‘56 British women joined ISIL in 2015’

A new report say fifty six British women and girls are believed to have traveled to Syria from the UK last year.

According to the latest figures from national counter-terrorism police, British women and girls are continuing to travel to Syria in worrying numbers.

This comes as figures released last July showed 43 females were thought to have gone to Syria in the previous 12 months.

“We are deeply concerned about the numbers of girls, young women and also families who are taking the decision to go to Syria, unaware of the dangers they face when they arrive and the fact that they are unlikely to ever be able to return home to their devastated wider families,” said Helen Ball, Deputy Assistant Commissioner.

Reports say about 4,000 westerners are thought to have joined ISIL terrorists including 550 women.

In February, three London schoolgirls went to Syria. Some are now thought to be married to ISIL militants.

Now UK police have adopted new measures to counter ISIL recruitment propaganda aimed at young girls and women in the west. — PressTV

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