All set for President/chiefs indaba

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief
ALL is set for the meeting between President Mnangagwa and traditional leaders in Gweru today, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Cde July Moyo has said.

In an interview yesterday, Cde Moyo said the Zanu-PF Convention Centre popularly known as the Winery along Mvuma road was ready to host the President and the traditional leaders.

He said the drafting of the programme had also been completed.

Cde Moyo said he was going to hold the final chief’s council meeting at the venue yesterday.

“Yes we are ready in terms of preparations to meet the President with the traditional chiefs. I’m at the venue and everything is in place. The programme is also complete. Some traditional leaders have booked into hotels and lodges for accommodation while others are still on their way,” he said.

Cde Moyo said accreditation of the traditional leaders and delegates attending the special meeting was taking place.

He said several vehicles had been brought to Gweru and would be distributed to some chiefs by President Mnangagwa today.

“This is the first batch of vehicles for our traditional leaders.

“Some will receive their vehicles while we wait for the next batch of vehicles for the other chiefs. Soon every chief in the country would receive his or her vehicle,” said Cde Moyo.

This will be President Mnangagwa’s first meeting with traditional leaders since taking over from former President Cde Robert Mugabe last November.

Presidential spokesperson, Mr George Charamba, in a statement recently said the meeting will enable the President to brief chiefs on his vision and acquaint himself with different players and interests in the country.

“As part of the ongoing programme to connect and acquaint himself with the thinking of different echelons, interests and players of our nation, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is scheduled to hold a day-long indaba with the country’s 282 chiefs in Gweru on January 13, 2018,” Charamba said.

“The President is expected to take advantage of the meeting to get views and expectations of different communities on government’s performance and services while also briefing our traditional leaders on the vision, programmes and expectations of his new administration and these relate to rural areas where the majority of Zimbabweans live.”


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  • zibulo

    Let me shed some light on the traditional chiefs’ existence from the times of defeat of blacks by the colonialist. After the Uprisings of the Shona and Ndebele agains’t the colonialist, a purge was made to eliminate /remove all chiefs involved in the uprisings. They were subsequently replaced by those who swore allegiance to the colonialist. According to history books, these chiefs were given a Horse , with instructions for them to move around and make sure his people “behaved” properly toward the colonialist.They were also given a “salary of 2 pounds annually, a lot then , and were to report any “wayward” subject to the DC (district commissioner, white) hence you see disputes amongst “royal”families when there are installations with families claiming to be the “Ones”entiltled to the throne !! Today the black government has reigned in the same Chiefs under the same terms as the colonialist. Chiefs today do not seek the consesus of their people on certain important subjects, they , because of greed for position and glitterings offered by Govt like the Horse and 2 pound of the colonialist, align themselves with a political party, yet the constitution even states that they should not align with any political side but work with Govt of the day and relay the People’s wishes , they be the People’s voice. But , alas, bathanda ukulandela ibhodo eliconsa umsobo omnandi onukelela inyama, this time ibhodo le ZANU !!!. See where they are meeting mnagwagwa , at a ZANU place and not at a public or other government/Council place, meaningThe Chiefs Have Been Captured by ZANU. This is a political gimmick , which has fooled even the fathers of the current generation of chiefs. At least during the Liberation war /white man rule, they had powers to organize , meet , discuss all topics with subjects. today they work forZANU. Lands near them are allocated to outsiders here in Mthwakazi region,without their or their people’s input. They are no longer powerful, only terrorists to their subjects by working with a party wich murdered their subjects ,. We need Chiefs , but not in their current Sellout Mindset . Only baba Khayisa Ndiweni stood up, abanye bathula du du du !!! wayengabulawa lokubulawa uKheswa zona zikhona ezinye inzinduna zithule for fear of losing on zanu dirty money !!!. They do not serve their purpose laba abakithi. The Language isiNdebele is dying , bathule , futhi they dont seem interested in reviving it , On ZANU Radio/TV the Ndebele News readers are /were mostly Shona who knew “street ndebele”, they do not meet as Ndebele Chiefs to map way forwad for future children abesiNdebeleni. The fact that they do not meet as Mzilikazi”s heirs means they have forgotten why they are there. Ndebele children are now in RSA , Shona teachers are teaching Ndebele children , bathule coz of money ye ZANU. Another five years what is the result of having Shona Teachers??? Disaster to Ndebeles , yet bathule bebhekile. i believe this is for us to work as The People , to get them “to order” .all mines in all areas must pay royalties to people of the Region, see the Bafokeng tribes where there is platinum, is it the same with Hwange Coal mines , are they paying back the local people? short space here comrades

  • Ton van Der Parker

    So EDM is continueing RGM’s policies. Why is he buying the chiefs patronage? Clearly nothing has changed