Amaloja gets Khuxxman evicted



Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
AFRO pop musician Khuxxman has revealed that he was recently thrown out by his landlord because of his new track Amaloja which he felt was spiteful and mocked him.

According to Khuxxman, the message behind the track on how landlords mistreat their tenants (Amaloja), did not go down well with his property-owner who felt the song had been composed for him. The track is off Khuxxman’s latest album Uzafel’ejele that was released last month.

Khuxxman said although he laughs about the issue now, it was not funny last month when he was evicted from his lodgings in Entumbane suburb.

“Before the release of my album, I’d play the tracks over and over again. I wanted to hear the sound quality of the track. However, it seems the song Amaloja had a message too close to the heart of my landlord who decided to throw me out,” said Khuxxman.

He said he was already at loggerheads with his landlord by the time he was booted out.

“We’d a frosty relationship and the song just compounded the whole situation. Before evicting me, the landlord called me and told me that I was now singing about the problems I was having with him so it was best that I vacate his premises of which I obliged.

“I really didn’t play the song on purpose, but I guess my landlord thought otherwise.”

As a result of the eviction, the musician had no option but to return to his parents’ home in Old Pumula. He is now staying there.

However, the song seems to be a hit among radio listeners as it has claimed the number one spot on Skyz Metro FM’s top 20 charts for the past couple of weeks.

On Sunday, Khuxxman released a music video for the track on YouTube giving viewers a snippet of how he was treated by his landlord. Shot in the high density suburb of Matshobana, the video features Afro pop musician Mzoe 7 and Madlela Skhobokhobo.

Khuxxman said although the video produced by Multimedia Box was out, he was not happy with the whole production.

“As is the case with most of us in the arts industry, we self fund our music videos. There’re things that I wanted for the music video, but I had to forget about them because I didn’t have much money.

“For me, it’s not of the best quality, but I think it’s good enough for fans to watch and enjoy,” said Khuxxman.

He revealed plans to submit the video to local and international music channels for consideration for airplay.

“We’re distributing the music video to ZBCtv, KweseTV and Zambezi Magic among others and it’s now up to them to play the music video. Sometimes, they disregard the music videos saying they’re of low quality and other things, but we hope they’ll play it.”

The artiste, who has been quiet of late, said he was back and is now preparing for live shows which he hopes to kick-start at the end of the month.

“My crew, Kaisa Dance group and the live band have been working tirelessly, choreographing our live set. By the end of this month, we shall be holding shows in and around the city,” said Khuxxman.

Khuxxman rose to fame in 2000 after releasing an album titled MaAfrica which catapulted him to instant stardom.

The title track, which has an accompanying video, received a lot of airplay on both television and radio. He later switched to house music and produced hits such as Vumelan’ Isangoma and Unyawo Lwami.


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