabweans in Botswana please!!

    • bute

      And he is an independent thinker who fearlessly expresses his opinion on African politics. He’s not a boot-licker, unlike the majority of African leaders who seem to have this fear of castigating African dictators.

  • master

    At least he hasn’t driven hordes of Batswana into diaspora!!!!! God save Zimbabwe Pleeeeeeeeeeaseeeeee! We are drowning under our leadership!!!