Anglican priest threatens to axe wife

 Father Climax Dewa

Father Climax Dewa

Andile Tshuma, Court Reporter
An Anglican priest at St Annes Parish in Pumula South suburb, Bulawayo, yesterday appeared in court for violating a peace order not to physically and verbally abuse his wife.

Father Climax Dewa (65) was dragged to court by his wife Mrs Doris Dewa after he allegedly threatened to axe her.

Mrs Dewa (38) applied for a peace order against her husband accusing him of physically, emotionally and psychologically abusing her and was granted the order in April last year.

Yesterday, father Dewa appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Ms Nyaradzo Ringisai charged with violating a protection order.

The court heard that at one time the priest told his wife that she was a gold digger and used unprintable words to insult her.

Father Dewa told the magistrate that his wife was disrespectful and was denying him his conjugal rights.

“She’s disrespectful and has become the new man in my house. She no longer treats me as her husband as was the case before,” said the priest.

He said he was not insulting her but was telling her what she was.

“I was telling her, merely calling a spade a spade. I only told her what she is and I stand by that,” he said.

The magistrate warned and cautioned father Dewa and advised the couple to seek counselling.

Prosecuting, Mr Tony Kamdyariwa said father Dewa violated a court order by physically and emotionally abusing his wife.

“On January 5 this year at around 1AM, the accused person and the complainant were in their matrimonial bedroom when the accused person started insulting the complainant. He said he does not stay with a gold digger. The accused person later threatened to axe the complainant. He failed to abide by the terms of the protection order which prohibits him from insulting the complainant who happens to be his wife,” said the prosecutor.

Testifying in court, Mrs Dewa said: “He chased me out of our house and told me never to come back from work. I left him sleeping at home at around 7AM. I am now scared of going back home.”

Mrs Dewa reported the matter to the police leading to her husband’s arrest.


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  • Shuvai

    Baba mufundisi, aah.

  • Fabio

    That age gap is suspicious

    • N. Sithole

      Actually it could be the cause of this friction.

  • nkohlo

    ubaba udewa has to do the right thing and step down.l trust tht even the bishop will also do the right thing if the priest refuses to do the right thing.

  • Justice

    Why deny him his right he is a priest but stil a human being

  • Masuku Zikode oweBhelingwe

    What a name? Climax Dewa?
    Mina zwiii. Amanye amagama esilungu esiwathandayo. Why not Ndumiso or Nduduzo, Mandla or something. Climax?

    • Afrikan

      Ahh Zikode wangibulala ngembambo muntu wakithi! Nxatshana kulibizo bani abamnika lona lubaba. Kkkkkk. Climax is being denied his climax..ha..ha..ha

    • Nkunzemnyama

      Ithink amabhunu or eskolweni bazibhalela intando yabo. Climax? Really?

    • MakhosiXamu

      There is nothing special in a name. Ibizo lakhe lundoda likahle – uhlutshwa yini?. Mgaxa. Utshiya indaba uzule ngegusu njengo hlanya, shame.

  • Danny

    Mfundisi ufuna into zakhe. Is he not a man?Although I dont agree with the assault part women must know what they are getting into when they agree to get into marriage.

  • dibhango

    aged lovers… i think the young wife cant take it …the older it got …shame to take your husband to court ….the relatives should have been told first…..but the violence is a nusty thing for the bishop…now he will grow old alone

  • Mutsai

    the age difference may be the issue, as they age men loose the stamina, it takes time to get ‘there’ and when they do in seconds he will be done which can be frustrating to a woman. i know am married to one. At her age she should be married to a 40-45 year old who can satisfy her.

  • zamo

    There is no proof that he said those words.wife could be making up a story in order to paint black picture on pastor.

  • nsingo

    They should seek help from the numerous prophets

  • Mhlakazanhlansi

    and when will the courts stop being fooled in this age-old fashion by women!!

  • sikheyi

    What should one do if the other party refuses with conjugal rights and there is a peace order, should the marriage stand or they part ways, how do you enjoy the conjugal rights without breaching the peace order and committing a rape case

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Ngehloka mfundisi? Hayi akume kancane.

  • Gomani

    hawu baba Dewa, kodwa wavele wasolisa lumama from the first place, umfundisi has never known happiness uyahlupha lumama and amademands akhe for a flashy life are just unrealistic thus why ubaba ubehlala elestress. The age diff cant help it coz lumama is a gold digger for sure

  • nonduduzo

    If only the priest had stuck to celibacy he was going to be free of this

  • sokhela

    umfazi kasafuni ukulala egijinyiswa okwe hatshi (ibhiza) yikho esezibiyele nge ‘peace order’

    • MakhosiXamu

      This is not a matter funny.

  • Masuku Zikode oweBhelingwe

    I shudder to imagine how you live with other people. You liberally and without shame insult and call people names without measure. Why cant you see humour, arguments and points for what they are? Why not engage amanye amadoda without inhlamba? Yini ngawe?
    To be honest, inhlamba from wena, ayingithinti laka ncuncuncu baba.

    Kodwa Have a Prosperous 2017.

  • Question Mark?

    1. Priest,
    2. St.Annes Parish, Pumula East -Bulawayo.
    3. Furry Animal
    4. Axe
    5. Climax Dewa. Climax? Clima? Clim? Cli…?
    There can only be one ‘furry animal’ loving jesuit priest with an axe in the south.
    Sonde? Sond.? Son..? So….? S…?
    Do you have a clue?

    • Sondo (son of Sonde)

      Tonde? I agree.

  • voice of a prophet

    The priest needs to pray so that he does not stray God will hear his prayers

    • sikheyi

      since they are a christian family they have to consult God , the need to solve the marital problem through the church and not by an axing each other their marriage is undergoing testing, will they overcome this as God’s children. They need to move closer to the almighty God through prayer

  • Tonde

    That must be Sonde. No doubt. What a funny way into 2017? Always being dragged to the courts by his ‘furry animals’. Just last week, he appeared before another magistrate. This must be a very sad year for him. Poor man. Did not know you were as fit as a fiddle like this. Oh ntshx, ntshx, ntshx.