Bitter Prof dismissed

Cde George Charamba

Cde George Charamba

Nduduzo Tshuma/ Pamela Shumba, Chronicle Reporters
THE Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Mr George Charamba, yesterday dismissed former Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo as an attention seeking, bitter and defeated politician who suffers from power denial psychosis.

Prof Moyo, in an interview with BBC’s Hardtalk yesterday morning, claimed among other things that the Government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa was illegitimate adding that he fled the country during Operation Restore Legacy because he feared for his life.

The former minister who was expelled from Zanu-PF along with fellow members of the G40 cabal including former First Lady Mrs Grace Mugabe, also made sensational claims that President Mnangagwa’s recent visit to the MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s home was to postpone the elections by three years.

This was however, dismissed by Mr Charamba and Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Mr Luke Tamborinyoka.

Mr Charamba said the legitimacy of the country’s new Government derives from the people of Zimbabwe and not Prof Moyo.

Professor Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo

“Legitimacy doesn’t derive from a bitter defeated professor. It derives from the people of Zimbabwe. The position of the people of Zimbabwe is in respect of the new era, which was created on the back of an interception of sinister motives of the cabal that was taking advantage of the former President to launch itself into power, power that they had not constructed in the first place,” he said in an interview with Capitalk.

“The issue of legitimacy or illegitimacy is not interpreted by Jonathan Moyo. You saw what happened at Zimbabwe Grounds, you saw what happened by way of an across the political spectrum support. The action that had been mounted, mounted to avert a major crisis that was actually a creation by people like Jonathan Moyo.

Media is giving Jonathan too much attention that he doesn’t deserve. Twitter will not recover the economy, run the elections or confer legitimacy in any country. Jonathan Moyo is a bitter defeated politician who suffers from what the late Dr Edson Zvobgo would have called power denial psychosis.”

Mr Charamba who doubles as the Presidential spokesperson said he had worked with Prof Moyo more than anyone can ever claim to read the former minister’s tricks.

“One thing that I know about him is that he comes from a school of thought which says the best way of getting accommodated is by making so much noise so that those that are in offices of responsibility can then try and buy you in for silence. It’s not going to happen,” said Mr Charamba.

He said the new administration led by President Mnangagwa has received blessings from international bodies like Sadc, United Nations and the African Union.

“Much more interestingly, even the Pope sent a message of congratulations to the new President,” said Mr Charamba.

He dismissed Prof Moyo’s alleged militarisation of the Government.

“I don’t see military in the Government. I see citizens who are keen to serve their country. If I were to get an engineer who joins the military, does that amount to engineering the military? If there’s a journalist who finds some space within the military, does it amount to turning it into a journalistic proposition? Military people are still citizens of this country.

“If they have a vision, which takes this country forward, there’s nothing, either constitutional or by way of morality to stop them from joining Government. This fascination, therefore, in my view is a misplaced debate,” said Mr Charamba.

He added that Rtd Air Marshall Perrance Shiri has done a lot in a short space of time in respect of a very difficult area called land administration.

“You then realise how important it is for people to look at a person in terms of their own capacity not in terms of who they were yesterday.

“General Sibusiso Moyo has also done a lot in a short space of time to try and win the confidence of the international community in the direction of re-engaging with the world so as to normalise relations. That’s what matters,” said Mr Charamba.

Mr Charamba also dismissed Prof Moyo’s talk about Gukurahundi saying he never raised the issue while still in Government.

“At what point has he realised there is something called Gukuarahundi? Early post November? He was part of the Government not just once but twice, not just for one term but for two long terms.

“Interestingly the second term of his second coming was created as a result of elections held in 2013. What he doesn’t know is that President Mnangagwa made those elections a success for Zanu-PF, the same person he’s now attacking. That’s why I’m calling it power denial psychosis,” said Mr Charamba.

He said he was not aware of any warrant of arrest or death warrant against Prof Moyo and urged the former minister to come back home and clear his name in the courts.

“What I know is that he ran away from his family and left his children in the custody of a 93-year-old former President. Remember I was part of the negotiating team. No one issued a death warrant against him.

“He gave a death warrant to his own family. Let’s be aware of a judgment by the Supreme Court of the Zimdef matter. If he has nothing to fear let him come and clear his name in the court of law, not on BBC. That’s not the way to go,” said Mr Charamba.

He said Zimbabweans should ignore fictional characters such as Jonathan Moyo and worry about turning around the economy, improving their living conditions and the elections that are coming.

Meanwhile, Mr Tamborinyoka dismissed as hogwash Prof Moyo’s claims that President Mnangagwa’s visit to the MDC-T leader’s house was to negotiate the delay of elections by three years.

“That is total hogwash. I issued a statement after the meeting on the matters that had been discussed. Certainly, Jonathan Moyo is not Tsvangirai’s spokesperson and cannot speak on his behalf worse about a meeting that he (Prof Moyo) was not part of,” he said.

“I am Tsvangirai’s spokesperson and the communication that I gave after the meeting contains the actual facts on what happened. There is no iota of truth in what Prof Moyo is saying.”

MDC-T spokesperson Mr Obert Gutu also described Prof Moyo as a frustrated man who is losing it.

“The party position is that President Mnangagwa’s visit was a private one and the matters discussed there were equally private and we do not know what Jonathan Moyo is talking about. From the party point of view, Jonathan Moyo is losing it, he is an angry man who is losing it,” said Mr Gutu.

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  • xylem

    Jonathan Moyo you need to grow up!!

  • Freedom Fighter

    All the privilage gone. Usebonka.

  • Jojo Wamoyo

    Mukoma Jona, learn to keep quiet. It helps at times.

  • lungile moyo

    Yes, Jonathan Moyo still thinks Mugabe will bounce back as the president of Zimbabwe and he will continue sleeping with Grace Mugabe in Mugabe`s house in the basement where he is hiding. Why is is he not arrested for continuing to talk bad things about Zimbabwe-he can be found just put a USD 5miilion prize on his head and flight the advert to Malawi and other countries, he will be fished out by someone who needs money.

    • makhosi

      WHY WASTE MONEY. D we really need to silence him. Let him enjoy his freedom wherever he is, that’s tolerance Lungile.

    • Golide

      Kkkk blood thirst savage , why must he be fished out, i
      Or silenced ? Are u not tired about killing people ? How long will this go? Tolerance.

  • Bekezela Moyo

    angithi his monies were frozen…why would he keep quite…

  • kevin

    Did i read right , its George Charamba who is saying Jonathan left his children in the custody of a 93 year old former president (presumably said in sarcasm)This is certainly politics no permanent friends !

  • Doctor Do little

    Whilst the events that took place recently were obviously welcome because the country was going backwards George Charamba needs to understand that Legitimacy will only be earned after the next election. Why they keep this man on I don’t know. His spin leaves a lot to be desired and his flip flopping devalues anything he has to say. One thing he is right about is that legitimacy comes from the people. The problem is he tries to spin it that the events that took place were an indication that legitimized the current Leaders. Not yet George. That will have to wait until the next election and will be gauged on whether the world will be allowed to observe and legitimize it or whether some will go back to saying that they can choose who observes this election.

    • zibulo

      let me add and say the election , if it happens, will not really be free and fair- rigfht now ZANU is still in charge of ZBC/ZTV/Zimpapers-see what the editors approve of for publishing here. There are a few outreach programmes, so zimbabweans are still ignorant even of the so-called new constitution , thed laws, Rights. Mnanagwa says we are free yet AIPPA and POSA still exist, to their advantage. i believe the most important times are those like a year before elections to see whether all have equal access to media, to the masses, as some areas are a no-go for some parties, and are only opened up when observers are here at election time. the year prior to elections , and not the elections , is the important time to observe

  • zibulo

    talking like somebody walking on broken glass, Charamba. 1. Legitimacy of New Govt is from the people of Zim , not from Moyo 2.Military intervention was mounted to avert a crisis created by people like Moyo. i see he skirts mentioning the 93-year old wizard, no one speaks bad about him, like its an instruction within ZANU.Charamba says they got blessings from SACU/AU-pathetic organizations which protect dictators , looters, killers of their own people who are refugees all over the world. See , all refugees come from such nations . Since zimpapers is govt -owned, the editors will no longer cover Moyo because he says Moyo gets too much coverage. Mr Thambirinyoka you are patheic. you are covered positively as MDC only in issued which aid ZANU, why didn’t you say No Comment ?

    • Doctor Do little

      Strategy wise the MDC strategists are inept. The “no comment” would have been good strategy.

      • Navara

        Not quite understanding your political science , what would he have derived from a no comment proclamation ?
        Whether or not the purpose of the visit was for that and assuming they agreed to do that they have no power to execute that .Voting will take place this year!

        • Doctor Do little

          It is not Political science but common sense. When your opponent is getting it from another of his opponents it is wise to shut your mouth and see if it weakens him. You are forgetting that they were recently after the new people took over told to go and hang? Sometimes because Politics is a dirty game if you see smoke in your opponents home you leave it even if you know there is no fire.

  • champion

    The corruption allegations leveled on Ministers seems lyk all Cabinet Ministers were looting , ZAC may you continue to unearth all these allegations and prosecute accordingly , Don’t hesitate this should be a warning even to the current Ministers

  • MakhosiXamu

    Jonathan Moyo is a person of repute – the Chronicle , Charamba included are peddling falsehoods and that will not help matters – Zimbabweans are worse off compared to the period before the coup. Goods and services have sky rocketed – only a ZnPF mujibha will rant and support ED’s utterances and his comrades. ED is eager to build his image using the ZNA. The ZNA is now an appendage of a political party. What a shame. I salute the Professor – ED’s military junta is now scared….kkkkkkkkkk.

  • Ton van Der Parker

    It is a illegitimate government, period. However it is dressed. Your blinkers Charamba leave a lot to be desired and makes one physically sick. What do you say when all the top military personnel are running the country and when those people came into power by a coup? What you are trying to spin does not hold water. Why is the Chief Secretary to the President and cabinet been removed and replaced by a military person including the deputy CSPandC is now held by a now retired military person? The war vets who have not got much education are now holding positions in government and in government owned institutions . Is that not militarising the arms of the government as a result of military coup?