Army barracks to be officially renamed

 President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa

Harare Bureau
Army barracks countrywide will officially be renamed today, with President Emmerson Mnangagwa presiding over the main event at King George V1 Barracks in Harare, which has since been renamed after the late national hero Cde Josiah Magama Tongogara.

All other army barracks will now bear the names of national heroes.

Zimbabwe Defence Forces’ spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi yesterday confirmed the development.

“Tomorrow (today) there will be an official ceremony for the renaming of military barracks throughout the country,” he said.

“The barracks have since been renamed, but this is the official launch and it is going to be conducted by his Excellency, the President Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

“The name changing is an ongoing exercise in line with our legacy of the national liberation. In the renaming process, they are going to adopt names of our liberation luminaries, the likes of the late Cdes Josiah Magama Tongogara, Nikita Mangena and many others. In remembrance of the great work they did, it was agreed that the barracks be named after them.

“Name changes have been ongoing, some names were changed immediately after independence and we are completing the exercise.”

The new names were announced in a recent Government gazette in line with Section 89 of the Defence Act (Chapter:02).

Brady Barracks in Bulawayo is now called Mzilikazi Barracks, while Cranborne cantonment and old Cranborne cantonment are now known as Charles Gumbo and Kaguvi Barracks, respectively.

Karuyana Barracks has changed to Chitekedza Barracks and 3 Brigade has been renamed to Herbert Chitepo Barracks.

Chipinga cantonment is now known as William Ndangana Barracks and 4 Brigade Barracks has changed to Gava Musungwa Zvinavashe Barracks.

Second Battalion has changed to Masvingo Barracks and Gutu Barracks is now referred to as Chinomukutu Barracks. Andrew Louw School is now called Sengwe Barracks, while Stamford Dzivarasekwa has been renamed Dzivarasekwa Barracks.

Inkomo Camp has changed to Inkomo Barracks and Llewellin Barracks is now called Lookout Masuku Barracks.

The Zimbabwe Military Academy in Gweru has been renamed Solomon Mujuru Barracks, while the Umtali cantonment is now known as the Charles Dauramanzi Barracks.

Inkomo Camp (Mounted regiment) is now called Amoth Norbert Chingombe Barracks and Battalion Battle School Headquarters and Battalion Battle Training Area are now called the Rekayi Tangwena Barracks.

Flyde Air Force Base is now called Jason Ziyapapa Moyo Air Force Base.

Royal Rhodesian Thornhill Air Force Base has been renamed Josiah Tungamirai Air Force Base.

The ZDF advised motorists that some roads leading to Borrowdale Road will be closed today and motorists should use alternative routes. The move is meant to allow a smooth procession of the military parade for the commissioning Josiah Magama Tongogara Barracks.

In a statement on Monday, ZDF said: “The Zimbabwe Defence Forces wishes to inform members of the public that Borrowdale Road will be closed between intersections Borrowdale Road and Pauling Road turn-off and Borrowdale Road and Churchill Avenue. ZDF said a 21 Gun Salute would be fired during the ceremony, with the parade will take place from 6am to 11am.

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    Will never ever waste time trying to use or learn the new names. That is waste of time and money yet the placed will be looking like ghost houses. Instead these people should be sprucing up and beautifying them to look like they used to be during Smith’s time. Instead, they all stink . Very soon people will be plucking those signs and throwing them to the rubbish dumps during demonstrations. You can’t change or alter HISTORICAL data.

    • benjamin

      Very true. Let us build the economy and country first and look into these issues later after we have some semblance of normalcy in the economy.

      And you have a point there about preserving history, for a lot of tourists would want travel all the way to see such historical monuments.

      • Martin Chipimo

        Gwereza, I agree with you. The FIRST priority is the Economy and the rest can follow after HE has sorted out the REAL challenges. We can rename the barracks BUT what will that accomplish? Did we not rename “R.G. Mugabe” streets in every city in the country and the economy continues (ed) to depreciate in performance?

      • ?

        U either stupit or a plain dumb doctor idiot. What tourist visits an army barrack or tours a millitary installation? U think thats some animal conservancy or boating lake?

        • benjamin

          ? as a name is pretty apt for you. You can read but can’t understand. And you take out your frustration in unwarranted insults. This is a discussion platform. If you have a divergent opinion, is it really necessary to insult anyone? VERY SHALLOw MIND INDEED!!!

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Nothing named after Dumiso ‘The black Russian’ Dabengwa.

    • Sukuzukuduma

      say that again, a zipra commander,maybe they are waiting for him to die

      • Nkunzemnyama

        I guess its his current party status. Phela this is the same zanu. DD deserves honour , by far more than most of these cowards and most of them were his juniors,,,,,including Mujuru.


    Please Brady Barracks should King Mzilikazi Barracks, not just Mzilikazi Barracks. I am however disappointed at the name change for the Iconic Thornhill Airforce Base in my Gwelo. There is nothing wrong with this name – the area is a Thornhill – that is the reality. Its gonna loose its historical significance of having trained people like President Seretse Ian Khama and General Bantubonke Holomisa of South Africa. The new name simply creates a disconnect of sorts when it comes to this history!!

  • Food Food Food Health Health

    Thats what the docile people are good at naming not making sure the infracstructure and those who have looted are sorted out etc. i.e. they do not attend to the real issues