$3m swindle CMED boss reinstated

Davison Mhaka

Davison Mhaka

Freeman Razemba, Crime Reporter
CMED managing director Davison Mhaka, who was suspended in 2014 for his alleged involvement in a fuel scam that prejudiced the parastatal of $3 million, has been reinstated.

Mhaka was found guilty on two charges of misconduct following an internal disciplinary hearing in November last year.

The disciplinary “authority”, led by Justice Simbi Mubako (retired), convicted Mhaka on charges of gross incompetence and inefficiency, and conduct inconsistent with the fulfilment of the express or implied conditions of CMED’s contract of employment.

He was cleared on two other charges involving wilful disobedience to a lawful order and theft or fraud.

The other members of the disciplinary authority were Rodgers Matsikidze and Patrick Chingoka.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joram Gumbo yesterday said Mhaka had since resumed his duties at CMED.

“Following the judgement of the tribunal, I ordered Mhaka to be reinstated,” he said. “I’m reinstating Mhaka so that he can work with the board to recover the $2,7 million (lost in the fuel scam) because the money has not been found.

“My question is, if it was not Mhaka who took the money, then who did? So, I want him to work with the board and assist them to recover the money.”

Gumbo said he had reinstated Mhaka because he had been acquitted of the theft or fraud charges.

He said the law will take its course on anyone who took the money from CMED.

Gumbo expressed concern over the manner in which things were conducted at CMED, such as the firing of some of the top management when Mhaka was suspended.

“Some of the top management was fired and they were replaced with people without the relevant qualifications,” he said.

“So, I’m saying to avoid litigation, take them (the fired employees) back and I’ve informed the board to look at what they’ve done.”

Gumbo said some of the fired employees needed to be paid and the only option was to take them back to avoid unnecessary expenses.

In December, CMED board chairman Godwills Masimirembwa was fired amid reports of a tiff between him and Gumbo over the reinstatement of Mhaka.

Mhaka was suspended in 2014 pending investigations into his role in the botched fuel scam in which the utility lost $3 million after a contracted firm, First Oil, failed to deliver in 2013.

The parastatal also suspended fuel manager Brian Manjengwa to facilitate disciplinary measures.

Last month, there were reports that the net was closing in on high-ranking officials involved in siphoning the $3 million through the botched fuel deal, with reports indicating that Transport and Infrastructural Development officials benefited from the massive scam.

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  • Mutape

    For starters editor that picture is of Jordan Gumbo not Davison Mhaka . Mhaka is much younger,darker and not handsome at all.

    Secondly Joram and Mhaka both come from the same village in merengue. it’s panning out to be tribal politics at play here.

    This is where this government has got it all wrong. I can assure you the government is on its last leg. People are fed up. This is now being done in broad daylight. They are no longer ashamed. Endi ukhona mbava isingachanyari, it means zvapinda muroora. There is nothing anyone can do now. He is prepared for the worst.

    The Company just turns a blind eye. Infact all this is done whilst he is on holiday. The acting are busy in power politics. God save Zimbabwe.

  • Chikomana

    The matter is a little bit confussing. Does CMED have a code of conduct. Why calling outsiders like former judge and ana Matsikidze even though he is one of the best in labour law. Minister to me seems to be correct. Suggestions on recovering of lost assets is the best, vanhu vanobva vadurana vega.
    l hope finest details of the matter have not been disclosed but what has been shown so far is sufficeint enough to inform us that some pple do steal from the state.

    This matter was reported along with a $1million scam at DDF can the herald inform us of the corretive measures taken by the later.

    Huyai tishandire nyika yedu nemoyo wakachena, God rewards the faithfull.

    Appointment of these boards what are the requasites. Are there any youths board members in Zimbabwe. Ndakamirira mayouth ndinoti try us minister.
    Mr Mhaka happy new year kkkkkkk.

  • mqhafi

    his decisions are always suspect……………NRZ board chairmanship???

  • Mberengwa West Orphans

    The ministers has been an Mp for 15+ years yet nothing about him in his area is noticeable ,the area has achieved nothing since the death of Byron Hove