Black mamba kills 7-year-old


Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Plumtree Correspondent
A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Bulilima boy died after he was bitten by a black mamba while looking for lost donkeys in the bush with his 16-year-old brother.

Tjaguta Village head, Mr Simon Moyo, said Thabani Sibanda died soon after the attack.

He said the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon in Tjaguta Village in Nswazi area which falls under his jurisdiction.

“There is a seven-year-old boy who was bitten by a black mamba on Tuesday afternoon. He had accompanied his elder brother Thamsanqa Sibanda to search for lost donkeys when the incident happened.

“The boy died moments after he was bitten. His elder brother carried him to a nearby homestead to seek help but it was already too late,” said Mr Moyo.

He said as Thamsanqa was leaving home at around 3PM to look for the donkeys, his younger brother insisted on accompanying him.

Mr Moyo said Thamsanqa tried to evade his younger brother, insisting that he would delay him but their grandmother persuaded him to take him along.

He said along the way Thabani started complaining that he was tired and he rested underneath a tree on a grassy patch. Mr Moyo said few minutes later, Thamsanqa noticed that there was a snake lying close to where his brother was seated.

“Thamsanqa remained standing and allowed his younger brother to rest under a tree for a while. He noticed that there was a snake close to where his brother was seated and warned him about its presence.

“Thabani panicked and as he stood up to run away stepped on the snake and it bit him. The place where Thabani was seated had long grass and maybe that’s why he failed to see the snake on time,” said Mr Moyo.

He said moments later, Thabani’s condition deteriorated as he became weak and his skin turned black. He said Thabani started complaining that he could not breathe or move his body.

“Thamsanqa realised that his brother’s condition was deteriorating fast and he carried him and rushed to the nearest homestead to seek help as they were in a bushy area.

“A few minutes after leaving the scene, Thabani lost consciousness and by the time they reached the closest homestead he was already dead,” said Mr Moyo.—@DubeMatutu

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  • Mthwakazi

    What a heartbreaking situation. Why does the media outlet especially the Chronicle show a picture of a black snake? It would help a great deal if people knew that the black mamba is not black in colour. They come in two colours only, greyish on top and white-bellied or brownish on top and white-bellied. It is only black inside its mouth. Once one spots this kind of snake, they should rather let it slither away if there aren’t many people who can kill it. This snake is so dangerous, it kills any living thing in less than 20 mins.

    • Observer

      A heart rending story indeed! Very sad. I agree with you. Chronicle must show the true picture of a black mamba. There is also a “green” mamba which has a green skin and blends with the vegetation particularly this season of spring/summer that we are going into. I once met this snake in the bush when I was a scholar at some boarding school crossing my footpath. I stood still and we looked each other in the eye. It then slithered away into the vegetation and I was able to turn back (could have proceeded if I wanted to). It is best to remain motionless in the presence of a mamba and let it slither away. Running away will agitate it and you cannot outrun this snake which is the fastest in the world and glides faster than a human particularly in tall grasses.

    • mzikayifani


      • Mthwakazi

        So you’re a Shona how about going back to Guruve and seeing snakes there inside homes since you Shonas like, believe and practice witchcraft, than to be talking of Bulawayo snakes in museums.

        • 1st Mthwakazi

          When someone is the first to use the name Mthwakazi on a particular topic why don’t you pick a different name so people will know that we are two different people. Now you are spewing tribal venom and people think it’s the first guy by the name Mthwakazi. You should be ashamed of yourself for starting s## and hiding behind others so they catch hell from others. Coward. Grow up.

        • God of War

          Hezvo! Where is this coming from now.

        • jayjay

          Not necessary

          • Mthwakazi

            What’s necessary and who are you !!

  • Cetshwayo

    Very sad. RIP ntwana

  • Khulu

    Snakes (including the mamba) don’t chase humans. They are not part of their diet. Their trying to ESCAPE (most times) is mistakenly taken as aggression.

    • Kyrgyzstrr

      Black Mamba though has the distinction of being overly aggressive. When feeling threatened it is known to attack. Some say it is the most aggressive snake in the world, as well as being the second most poisonous (after the Taipen in Australia).

      • big

        And can strike multiple times.

        • Teacher Fainos

          It can only produce vernon twice. Ist and second strikes. Rest of strikes are harmless. But if u hit the poison bomb formed at its neckbase, its dead harmless. Note that it also prefers spiting in your eyes. So always carry a pair of sunglasses.

          • Doctor Do little

            That is a good one. Black Mambas do not spit. Only a spitting Cobra spits.

          • Sindile Mazibuko

            Villagers should be educated about the various types of snakes found in their areas and where they are found to avoid such tragic events. Had these guys been enlightened maybe they might have steered off narrow paths with tall grasses.

        • zibulo

          itshaya iphindelela !!!.

      • cornydee

        What is black mamba in Shona?

        • jom


          • Mthwakazi

            Respect us, this is a Mthwakazi newspaper please if you want to speak your Shona go to Kwayedza whatever you call it.

          • Teacher Fainos

            Respect yourself first. Unless you want a lecture on Mkuze Village-Orange Free State where your rabid madness began. Teacher Fainos would be more than obliged to have a go.
            @ Corneydee:
            Don’t confuse Rovambira (Black Mamba) with Cobra (Mhungu), Shato (Python), or Chiva (Puff Arder). Rovambira can stand tall and spring on its tail-prefers to stike panhova/ nhongonya (top of head) where poison goes straight to the brain.WHich is why death is usually immediate. The snake smells like Millet (mhunga) so you can sense its presence. Common Habitat: Rocky areas with plenty of Mbira(rock Rabits) or tall trees along footpaths. Stone Age Solution; 1; Carry a flat rock on your head in habitat areas.2; If you see each other, don’t move.3. If it lowers its head, its coming for u, just step aside by few steps and stand still;it will miss like a Rhino. 4 Carry a stick always; whack its neck when it raises the head- just where a ball forms; thats where the poison concentrates.Detonate that bomb by one sure hit. If you miss, be prepared to meet your maker first.

          • Mthwakazi

            Have respect for other people, you just don’t come here and speak your Shona, we don’t want rotten teeth from attempting to speak your Shona nonsense.

          • Teacher Fainos

            Speak whatever you like. Or just zip it. Go to a queite corner and burry your sorry soul in Umsombodiya.You sound 99.9% Voldka anyway. Wise folks are having an intelligent life saving discussion here.

        • Mthwakazi

          This is a Mthwakazi newspaper please if you want to speak your Shona go to Kwayedza whatever you call it.

        • Teacher Fainos

          Rovambira. (Translated means ‘Rock Rabit Eater’)

  • Gatsheni

    MHSRIP.Editor your pic is misleading,the black mamba is not actually black in colour

  • The Truth

    painful and sad , MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE

  • benjamin

    Very sad. May he rest in peace.

    Wherever there is some form of cover such as vegetation, rocks etc, be it in the bush or even in the suburbs, always be wary of the presence of a snake and be cautious and vigilant.

  • Pink Boy

    shame…may your dear soul rest i peace son

  • Essexvale

    The story is poorly presented. Readers are initially told that the unfortunate boy died moments after being bitten by the snake. Later in the report it is stated that several minutes had elapsed before he died. Besides this; the report is without logic continuity. But setting journalistic refinements aside; it’s so sad whenever a young life is lost in such tragic circumstances. Allow me to forward sincere condolences to the bereaved.

  • Ah! Nxa!

    The grandmother who insisted that the young boy goes!!!! Damn set up. F*^!+%# granny of sorts. Granny, grany, granny?? Why? Why? Why? Is there no dog meat any more?? What of the August supplies of 60kgs? What happened to all that?

    • Doctor Do little

      You are obviously born in the city. I grew up in a rural setup and because of the situation children have to be trained to be bush wise or else they can not survive in this environment. There are no “House maids” in the rural areas and a 7 year old can do things that a 12 year old town boy won’t have a clue in this kind of setup. I was herding cattle by myself when I was 6 years old. This is a tragic accident but you cannot blame the granny. That snake could have bitten anyone even in the house. If you eat dog meat do not assume that everybody has a taste for your poison.

      • Sindile Mazibuko

        That’s a well said and well descriptive response, only to be spoiled by the last sentence. You should have ignored the guy’s Dog Meat nonsense.

        • Doctor Do little

          True that.But it riles me a little when people harp on dogs meat and rodents. I mean what has dogs meat have to do with this story of two boys looking for lost Donkeys?

          • Sindile Mazibuko

            Very true, some people are very good at being useless,

      • Ah! Nxa!

        You are not a very wise SRB Doctor. Old Grannys in the villages are popular with Underworld Beef Clubs which play ’rounds’. When its their turn, one close relative has to go. Black mamba’s, hynaes, cats and tokoloshis are the prefered hitmen.And children are preferred prey. This mamba was probably a hitman paid in advance. The best way to find out is to hunt down that venomous hit man snake and kill it; then the owner will come out guns blazing. If you missed the irony of my discourse; then this is the short of it.
        Old sages say ‘Debate not of paths’. Granny should have known better when the elder brother said no that no journey is travelled by two unconsenting people. But she insisted. Actually forced the elder to take the innocent young one. Why? Wise up Little Doctor.

        • Doctor Do little

          Superstitious Nonsense.

          • Essexvale

            Guess what Doc? It’s that brat Roddy again. Don’t you recognise his unmannered writing style?

  • Hazvi

    May the poor boy’s spirit rest in eternal peace and may God’s love console his family members. I know how scary that snake is. A few months ago, I had a 2.5m black mamba in my room the entire evening on the trusses of a thatched roof(I suspect that it was there for more than one night) As I switched on the lights in the morning, I noticed the belly the stomach right at the top of the roof. My workmates tried to kill it with a shotgun but that did not help so a brave man had to strangle it with a special tool and they cut off its head. At first glance, it looked like a tiny snake, but after they killed it, they measured its length.Also, people please note that black mambas move in pairs. will never forget that incident and I am so grateful to God for protecting me. To this day, I do not sleep with the lights off anymore.