Big boat spectacle on Zim highway

The African Dream house boat enroute to Botswana from Harare

The African Dream house boat enroute to Botswana from Harare

Sydney Kawadza, Masvingo Bureau
The African Dream, a houseboat believed to be one of the biggest houseboats to have been built in Zimbabwe and has been a spectacle along the Harare-Masvingo Highway, passed through Masvingo city yesterday after a painstaking five-day journey from the capital.

The houseboat, with a carrying capacity of 16 people, was built at GDI Engineering in Msasa, Harare, was on its way to Victoria Falls en route to Namibia.

The boat handlers chose to use the longer route to Victoria Falls to avoid traffic congestion that is associated with the Harare-Bulawayo Highway, as that could have resulted in a major disruption of traffic flow.

According to crew members travelling with the gigantic houseboat, the journey to Victoria Falls would take a further 10 days.

“We are moving at approximately 30km/hour on good roads like this one (Masvingo-Bulawayo Road), but the journey from Harare to Masvingo was painstakingly slow,” said one crew member.

According to the Fisherman Magazine, the African Dream, which branched off the Harare-Masvingo Highway is heading towards Bulawayo on its way to Victoria Falls.

Its eventually destination is in Namibia where it will be launched onto the Zambezi River.

The houseboat will operate as a floating luxury hotel.

“For the technical mind, the ‘ship’ will measure an impressive 33.4m (109’) in length, with an eight metre beam (26’) — wider than the entire road — boasting three spacious decks, of which the upper-most deck will be removed for the journey,” according to the Fisherman Magazine.

“Though her total weight once complete is 157 tonnes, she will be stripped to around 100 tonnes for the three-week long road trip.”

The boat is being accompanied by a police escort, and a plethora of technicians, including some from Zesa Holdings.

The houseboat carrier will average around 10km/hour, stopping every few kilometres to allow road traffic to pass.

“If you are on the roads in the next three weeks between Harare and Masvingo, or Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, you might need to exercise a little patience,” the Fisherman Magazine warned.

The majestic boat has provided a spectacle as road users and on-lookers jostle to take photos.


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  • Cetshwayo kaGodlwayo

    The guy taking walking next to the boat reminds me of The Gods Must be Crazy, he is just perplexed at seeing the boat,..he had to take a pic

  • bh


  • indoda

    its said it will float on the Chobe and Zambezi rivers fine but long ago its said some engineers spoke heavily about the big rocks that makes it impossible to sail a ship, they said there are big boulders under the waters of the mighty Zambezi making it dangerous, the said engineers recommended light boats on the Zambezi. These were safety concerns. They said the said underwater rocks could pierce the hull and cause an accident

    • musa

      guess someone forgot all that, or someone lied.

    • Doctor Do little

      This is a not a ship. This is a boat. Recently whilst visiting my son I was fortunate enough to see the launch of the HMS Queen Elizabeth from Portsmouth. It is 280 meters (920 feet) long 184 feet high and 230 feet wide and is 65,000 tons in weight. Those Engineers were right. Unless you build a canal into Zimbabwe Ships can not sail the Zambezi or Limpopo. They are too big. Having said that this boat is surely a spectacle for a land locked country and a good achievement.

      • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

        If only you just went straight to the point,and spared us the boring-nauseating bullcrap about your visit to wherever, as if we care to hear about it. You must be deranged, typing all that pig’s vomit for what, for attention seeking I guess?

        Act your age you claim to be an oldman why act the opposite, grow the “F” up, your comments are like farts. Your own you can tolerate well enough, but other people’s are disgusting.

        • Doctor Do little

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          • Jofa

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          • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

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            Citzen Public and Jofa how you doing brothers, greet Simon & Essexvale.

          • Tipeiwomasanzu Garaikokozvenyu

            You really gave me a thorough beating right there.

        • Citizen Public

          No; Roddy, it’s you who must grow up! DDL’s comment is quite harmless, while being informative to those who take an interest in the subject of ships/boats. Yours on the other hand is downright bad-mannered and apparently aimed at embarrassing your target. It’s sad how faceless platforms such as this attract
          persons on the lunatic fringe, as honey draws insects. Gaining recognition for yourself is not just about abusiveness. Indeed, you’ll gain the opposite that way. I suspect that there are just two things for which you use your computer; i.e. – visiting particularly weird websites and abusing other users on this
          forum. Here’s the thing ….. The way in which you like to use expletives so liberally, suggests that there is need for you to washout your mouth (and maybe that hole on your other end) with a particularly virulent acid.

          • Public Citizen

            Yes honey draws insects like bees just as sh*t draws flies. I would prefer to link the commenter with the long shona name to the latter substance.

        • Nsukwini

          You are a sucker for punishment Ndoda. Everytime you attack this man you look even more stupid. Ubulema has no boundaries with you. You have now become the laughing stock of this Platform? Usungupopayi weforum leyi.

          • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

            Stop messing about. It’s fine not to have romantic feelings for someone and sleep with them, what isn’t fine is treating them with no consideration or respect.

          • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

            Perhaps we should just be aware that “normal” is completely subjective and not be swayed by other people’s perceptions of it

      • Amanzi O Tundayo

        it is smaller than the Sea Lion launched many years ago. and also smaller than Southern Belle.
        maybe bigger on that part of the country certainly not in Zimbabwe.
        Even with roacks and tree stumps now they can steer. with alarms on depth/fishfinders that can warn of an impending danger. No wonder why the Sea Lion Travels from Kaiba to Mlibizi at night.

        • Doctor Do little

          I just seen a picture of the Southern Belle. It looks a lot bigger.

      • Nsukwini
        • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa
          • Nsukwini

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          • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

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          • Nsukwini

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    • Smoothy1

      But if I read well this is a houseboat to be used as a hotel and will be FLOATING and not sailing. When we talk of floating I think it’s very clear and different from sailing for the purposes of trips or transport. If that is the case then they can identify a stretch in the water, that does not have these boulders where it can be operating from. It’s rather a hotel that can be operating at a certain radius that does not have the boulders.

  • Nyaminyami

    To me it looks almost the same as the Zambezi Trader which is floating in Kariba and looks smaller than the Southern Belle which has relocared to Zambia. Did you do a check with lake Navigation before publishing this article/

  • Zim – Resident

    I am glady to hear that it was made here in Zimbabwe. Sando dzenyu vakaumba NGARAVA iyi!

    Proudly Zimbabwean

  • Mudiwa

    Imagine living on that in Kariba. That would be great.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Shame on you , ndwangu.

  • taffy

    there is hope for my country zimbabwe

    • uMkhonto

      This is very promising for the country indeed. We still can manufacture such a boat, wow. Great job.

  • Elder K

    Good to know we still have companies like this in Zim….refreshing news indeed

    • Doctor Do little

      Definitely. Judging by the Picture it is a true work of art.

      • MakhosiXamu

        Only a fool will be excited by such crap. The proceeds from the sale of this junk will never land in pocket , idiot.

        • Doctor Do little

          I wondered when your head would pop up from under the rock. Taking a break from the weevil Gamatox wars are you? Only a fool fails to recognize good work. I know some of the achievements you admire are truly genius. Like getting diesel from a rock maybe?

          • Nsukwini

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          • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

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          • Dr Fayke Phd

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          • Zuze

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          • Sandra

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        • Zuze

          Wena Xamu ulomlomo Ndoda. Why do you call our elders idiots? Uluhlanye wena Gwababa.

  • Question Mark?

    So Noah is now holed up in Zimbabwe and pulling his tricks again ? So where exactly in Harare was that boat tested ?

    • nto

      we need such boats as drains are blocked by garbage and sand to prevent floods

  • chinos

    There less congestion to Sauti than to Blues nhai?

  • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

    And so why do we have to wade through all this sad nonsense written by millenials when there are seasoned old people who can write better and have had far more life experience? Why??????

  • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa