3-yr- old drowns in well while mum entertains lover

The well in which the child drowned

The well in which the child drowned

Whinsley Masara,Chronicle Reporter
A-THREE-YEAR old baby boy fell into a well and drowned while his mother was allegedly having sex at her boyfriend’s house in Bulawayo.
Police on Monday rescued the couple after Cowdray Park residents bayed for their blood.

An angry mob that was accusing the couple of being irresponsible by causing the drowning of the baby had gathered around 6pm, demanding “justice.”

The now deceased (name withheld) was allegedly playing outside his mother’s boyfriend’s house when he fell into an uncovered well and drowned.

Miss Lubelihle Hadebe (20), who stays with her great grandmother, had visited her boyfriend Mr Victor Moyo’s house, in the same neighbourhood.

Miss Hadebe’s other son is a year old and the children have different fathers.

Residents told The Chronicle news crew that their screams and cries alarmed the pair that was inside the house having some quality time.

Bulawayo Metropolitan police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the tot’s  death.

“We received a case of sudden death of a three-year old baby who fell into a 2 metre well and drowned yesterday (Monday) evening. The baby’s mother was inside the house when her baby fell into a well between two houses.

“We encourage residents to always cover pits and wells to avoid such dangers. Mothers should always learn to monitor babies at all times to protect them from being injured or even losing their lives like in this incident,” she said.

It is alleged that the baby was first given some food and after eating, he walked out of the house without the pair noticing.

Fuming residents said the child’s mother deserved a thorough beating for neglecting her child over  a lover.

“How can you close doors for sex leaving a three-year-old child alone outside? So they thought giving the child food to eat was caring enough? God has punished the woman and now how does she feel, having portrayed herself as the most irresponsible mother we have ever seen.

“If it weren’t for police, the couple would have been in hospital right now. We wanted to teach them a lesson they would never forget,” said the sources that preferred anonymity.

Lubelihle’s great grandmother, Ms Eliza Hadebe said it was sad they had lost a baby in such a manner.

“As you can see I’m very old and blind. I can’t say much as everything came to me as a story. I was here and the whole mishap came to me as hearsay. This is really a sad time,” she said.

Ms Hadebe referred the news crew to residents who discovered the floating body, for more details.—@winnie_masara

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    surely the water body must be kept covered, how can the safety people of Bulawayo not enforce a law that does not allow open wells.

    • musa

      do they know that such wells exist?

  • Sandura1

    Are those wells legal and registered with ZNWA in the first place?

    • musa


  • musa

    granted the well should have be covered, period. those parents who know exactly what their 3 year olds are doing each second of the 24 hours raise your hands. i thought so. people are so quick to judge and condemn.

  • MaKhu

    so why did this reporter indicate that the mother has another child and that the children have different fathers. How is that information relevant???

    • Roby

      Perhaps is trying to show us how loose is this woman.

  • Gxabhashe

    It happens ,it was just a mistake no ones fault…

  • God of War

    Useless mother but isn’t there a by-law that says no boreholes or wells in the ghetto?

  • siphilanzima

    kumele umthombo wakhelwe uhlale ukhiyiwe ngoba lomuntu omdala angawela afele phakathi kwayo, where is BCC such tragedies were unheard of in the past. BCC used to deploy its rangers to monitor the residential areas and prevented such happennings, khathesi sokutheni selilobuvila