Beauty of Victoria Falls impresses Lesotho’s King Letsie III

Lesotho’s King Letsie III accompanied by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko and Matabeleland North Minister of State  Cde Cain Mathema arrives in Victoria Falls yesterday

Lesotho’s King Letsie III accompanied by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko and Matabeleland North Minister of State Cde Cain Mathema arrives in Victoria Falls yesterday

Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls Reporter
KING Letsie III of Lesotho who is on a four- day State visit, yesterday visited Victoria Falls where he pledged his country’s desire to partner Zimbabwe in implementing programmes to boost tourism.

The King who was accompanied by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko and Lesotho Minister of Health Dr Molotsi Monyamane and other officials from both countries, said his country wanted to partner Zimbabwe in implementing programmes to boost tourism.

From the airport, the Basotho King was immediately whisked away to Elephant Hills Resort where he had a brief rest before going for a boat cruise and a tour of the Rainforest as well as the Crocodile Farm.

Coming out of the Rainforest, King Letsie III said he was impressed by the natural wonder and vowed to come back to enjoy a holiday.

“I am grateful to be here and am looking forward to coming back to this beautiful place. We have been discussing possible business agreements over lunch and we are going to discuss back home with relevant authorities to see what can be done to boost tourism between our two countries,” he told journalists.

Signing on the acknowledgement book at the rainforest gate, King Letsie III said: “It’s been a pleasure and privilege for me to view this beautiful wonder of nature, the great Victoria Falls. This will forever remain a memorable event to me.”

Mr Onward Fume, a ranger with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority led the tour of the Rainforest where he explained the history of the forest including the statue of David Livingstone.

At the Crocodile Farm, there were moments of joy as King Letsie III, himself of the Bakwena (Crocodile) totem and VP Mphoko took turns to hold a seven-month old crocodile.

“This is the only time I have held a crocodile in my life. I am a Mokwena and I don’t eat it,” he said amid laughter.

Mr Wayne Mahlangu, a worker at the Crocodile Farm led the delegation around much to the excitement of guests who enjoyed interesting information on wildlife.

The highlight of the visit was when Mr Mahlangu rounded up the crocodiles by whistling.

The King arrived in the country on Monday and visited the National Heroes Acre, National Museums and Monuments, Lion and Cheetah Park in Harare.

Zimbabwe and Lesotho enjoy cordial relations dating back to the days of the liberation struggle.

Lesotho extended crucial assistance to Zimbabwe during the liberation struggle, which saw eminent political figures receiving education in that country.

President Mugabe played a crucial role in bringing peace and stability to Lesotho when he pre-occupied himself with solving the political turmoil in the mountainous country during his time as the Sadc chairperson.

The two nations are bound together by a common history, similar cultures and strong economic linkages.

On Tuesday the King met President Mugabe at State House, where the two leaders held high level talks on various issues to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries.


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  • vusumuzi

    Both countries have a lot of negatives in common; led by life leaders regardless of how their people feel, have refugees in hundreds of thousands in RSA where that Govt has granted them Special Permits due to suffering at home , have children in their hundreds of thousands sucking the RSA Govt of Education funds attending school there, and on child feeding programmes too. citizens of both countries want to be under SACU but Govt of Zim Thieves will lose out on cookies in the Exchequer Jar. Lesotho does not exist as a real country, it was a British making when they waged war on the Afrikaners with Moshoeshoe on their side only. The Basotho people benefit nothing, even the guys across the border who lived under apartheid lived a better life. Citizens of both countries always crossed into RSA even during apartheid. In brief, these two countries are a farce!!!. Rhodesia was almost first world, Mgabe was supposed to improve on the infrastructure but Lo!! has ruined it back to what it was before the white man came, back to 1890.

    • makhosi

      Good points until your ”before the white man came” runt. You got an inferiority complex.

      • vusumuzi

        acknowledging that the white man , albeit racist , gave the country the Infrastructure it has is not inferiority complex sir . That the black man , of course ZANU, has left it to dilapidate to the extent of people saying better remove the cakes of tar remaining on the road and leave it gravel and almost even !!!!. The black man can do the same , just that Looters are in charge , claiming to reward themselves for staying in Exile parts of their lives. In RSA the citizens , throught eir excellent constitution, never allow the ANC guys to loot, they also go on the rampage and loot from Business, which then puts pressure on the State to attend to Looting by officials.

        • makhosi

          That is worse, you even don’t have black consciousness. A steadfast black man appreciates that we had life b4 whites came along. AND we could have been better off without them.

          Not infrastructure, but happiness and pride.

  • qondani

    What about suffering citizens

  • mtshayazabhotshe

    then the King and Mphoko went on to……do what ??how does that help my grandmother in Dongamuzi Lupane as a senior citizen?assholes!

    • makhosi

      That’s just courtesy sir. Diplomatic duties. You must help your grandmother.

      • mtshayazabhotshe

        for your info sir ….i do help my granny its just that these so called ‘diplomatic duties’ that may be are as useless and meaningless to the majority of citizens (maybe that is the way i see them).diplomats are employed to represent us in foreign lands ….since you sound like you know better than me…please help me understand SIR!


    Two countries bound together by similar cultures?

    Funny how they struggle to openly acknowledge the historical reality and cultural identity of Mthwakazi, separate from the politically driven secessionist Mthwakazi dogma that is doing the rounds these days; of which the Basotho culture is also a part, that they are referring to.

    They are actually bent on destroying it. The Charambas of this world. Eish!!

    There is too much vengefulness and hate over Century old stories in Zim, that no one can do anything about in this day and age. Its a leadership failure. That is why nation building will never be possible.

    SADC, when compared to ECOWAS and the East African Community, is also failing all because of this never ending hatred and story telling of the past!!

  • Mtshayazafe

    When is King Mugabe 1 going to visit his counterpart King Letsie in Maseru

  • KingCorbra!

    thata all their do jesttsetting flying here and there not foregetting the big talk and no action scenario! Kings here Kings everywhere