ANOTHER RITUAL KILLING! Man kills brother to get rich

The Mhandamabwe Business Centre toilet where the body of Israel Mabhiza was found

The Mhandamabwe Business Centre toilet where the body of Israel Mabhiza was found

Walter Mswazie,  Masvingo Correspondent
A 22-YEAR-OLD Chivi man allegedly killed his younger brother in cold blood in a ritual to get rich and find a beautiful woman to marry.

Ezekiel Mabhiza dragged Israel Mabhiza (12) of Maduveko Village under Headman Madamombe to a stream, about one kilometre from their homestead in the dead of the night on Sunday, where he bashed his skull with a mattock.

Ezekiel, sources close to investigations said, developed cold feet and failed to cut out parts from his brother’s body.

He allegedly wrapped the body in a comforter, dug a shallow grave where he buried the body but quickly exhumed it.

Ezekiel allegedly carried the body for seven kilometres to Mhandamabwe Business Centre where he dumped it in a public toilet.

Pre-school pupils, accompanied by their teacher, ran out screaming on Monday at around 8AM when they saw the bloodied body.

Acting Masvingo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa confirmed the incident and said Ezekiel was arrested on Monday after he had escaped to a hideout in another area within the same district.

“We received a report of suspected murder where a man from Chivi’s Headman Madamombe area killed his younger brother purporting that he had been instructed to do so by his ancestors in order to get rich and find a woman to marry. The suspect was arrested after he had escaped to another village and is assisting with investigations,” said Asst Insp Dehwa.

He said Brilliant Child Pre-school teacher Ms Siyamukhele Mhere (25) of Mhandamabwe Business Centre accompanied her pupils to the toilet. She stumbled on Israel’s body wrapped in a comforter.

“A report was made to the police at Mhandamabwe Base who attended the scene and took the body to Chivi District Hospital mortuary for post-mortem.

“The body had two deep cuts on the head and on the back of the head and a blood-stained mattock was recovered at the suspect’s homestead. He was arrested at about 12PM on Monday in Hapazari Village under Headman Madyangove where he had fled to,” he said.

Police said Mabhiza said his ancestors came to him in a vision and instructed him to kill his brother to get rich.

He allegedly said the ancestors told him how to kill his sibling and the rituals he had to perform with the body to get instant riches and a beautiful wife.

The ruthless killing occurred at a time when the country has been gripped by an unfolding story of a suspected serial killer in Bulawayo who allegedly killed two of his friends and buried them in shallow graves.

Rodney Tongai Jindu (25), who is on remand for the murders of his friends Mboneli Joko Ncube (30) and Cyprian Kudzurunga (28), was allegedly hired by a South African inyanga to kill someone with a Ncube surname for body parts to be used in rituals.

— @walterbmswazie2

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  • Goritoto the Seer

    Crazy world…crime does not pay.Period. Riches have pedigree. Overnight ritual solutions will never work even in a billion years!!!


      tell that to my uncles driving fancy cars while the blood of our relatives cry from the ground. they live lavish but their children don’t marry or get married no matter what or who they date. spiritual husbands

  • Mthwakazi

    A Shona will kill his own flesh and blood in pursuit of riches.Shame.

  • Bongani Dlamini

    Gukurahundi style learnt from their gukurahundee fathers. kill an innocent and defenceless person and shove their body into a shallow grave

    • josefa chinotimba

      It is a pity that you Dlamini from Chipinge or Mozambique and not even near a Ndebele tribe are attacking Shona speaking people.

      Dlamini,if not mistaken you are one of Matsangaise rebels who are terrorising innocent citizens of Zimbabwe.Why are you doing this wena sihlobo saDhlakama.

      Go back home,they want you there.

      • butho

        there is cyclone deneo kkkkkkkkkk

      • Masekwameng

        Kkkkkiii let him stay for a few more days until cyclone Dineo dissipates.

      • Cetshwayo

        So if he was “near Ndebele tribe” as you put it sir, it would be alright to insult the Shona people. You sir are a big fool. Besides why are so preoccupied with discrediting people regarding their Ndebeleness when you yourself are a Shona, how does that affect you. Shame on you and your inferiority complex.

      • Bongani Dlamini

        You are an idiot and a useless one at that. Where have I attacked Shona people. Since when has mentioning Gukurahundi an attack on Shona people???. Ungabovuka uzongidakelwa swina lenja. u Dlamini wase Chipinge liphupho lakho xamu wamanzi

        • josefa chinotimba

          Zwana wena thuvi lenja,the rebels from Matsangaise(Mozambique) are still looking for you.They want you back home.You are causing mayhem in our Country Zimbabwe wena mgodoyi,go back home hey!

          Dhlakama knows you very well.

    • eliza

      also was learn from dissidents

  • Chemist

    this is a mental case, even the Jindu guy is not normal. C’mon who has ever got rich by using human body parts thats a belief for the unlearned, thats why churches are making money by lying to people that such things are called evil spirits yet its just a medical condition

    • Mirrror Mirror

      are u denying the existence of evil spirits?

      • Chemist

        am saying churches are now abusing the word, not everything bad is caused by evil spirits. i for one dont believe in such crap

  • theza

    a very cruel man

  • QB

    Ishona liyayifuna inotho shame

    • koka

      its their trademark. bangathengisa lonina ngenxa yemali. phela umfazi weshona uyamudla as long unike indoda yakhona imali.

      • QB
  • Ghost of Sparta

    What happened to good old fashioned hard work to get rich. Others are flocking to these new flyby night churches and others are trying to use black magic. Someone should have told him that if you want a beautiful wife; you go out and court a beautiful woman.

  • Masekwameng

    Eish too bad. Seems like people are lazy to work these days, just want get-rich-overnight schemes.

  • VhaVenda

    This guy and Jindu are on a similar trend, ritual riches never work guys. If they worked we could be having Africans topping the list of richest people in the world. Colonialization could have never happened as we could have just bewitched the imperialists.

  • sigadula

    The Gkurahundi spirits have risen to torment the descendents of the perpetrators!

    • MakhosiXamu

      Uyinja , mgodoyi. The spirits of Dissidents is affecting who?.

    • scombination

      Imimoya yabokhokho, eyosendo vele iyahlukumeza izizukulwane. Kuyacelelwa ukuthi imimoya enje iyelatshwe ezimulini.

      • Dr Frank N Stien

        Scombi I need a partner with your experience. Together we might explore what is in the Xamus NUT.

    • chipo

      that about the dissidents spirits, kkkk foolish army deserters from matebele

      • Lobengula

        Mbumbu yakho Chipo, vele angizeki amaswina mina. Vele i always desert them lembumbu zabo loma bengifuna.Kkkkkk, is it funny now ?

  • Lobengula

    AmaLozvi agebha intaba ngesibunu (Great Zimbabwe), Oops imsathabo Nina.
    Vele laba bantu umbuso abawazi kumele sibancindezele futhu ukuze ilizwe leli elika Matshobane lilunge futhi.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Mgodoyi. Ritual killings are rampant among Black Africans. Isintu’s foundation is witchcraft. Intabazabathakathi and Ntabazinduna are good examples. Majority of blacks that parade wealth today are practising witchcraft and ritual killings. You are just a worthless tribal dog , shame.

      • nsingo

        No Makhosi you cant say the majority who are wealthy got that through witch craft its wrong. Wealth comes from hard work for example if one cultivates his fields and harvests then sells the excess at a profit , he can get some cash to buy what they want or buy a car, livestock or marry a beautiful woman or can assist his woman to buy make up. The ‘magic’ is to follow the right business principles and for those still at school to work hard and pass. l hope this murderer will be given the appropriate sentence or hanged

        • MakhosiXamu

          I will repeat inengi lethu thina abansundu sithuthuka nje ngegazi labafowethu njalo ngegazi labo Makhelwane. When a black man rises observe properly – the man is standing on other people’s toes. Hard work ? They are very few who practise that ideology.

      • Doctor Do little

        It is people like you that keep this country in the doldrums of superstition. In 2007 Dr Dickson Chibanda filed a report that 4 800 000 people almost a third of the Zimbabwean Population suffer from Mental illness. It was also assessed there were only six psychiatrist country wide. It is also a fact that was reported in the media last year that Ingutsheni Central Hospital in Bulawayo had run out of sedative drugs, for suppressing violent behaviour in psychiatric patients. Two nurses were said to have been beaten up by patients who are not being given drugs to calm them. Dr David Parirenyatwa also expressed concern over acute medicine shortages at Ingutsheni and said the government was struggling to provide for the increasing number of patients at the institution. That being the case do you really think that people that suffer from schizophrenia and other Mental conditions that cause delusions and hallucinations can just sit at home and the symptoms disappear? The easy route for people like you is superstition, To what goal I don’t know. There are people walking the streets who hear voices on a daily basis and a simply tablet can make those voices stop. As long as the Ministry of health does not raise its game and arrest this danger at our doorsteps it can only get worse.

        • tavaruva

          in the past Police were the ones entrusted with taking the patient to a mental hospital and ensure that he has been given the treatment but l heard this was outlawed as a breach of human rights, there are some mental cases who can kill for no reasons but because he is hearing voices from unseen people instructing him to harm the nearest person. Dr. Parirenyatwa needs to do something to help Ingutsheni bound patients. Sometimes it can be a father, his mind snaps and he kills own family

          • Doctor Do little

            My friend some of these illnesses can be treated without going to an institution. In most countries where the problem is rife the train support people who visit people with these problems and council them to make sure they are taking their medications. Some don’t even need meds and many who do are on them for a certain period of time. Also instead of the airwaves have constant barrage of political jargon more time should be spent on educating the population about this so as they can see the signs and get help before the person gets to a point of no return. In the United Kingdom certain groups of people meet the criteria to get free medication which their Government pays for. Diabetics, heart patients, HPB patients, patients that suffer from a mental disorder, patients over the age of Sixty and Kids. In this country you have to buy blood if you are in a serious accident. This is not normal.

        • MakhosiXamu

          I will call you Doctor Do More., I understand Science and pharmacology and its ideologies that are misplaced. Science is for those people like you who assume that the usages of funny medical terms like Schizophrenia. Yeee cancer of the finger , yeeee cancer of the shoulder etc. Those are mere crazy terms that have no meaning and can only excite spiritual bankrupt persons like you. Because you don’t believe in something it doesn’t mean that it does not exist. Pharmacology is a physical dimension that pleases the human eye and thus its main shortcomings. Whether you like it or not the Spiritual world exists and most of the ailments that people suffer from can be cured by those who seek the supernatural divine. 100% of mental cases can be treated spiritual rendering the Doctors /nurses mere funny clowns. Pharmacology is prominent because the money game is at play(advertising). Dr Parerenyatwa is only practising what he learnt , nothing new here.

          • Doctor Do little

            You are a real dinosaur. What is so misplaced with the ideology mental health care? Who said there was anything new in Dr Parerenyatwa’s utterances or practices? The man is a professional and has an understanding on what the situations is albeit his hands being tied because of lack of resources. On the other hand the country is awash with herbal remedies and people who claim to be spiritual healers and sangomas. Have they arrested the Problem? No. Some have even tried to obtain diesel from a rock. There are people amongst the community who know much about herbal remedies for certain ailments. I don’t doubt that. There are even some that are not professionals but have the gift of council other more unstable people. The type of crisis we are talking about is above their talents. What you call me is of no consequence. One individual who called himself Murimi Wanhasi or something of that sort tried to call me that name on another platform. Maybe you are related I don’t know. It is neither here nor there because I am an ordinary Zimbabwean that comments on this platform and everyone’s opinion to me is important.

          • MaGumede

            Thank you for your insight. Our society at this moment has seen the decline in mental health care and awareness.We need to build a society where people embrace their mental health wellness and those with difficulties are treated with dignity and respect, and experience a service that offers them hope, a safe place and a positive future. Unfortunately we have people in our society who are backward and will not embrace modern medicine and technology. Anyone that can call Doctors and nurses funny clowns needs to see a psychiatrist. I just wonder if the person had an car accident or a raptured appendix they would phone a Nyanga or Sangoma. Strange people walk this earth.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Bonke abantu kumbe ama relatives that send their kins man to Ingutsheni need a thorough brain scan. Whether that isntitution has enough drugs or not is purely immaterial. Ingutsheni is a prison, period. We are talking about mental health and witchcraft here hatshi some funny accident whereby people are wounded. A wounded person and a mental unstable man are totally different scenarios. Modern/Technology?. What are you talking about?. kikikikikiiiiiiiiii. Science / Pharmacology will never replace the Spiritual dimension take or …. simple. The reason why we have got plenty plus people having mental problems it s because we embraced pharmacology the wrong way.

          • MaGumede

            You are a very Sad person.”The reason why we have got plenty plus people having mental problems it s because we embraced pharmacology the wrong way.” How can you say that when Hospitals are asking patients with broken legs to buy themselves asprin or paracetamol. I don’t know where you are but you either not in Zimbabwe or your brain is in Lala land.

          • MakhosiXamu

            I am not talking about Drugs availability here. The Drugs availability should not be an issue in the first place. If blacks could stick to the spiritual world – we could treat mental cases with ease but since we are chasing shadows Ingutsheni is the only place our relatives(prison). I am in Bulawayo as we speak.

          • Dr Frank N Stien

            I am talking about the availability of your head M. Xamu.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Who invited this satanist yeyeni madoda. Someone out there is keen to see my person destroyed. I don’t like this guy.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Dinosaur?. kikikikiiiiiiiiiiii. Modern idiots like are consulting wrong people when cornered by mental challenges. today there are more people with mental challenges compared to the 1940s. Why?. These funny clowns called Doctors do not understand the spiritual world and therefore aren’t relevant. I don’t hate these maniacs called nurses/Drs. Inkanda vele ilatshwa ngosiyazi(n’anga) and prophets hatshi ngo Dokotela. These are pure facts – Doctors will tell you about anaemia etc – Doctors are lunatics for sure – kikikikikikiiiiiiiiii

          • Dr Fayke PHD

            Ungapi UFrank N stein. You head needs to be drilled.

          • MakhosiXamu

            I don’t like that guy. Ndoda are you trying to kick my person out of this forum.

          • Dr Frank N Stien


          • Dr Frank N Stien

            You need help Fayke?

      • Lobengula

        Today let me put you in your place wena Swina. Mbumbu yakho. You don’t have balls. Hamba uyepheka labo mama sizakubiza nxa indaba isivithiwe swinandini.

        • MakhosiXamu

          Isintu sivele sakhiwa ngabathakathi, shame. You can go wild and lose your sanity shouting obscenities, witchcraft(superstition) is main root of of Isintu, take it or leave it. Ndoda , i don’t care. Amadoda ale ndumela , bonke nje bathwele intebe – that is a fact.

          • VhaVenda

            Loba ngingavumelani lawe ngokuthanda ukuthuka abanye YOU ARE ON POINT Xamu. I also like it ukuthi you are not tribal but inhlamba yooh.

          • MakhosiXamu

            inhlamba yooh?. I will not challenge that

      • Dr Frank N Stien

        The drill is the solution. Release pressure.

  • khulu undubeko

    l think as parents and guardians we need to change the sleeping arrangement in the night to protect the minors from strangers or their grown up brothers, remember that story from chiredzi where the grown up brother slashed his younger brothers throat during the night and killed him , l think the child was around 13 years at the time. The twenty two year old was supposed to have been weaned from staying at home as he is a grown up man who was supposed to stay somewhere alone or married. Long ago there was also a case of a stranger that sought a place to sleep at a certain village and the father allowed him to share a bedroom with a minor child but the stranger woke up in the night and beheaded the minor and escaped with the head, l do not know if he was ever caught.Asinanzeleleni

  • scombination

    MTHWAKAZI omuhle, wena ondlela zimhlophe, buphi ubuntu bakho kanye lobuzwe bakho ma usekela amaLozvi betshapaza ilizwe lethu? Ngithi nje kuthiwa isizwe yisizwe ngenxa yamasiko aso, pho lelisiko lamaLozvi elibi so livumelekile, ayi ngeke.Xwayani okubi Mthwakazi omuhle amasiko afikayo andubana liwamukela ngoba lizangenisa ingwendela koMthwakazi iqothule isizwe sonke.

  • 1975

    anyone can murder anyone, ndebele, shona, whatever but to blame a whole tribe for ones actions is very wrong. All people want to get rich but the means they use to do that if it means taking anothers life should not be pinned down on his tribe. The devil only has one plan and thats to kill steal and destroy. so lets stand firm and fight the devil before be causes confusion that will tear this nation along tribal lines.

  • nsingo

    izigebengu lezo kumele zitshelwe ukuthi akula mota loba ikhombi eyake yathengwa ngalolo hlobo, kabasebenze nzima bathenge lezo moto lamakhombi, abanye bathenga imota ngezikwelede zemabhanga, no short cuts.

  • nsingo

    nxa umuntu uvakatshelwe ngumuntu wemzini kumbe umnewenu obhema izidakamiswa kumele alale endlini ephandle litshele abantwana baqaphele

  • The Real Soldier

    MakhosiXamu, will you ever make any point without lacing it with a bit of insults. In most cases, if not always, you have wonderful contributions, but your foul language is so scary. Do you feel good when you print insults. I am certain you will also pour insults over my contribution, and i will not be surprised at all.

  • nyoni

    i kwayedza ilendaba yo munye owabhubhayo babona umangoye ehlezi lesidumbu emoteni umangoye uhamba uklabalala, libe liyabona into zemithi

  • Tonde

    “Musarega vana vachingokura vasingazive Mwari.”
    Was it Charamba singing or one of my powerful sermons at mass? The truth is this boy’s father is a pagan and has never set foot in the Holy Parish of the Saints and has never heard one single sermon from dedicated jesuit priests like Father Tonde. Obviously, he is wearing tommie shoes right now and is bussy wetting his okapi knife at a local beerhall and has no time to teach his children anything righteous but to drink, fornicate and maime. Only one poor sodding sort of father can do that. Sonde. Shame on you and your pagan children. If you don’t come to mass and the confession booth this sunday, you will burn in hell;You, your okapi knives and tommie shoes.

  • #Radio Bluez

    #whatsAppBibleGroup #Wisdom #StraightTalk

    Today’s focus is on ‘the desire for Instant wealth’ or ‘getting rich quick’.

    Let’s look at what Scriptures teach us?

    Galatians 6:7:

    The Bible says “Be not be deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows, that he shall also reap”

    If a person sows their time, energy or money into a program that ultimately causes financial loss, suffering and confusion to others, even if they made money temporarily, they will ultimately reap suffering, confusion and financial loss as a result.

    Proverbs 22:1:
    The Bible says, “A good name is better than great riches.”

    Therefore if a person participates in an unethical pyramid program, they ultimately damage their good name. People will begin to mistrust their motives. They will see them as a person who’s willing to take advantage of them in order to bring profit to themself.

    1 Timothy 6:10:

    “The love of money is the root of all sorts of evil”.

    All pyramid programs will end up burning more people than they help. The basic mathematics of these programs necessitates that there will be many times more people losing than gaining money. That great majority of people will feel hurt, used, and abused. They will be disappointed and lose trust in anyone who got them involved in these programs.

    In 1 Corinthians 5:11 – The Bible says;

    “You must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat”.

    The reason being swindlers take advantage of other people’s weaknesses to make money for themselves. Greedy people are motivated by a desire for personal gain at others’ expense. Covetousness is a form of idolatry (Colossians 3:5). As people of God, we should flee such unrighteousness.

    The desire to make money without working for it is an unrighteous desire. God uses work to build and shape our character. He delights in providing for those who put His Kingdom and His Righteousness first.

    In Luke 16:11 Jesus said, “ So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? ”
    Therefore, I kindly encourage you to flee from any unrighteous business dealings, unethical or illegal get rich quick schemes, gambling, or activities that are promoted by greed.
    If you keep God’s Word, you will grow in the knowledge of Him and prosper in your soul. *AMEN!!!*

    • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

      Thank you for the long and confusing sermon, quite possible that your heart may be in the right place and you mean well; but it is the (new and so called charismatic) Christian churches that preach that not to be rich is a mortal sin and pressurise kids to do these horrible things. The Makandiwas / Magayas / Blessing Chizas etc who glamorise bling – bling Pastor Prophets with their out of this world miracles and prophetic powers that probably emanate from rituals where human livers and hearts were used in West African video covers. And guess what, they use the Bible that you have quoted so eloquently here to entice and convince the gullible youngsters to go look for more livers, balls, or the heads of freshly killed Ncube people

  • pride

    ngubani ongahlala lezihlobo eziyizigebenga, kungagcono ahlale egangeni

  • phiri

    bring back the death sentence and hang all the murderers

  • qondani

    Laba bafuna ukubanjwa batshiswe lenyanga zabo

  • we the people


    • MakhosiXamu

      Another funny theorist , shame.

  • cala

    may be he killed him whilst at home then carried the dead body to all those places

  • zim 2

    shonaz shonaz at work thats what they kno best

  • zim 2

    all shonaz are killers

  • zim 2

    shona savages

  • zim 2

    mashona zinja

    • Idi Amin

      They learnt it from your great great father Mzilikazi and Tshaka!!

      • Will i am

        And your Uncle Mugabe

        • Idi Amin

          Yes we agree… but he is not my uncle lol… eish madoda.. we are in a cursed land