Army barracks change names

Minister Sydney Sekeramayi

Minister Sydney Sekeramayi

Harare Bureau
Government has renamed all army barracks after the country’s national heroes.

The new names were announced by Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi in Statutory Instrument 138 of 2017 published in the Government gazette yesterday.

The changes were made in line with Section 89 of the Defence Act (Chapter: 02)

King George VI Barracks and Air Force headquarters is now known as the Josiah Magama Tongogara Barracks while the Brady Barracks in Bulawayo is now called Mzilikazi Barracks.

Cranborne cantonment and old Cranborne cantonment are now known as Charles Gumbo and Kaguvi Barracks respectively.

Karuyana Barracks has changed to Chitekedza Barracks and 3 Brigade has been renamed to Herbert Chitepo Barracks.

Chipinga cantonment is now known as William Ndangana Barracks while 4 Brigade Barracks has changed to Gava Musungwa Zvinavashe Barracks.

Second Battalion has changed to Masvingo Barracks and Gutu Barracks is now referred to as Chinomukutu Barracks.

Andrew Louw School is now called Sengwe Barracks while Stamford Dzivarasekwa has been renamed Dzivarasekwa Barracks.

Inkomo Camp has changed to Inkomo Barracks and Llewellin Barracks is now called Lookout Masuku Barracks.

The Zimbabwe Military Academy in Gweru has been renamed Solomon Mujuru Barracks while the Umtali cantonment is now known as the Charles Dauramanzi Barracks.

Inkomo Camp (Mounted regiment) is now called Amoth Norbert Chingombe Barracks and Battalion Battle School Headquarters and Battalion Battle Training Area are now called the Rekayi Tangwena Barracks.

Flyde Air Force Base is now called Jason Ziyapapa Moyo Air Force Base while the Royal Rhodesian Thornhill Airforce Base has changed to Josiah Tungamirai Air Force Base.

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  • Bob

    And so?

  • Dumakude


  • dlodlo mpumi

    Strange, Sekeramayi, Jonathan Moyo, Mphoko, Mandi Chimemene, Mlala, Grace Mugabe, Kasukuwere and Zhuwawo are in one camp of criminals. He was bent on destroying the war veterans organisation led by Chris Mutsvangwa and he is not interested in the affairs of war vets` children.Zhuwawo and Grace Mugabe attacked the children with Sekeramayi`s blessing. He was announced by Jonathan Moyo as Mugabe`s successor and he he did not refute that openly to the party that he is not senior to Mnangagwa so that the nation and ZANUPF members know the truth. Sekeramayi is G40 why does he talk about ZANUPF affairs when he Chombo,
    Mandi Chimemene and Mlala went all the way to destroy the guerilla war
    vet association trying to replace it with a fake one not sanctioned by the high court. He is one of the people who are suspected to have poisoned Mnanangagwa and he admitted that he gave Mnangagwa food on the day. He does not tell the Zimbabwe nation that he is not a medical doctor although he studied medicine. He should have told the nation that you need to be registered as a medical doctor and pass all courses, training, and renew license every year and pay subscriptions annually. Having a registrable degree is not enough. Lawyers and other professionals work with renewable practising licenses. In some cases examination and viva voce examinations are required. He was with Mandi Chimenene and Chombo when they marched
    against Manangagwa in Harare singing praises for Grace Mugabe and calling for the expulsion of Mnangagwa and arrest and assault of Christ Mutsvangwa or not to give him food or water when he visits other ZANUPF colleague.Sekeramayi was with Mandi Chimemene when she attacked
    ZANUPF with a traditional healer dancing and burping while she dished
    out trash against Mnangagwa who was a VP in Mutare. Mugabe and Sekeramayi protected Mandi
    Chimemene for Grace Mugabe agenda to be the VP and then president soon after Sekeramayi. He chased away Tshinga Dube the war vet who used to be in charge of
    Zimbabwe Defense Industries manufacturing arms for sale against the order given by the high court that the war vet association led by Mutsvangwa is the legitimate one. He made another
    attempt with Grace Mugabe and created another bogus war veterans
    association led by Nyaruwata. He should not have recognised the Nyaruwata group that was meant to punish war veterans in a cruel way in order to make Grace Mugabe happy and then manipulate the ZANUPF constitution saying all war veterans want Grace Mugabe to be VP and then President. He refused to allow comrade Chinx to be
    buried at the national heroes acre. All the ZANPF songs, war inspiration songs, and national pride songs were done by comrade Chinx. Left school for ZANUPF went to Mozambique at 17 and all his life for ZANUPF. He should be reburied at the national shrine, for national healing the in the aftermath of Grace Mugabe ravage of ZANUPF and corruption of the country. So why is Sekeramayi not arrested like other criminals
    who were helping Grace Mugabe to destroy this country?

  • Ton van Der Parker

    Is this the most important think that the government can do ? Instead of addressing the economic situation they are dealing with names which people will continue to refer to them in their old names. Brady and Llewellin will also be that to the people of Bulawayo


    That is great


    Its King Mzilikazi Barracks not just Mzilikazi Barracks bantu benkosi. Respect!