Another top UK professor predicts victory for ED

President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa

Harare Bureau
A TOP UK professor — Stephen Chan — has predicted victory for Zanu-PF and President Mnangagwa.

Professor Chan, who teaches African Political Thought at the SOAS University in London, feels the MDC-T is not positioned for victory on July 30.

“This one is going to be historic simply because of his (Mr Robert Mugabe) absence. But I think that his party and his successor President Mnangagwa will probably win,” said Professor Chan.

He said the MDC-T was dogged by squabbles ever since the death of its leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mr Tsvangirai succumbed to cancer in February this year.

“The opposition has not had a very good beginning to its campaign. It’s former leader died without anointing a successor; there have been all kinds of squabbles as to who that successor should be and their late start means that they may not be able to make up the headroom that Mnangagwa has been able to achieve.

“So without needing to cheat I think the ruling party is likely to win this particular election,” said Professor Chan.

He becomes the second UK scholar to predict victory for President Mnangagwa.

Professor Dianna Jeater made similar predictions about two months ago.

All surveys so far conducted have all pointed to victory by Zanu-PF and President Mnangagwa.

Zimbabweans vote on July 30, a first election in which Mr Robert Mugabe is not on the ballot paper.

Mr Mugabe reluctantly resigned last November after close to four decades in power.

His resignation followed Operation Restore Legacy by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

This was after Mr Mugabe had been captured by his young wife Grace and the G40 cabal.

The cabal conveniently used Mrs Mugabe to capture State power from the 94-year-old Mugabe, who faked vitality in public when in fact old age handicapped him from deligently running the Office of the President.

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  • RestEasy

    Everything points to the ED domination. Chamisa knows he’s loosing that’s where all the whining comes from.

    • Doctor Do little

      Everything? If you think that complaining about an unfair playing field is whining you need your head read. Why is Chiwenga getting involved? Why they protecting the ZEC? The ZEC should protect itself if it is doing the right thing.We will see about the domination bit.

      • Sabelo Tjuma

        Doc, do you seriously expect other contestants to remain mum whilst your excitable Tjamisa is threatening the independence of ZEC?

        • Doctor Do little

          Depends on how you look at it. At this time and point some of us that are critical of the so called new dispensation are seen as people who are trying to derail what they think is the way forward for the country.You know what, the only time a country can move forward is when they have a strong opposition. The only time Politicians can be kept on their toes is when they have critics. In this country we all got used to keeping our mouths shut because over a long period of time” the walls all over the country developed big ears so to speak.” Some of those that tried to show no fear disappeared to this day.If Chamisa thinks there are irregularities it is his democratic right to point them out. If he points them out the ZEC has a democratic obligation to investigate with out having to report to the Government. It is very childish for the VP and disrespectful for the VP to come out on a Public platform and call his opposite numbers cry babies. If he was doing that in Parliament where those he lambastes that would be ok because they will be there to challenge him.

  • ndex

    chronicle =zanu pf. its all about chamisa this that but we all knw the criminals .zanu will win and innocent people will still suffer# fuck zanu

  • selibona nya bakithi!

    this is one pathetic piece of reporting.the more i read articles like these the more i despise this paper!You used to glorify Mgabe and Grace now you telling us Mgabe was captured?this paper doesn’t deserve a publication slot you are pathetic one sided reporters.Anyway not that i believe this issue of ‘top UK professor’ bull crap what is so special about ‘from’ UK?.that was his UK based point of view opinion and its not worthy this space.Could have made a grain of sense if it was an opinion of a Zimbabwean based professor from Nust who watches the day to day activities of both candidates.That ‘top’ professor’s opinion of ED only becomes headlines because he predicted a win?for me to ever believe your pathetic news i would one day like to read of ED’s shot comings.He is a mere person after all. Be careful with this praise of a man not long ago you created a monster for 37 years trying to make him an ugly small god!where is he NOW?

  • Eddie Chivero

    We do not need any professor to be telling us such obvious things. Even Nelson Wamba dia Wamba ‘Vanguard’ Tjamisa knows and accepts that ED will garner 61% of the vote. Some readers may have seen me donning an MDC Alliance red jacket- kupfeka chete guys- and it should not preclude me from pointing out the obvious….. . After all is said and done, let’s meet for lunch later kwaCaptain.

    • Gift Banda

      kkkkkk, Eddie vakomana. Usadaro mufesi!