ARMY STEPS IN: Moves in to weed out Zanu-PF criminal elements

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Nduduzo Tshuma, Political Editor
THE Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) has moved in to weed out of Zanu-PF criminal elements surrounding President Mugabe engaged in activities meant to destabilise the Government.

The move comes following warnings by ZDF Commander General Constatino Chiwenga on Monday that the ongoing purges in Zanu-PF were a result of counter-revolutionary infiltrators who wanted to destroy the ruling party from within.

In a statement aired on national broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Television this morning, ZDF spokesman, Major General Sibusiso Moyo, assured Zimbabweans that the ZDF had not staged a coup and President Mugabe and his family were safe.

Maj Gen Moyo also announced that leave for all members of the defence forces had been cancelled calling on them to immediately report to their respective barracks.

“Fellow Zimbabweans, following the address we made on 13 November 2017 which we believe our main broadcaster, ZBC and The Herald, were directed not to publicise, the situation in our country has moved to another level,” he said.

“Firstly, we wish to assure the nation that His Excellency, The President, of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Cde R.G Mugabe and his family are safe and sound and their security is guaranteed. We are only targeting criminals around him who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice. As soon as we have accomplished our mission we expect that the situation will return to normalcy.”

Maj Gen Moyo said the army was against plans by the said criminal elements to influence the extension of purges going on in Zanu-PF to the civil service.

“We are against that act of injustice and we intend to protect everyone of you against it,” he said.

“To the judiciary, the measures underway are intended to ensure that, as an independent arm of the State, you are able to exercise your independent authority without fear of being obstructed as has been the case with this group of individuals.

Commander of the Defence Forces, General Constantino Guvheya Nyikadzino Chiwenga

Commander of the Defence Forces, General Constantino Guvheya Nyikadzino Chiwenga

“To our Members of Parliament: Your legislative role is of paramount importance for peace and stability in this country and it is our desire that a dispensation is created that allows you to serve your respective political constituencies according to democratic tenets.”

Maj Gen Moyo called on Zimbabweans to remain calm and limit unnecessary movements but encouraged those who are employed or running essential business in the city centres to continue with their usual activities.

“Our wish is that you enjoy your rights and freedoms and that we return our country to a dispensation that allows for investment, development and prosperity that we all fought for and for which many of our citizens paid the supreme sacrifice,” he said.

“To political parties; we urge you to discourage your members from engaging in violent behaviour”.

Maj Gen Moyo warned the country’s youth against being enticed “with dirty coins of silver” and remain committed to the values and ethos of the nation as they are owners of the country’s future.

He called on churches and religious organisations to pray for the country and preach the gospel of love, peace, unity and development.

“To both our people and the world beyond our borders: We wish to make it abundantly clear that this is not a military takeover of Government. What the Zimbabwe Defence Forces is doing is to pacify a degenerating political, social and economic situation in our country which if not addressed may result in violent conflict,” said Maj Gen Moyo.

“We call upon all the war veterans to play a positive role in ensuring peace, stability and unity in the country.”

Maj Gen Moyo also called on traditional leaders, “as the custodians of our culture, customs, traditions and heritage” to provide leadership and direction to their communities for the sake of unity and development in the country.

“To the other Security Services: We urge you to cooperate for the good of our country. Let it be clear that we intend to address the human security threats in our country. Therefore any provocation will be met with an appropriate response. To the media; we urge you report fairly and responsibly.”

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  • zibulo

    stale news . heard from SABC and DSTV stations, same stations ZANU tries to us from watching. puppet paper puppet editor, doing same things done by Smith’s Editors , instructed to hold on to fresh news, then give public stale news later.

    • R J Hardy

      I too remember the white spaces where the news was removed from the pages of The Chronicle in the 60s and 70s. Still was a good paper thogh.

  • Masuku Zikode oweBhelingwe

    Mugabe is under house arrest, Many of his cronies have been arrested as well. That my friend is a coup. ZBC is playing chimurenga music. Mugabe has been silenced since Monday. Jonso and his friends are underground. Chombo is in military custody, so is loud mouth Chipanga.
    A frog by any other name, is still a frog. A coup by any other name is still a coup. Your RGM is no longer in control. We rejoice as Zimbos. Kuphelile ngaye lomxhegu lesifebe sakhe, labanye abekade besihlukumeza. We stand on the cross-road today, but one thing for sure Mugabe is gone and his harlot will die a miserable death. .

  • Siyinqaba

    Very confused here about which Moyo to believe. SB or SK? . Who ever you are speaking on their behalves, please let them know that we don’t need any disturbance or presence of armed soldiers at Mthwakazian streets. We don’t have anyone of those people whom you claim to be protecting the president from. We need peace in the South and try to keep your coup or whatever you call it in Harare. Siyacela please!

    • God of War

      Idiot, this coup is also helping you. Zanka

    • Dumezweni Mlilo

      Masende kayihlo.

      • SekaDumezweni

        Ngiyabonga mntanami. Yimi uyihlo usekaDumezweni olamasende akuzalayo.

  • musa

    if it looks like a coup crap, smells like a coup crap, then it is a coup crap!

    • God of War

      This is one coup that i support.

  • God of War

    Dilly ding, dilly dong, the witch is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bheki

    And I hope they come for u too chronicle editor.

  • msongelwa

    Going back to section 208 of the constitution it has been ignored for the benefit of Who? If democracy is is to prevail well I like the idea, but not giving us another side of a coin no need for uniformed guys to risk going to Chikurubi for treason charges, Mugabe must go ngoba uzenza unkulunkulu walapha emhlabeni.

  • Bolzosteel

    Nyika yese irikufara zveshuwa! Thank you chiwenga & company for ridding Zimbabwe of the most obnoxious and disrespectful woman ever created, I think the last time there was such collective happiness and celebration across all tribes in this country was in 1980 at independence. Evil Marujata/Grace bought a $1.3m ring when majority was starving and sent her spoilt brats that she calls sons in excess of US$30 000 every month to whore around in foreign lands when hardwworking Zimbos cld not access bond $50/week in banks. She grabbed Mazowe Dam and extinguished the livelihoods of thousands of farmers while ignoring a high court order to vacate… the list is endless. Whatever the future direction of the country, I believe the greatest evil of this century has been expunged by this coup. Hope this exceptionally cruel woman, her sons and cronies get wats coming to them

  • dont wake me up

    we just dont want mugabe as president, just form a government of national unity again without Mugabe and grace. timbofarawo khanhi. taneta vanhuwe.we want tsvangirai, dabengwa, simba makoni, biti, ED to be behind a new and younger leader like Chamisa. groom him, teach him and you guys can retire having given zimbabwe back
    to zimbabweans. then we can have elections after 5 or so years but after you fix everything your former boss broke. bring back investor confidence, provide new jobs.New Zimbabwe

  • The optimist

    Quiet silent coup? Great exit strategy for those that stole and plundered a lot. And the ones remaining will be protected together with their wealth from God knows where….
    At least we have change, but we only hope that it is not just a rebranding exercise. Careful whoever is the next leader coz it is the army who call the shots so make sure that you will be able to meet ALL their expectations. Will only believe when I see the power being truly handed over. What I have learned though is that being a criminal depends on the judge. If he is on your side you cannot be one. I will believe in the honesty of this process when I see criminals from all factions arrested.

  • simangaliso dube

    Were were all crying for a woman VP and we are still excited to go to the conference in December and this is what we want: Oppah Muchinguri VP and Dumiso Dabengwa VP.

  • dotiyenja

    We are happy that mugabe is out but we are not happy for the reasons behind this move. A national army which gets itself involved in party squabbles is a disgrace. It means they will install another faction of zanu. Arresting other members of a faction as if they committed worse crimes than those they are defending does not help us. The army commanders themselves have serious criminal cases pending for the gukurawundi issues. Mnangagwa their main man was in charge of gukurawundi, so were is the progress. Mugabe was not alone remember. The only progressive way forward if the army wants to clean themselves is to install an interim government headed maybe by a judge and a few citizens who are not political affliated. The army commanders must resign because they are already old for them to be in the army. A normal retirement is 55yrs. The Commission for elections must be sorted out and those way old people go.

  • jabulani mangena

    ZANUPF at this stage cannot join with MDC, lets wait for elections next year, most probably there will be a tie and we form GNU again to develop Zimbabwe. Do you think these evil enemies of the state will ever come back again: Phekezela Mphoko, Jonathan Moyo, Simon Khaya Moyo, Ignatious Chombo, Grace Mugabe, Zhuwawo and Saviour Kasukuwere. I dont care if they come back in coffins or sitting on a wheelchair. From August to October they had just thrown the country into chaos, turned it upside-down-in just 3 months the country was burning!

  • samkhelisiwe nxumalo

    Was Mandi Chimemene arrested? She had a state-destabilising relationship with Grace Mugabe attacking senior ZANUPF members and ministers in public and at rallies. She brough a n`ganga/sangoma to scare scare ministers. She organised a march against a high court order bringing business to a standstill in Harare. She was supported by minister Sekeramayi and Ignatious Chombo when they knew that she was not the legally recoginsed head of war veterans thus undermining another minister Tshinga Dube the legitimate minister for war veterans affairs. They colluded to deceive Mugabe and caused much pain to comrade Tshinga Dube and planted a Grace Mugabe puppet in his place. These heartless sellouts should not be left to roam around masquerading as ministers and ZANUPF members.They should be rounded up and pounded hard and harder.. President Mugabe once said “i will not shed a tear when it happens“.