Bond coins invoice leak suspect unmasked

A Zimbabwean street vendor sorts new coins in front of a bank in Harare

Harare Bureau
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has unmasked the person who leaked photos of a consignment invoice of bond coins destined for Zimbabwe from South Africa this week and has reported the case to police to institute criminal proceedings against the suspect.

Tinashe Sikwila, a 32-year-old Zimbabwean employed as a driver by Prestige Carriers, took pictures of the consignment invoice, which ended up circulating on social media. Prestige Carriers had been contracted by South African Mint.

In his statement of admission exclusively availed to our Harare Bureau, Sikwila said after taking the pictures, he sent the photos of the invoice copies to his friends and relatives.

“I admit that I sent to Calista (his workmate based in South Africa) a photo of the invoice copy while we were discussing the trip (to Zimbabwe) on social media (WhatsApp),” said Sikwila

“I received the document of the RBZ consignment invoice at 1445 hours. I departed at 1500 hours with two escort vehicles. I sent the invoice around 1630 hours. We started talking on Whatsapp through audio chats. I then sent the invoice to my friend to show the value of the load,” said Sikwila. “I also spoke to Mtasa, Kondo and Clement Matuvhunye about the load, but I did not send them photos,” he said.

Sikwila went on a spree sending the photos and also told his mother in law of the load he was transporting. The mother in-law prayed for Sikwila over the phone to travel safely on the trip to Harare.

When the story about the leaked photos of the invoice went public, Sikwila tried to delete all the evidence, but failed. When the consignment arrived at the RBZ every member of the escort had their phones confiscated and Sikwila was unmasked as the culprit.

“I also told my mother in law that I was not coming with my family because I was carrying a sensitive load to Harare for RBZ. I also deleted a chat with Kudzai Sikwila in which I told him that I was carrying money belonging to the RBZ,” said Sikwila.

It was also discovered that Sikwila used the truck to illegally bring his daughter into Zimbabwe from South Africa.  The RBZ has since reported the matter to the Zimbabwe Republic Police where Sikwila is expected to be charged with violating the Official Secrets Act.

It is also understood that while communicating with his friends, Sikwila disclosed the registration number of the cars escorting the truck and the type of rifles being used by the police, putting security of the consignment at risk.

The incident is not the first time sensitive details of RBZ activities have been leaked.

Earlier this year the RBZ fined State-owned People’s Own Savings Bank $500 000 after its employees leaked images of bond notes before their official introduction.

The workers implicated in the leaks were dismissed from the financial institution.

With cases of cybercrime on the rise in Zimbabwe, Government is now finalising a new cybercrime bill to criminalise false information posted on the internet, revenge porn, cyber-bullying and online activity against the government, among other activities.

Zimbabweans convicted of illegal posts on social media face up to 10 years in jail while foreign-based Zimbabweans will be extradited to face prosecution.

Cybercrimes include inciting violence, revenge porn, racist/xenophobic material, bullying, causing emotional stress, communicating falsehoods and degrading other people, intellectual property theft, and spreading falsehoods using the internet.


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  • josefa chinotimba

    This is all rubbish,they should have used Cargo carriers(plane)rather than a truck.It only shows how things have deteriorated in Zim.

  • Faif Bhobho

    A minting factory was commissioned here years back what went wrong with it.

    • big

      Same as

      1. What went wrong with NRZ
      2. ARDA?
      3. CSC
      4. ZISCO Steel
      5. GMB
      7. the list is endless

  • zibulo

    So the CZI’s request to have the state issue Bond Coins instead of notes has been heeded??But the state does not heed the people’s calls for the return of sanity in Governance???That evil called the Black Market will always innovate , and be a step ahead of the state , just wait and see, because all measures which have been taken so far in the Finance industry have been overtaken by the informal/parallel market. This Government is doomed to appalling FAILURE !!!. CZI failed to get ZRP to stop Osphatheleni who have the cash and instead targeted banks only because they are white owned. Black-owned and ZANU related banks have come and gone with our monies , just like ZANU stole our monies too!! And they still continue to try to steal more, a thief never has enough, but the winds of change are blowing and aren’t stoppable. As an economist i predict a bleak “festive season”if they implement the coins-only rubbish. Where will the cash come from to import raw material? All money goes to Grace to import Luxuries, believing she is immortal !!. This will be ZANU’s own death sentence , watch the space. And did Chronicle ever report the Bond Coin Invoice story before this issue? Liars, they never even reported the GBH assault case of Grace

  • big

    So whats the crime about???

  • Cetshwayo

    This is BS now anyone who talks against the corrupt govt with its very old leader Matibiri will be prosecuted and extradited from foreign countries…uMgabe lezinja zakhe sebeyahlanya straight…

  • Mtshayisa

    Squiller is my name. I tell it all.

  • con man gudya

    resign, john “the con man” gudya !!!!

  • Jonso

    Why didn’t they use our own Air Zimbabwe? However that guy should be fired. Not suitable for the job.

  • damggudya

    Mangudya has already done way more damage compared to this driver, why is Mabgudya still around and has not resigned as promised?

  • jon “the con man” gudya

    we have found the secret of whats wrong with jon the con man gudya!! on the left
    side of his brain there is nothing right, and on the right side of his
    brain there is nothing left!

  • musa

    sikwila squealed

  • pitros

    Social media abuse, ignorance of the law and not knowing your needs in life is what is causing a lot of Zimbabweans to cry foul. Instead of wasting productive time on whattsapp use that precious time to contribute positively to Zimbabwe. Instead of 6 hours a day on whattsapp spend those 6 hours a day in Parirenyatwa hospital or Jairos Jiri assisting those in need whom you have totally ignored. Even in kombis people don’t even talk anymore because they are all on whattsapp. What a pity. Choice is entirely yours and when the law descend on you simply SHUT UP (sorry to use that word). The governor is doing his best it us the enemies of progress who are destroying our beautiful Zimbabwe.

  • S B DUBE

    It looks to me like Skwila was afraid for his life …the way he was communicating with everybody including his mother-in-law. Was it his first time to be assigned such duties ? DOES HE DO SUCH COMMUNICATION EVERYTIME HE IS ON SUCH ERRAND. There cld be more to this than meets the eye. Was the RBZ expecting such a consignment officially ?