Boo-boys ring leader gives self up

Magura Charumbira at the Bulawayo Central Police station in the company of his lawyers yesterday

Magura Charumbira at the Bulawayo Central Police station in the company of his lawyers yesterday

Nyaradzo Bakari, Chronicle Reporter
EXPELLED Zanu-PF Bulawayo Central district chairman Magura Charumbira (34) suspected to be the ring leader of a clique of rowdy party supporters that booed the First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe during the Bulawayo Presidential Interface Rally early this month has handed himself over to the police.

He surrendered a week after police announced that they had launched a manhunt for him for heckling the First lady.

He and his gang members allegedly sang and made gestures throwing hands in the air after the First Lady said Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo was being persecuted for nothing.

Charumbira who has since been expelled from the party for his conduct at the rally was accompanied to Bulawayo Central police Station by his lawyer Mr Christopher Dube-Banda of Dube-Banda Nzarayapenga and Partners.

A Chronicle news crew observed him as he arrived at the police station at around 11.30 AM.

Mr Dube-Banda said his client was in police custody.

He said Charumbira was likely to appear in court today.

“I can confirm that my client handed himself to the police. He is in police custody for now and will most probably appear in court tomorrow morning,” he said.

Last Friday, four members of Charumbira’s alleged gang appeared in court charged with undermining the authority of the President and were each granted $50 bail.

Mabutho Lucky Moyo (32) of Lobengula, Mayibongwe Evans Zvigadza (28) of Barbourfields, Walter Sibanda (24) of Tshabalala and Dephine Dzvange (33) of Nketa 7 suburb are set to appear at Bulawayo Regional court on November 23 for trial.


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  • Bongani Dlamini

    Mr Christopher Dube-Banda???? ngumhlola bani onje ezweni labo baba

    • Dumakude

      Kukhona okungahambi kahle lapho

    • DeeSkweya

      maybe yistabane

    • Lafa elihle!Yimhlola bani le!

  • Dumakude

    Dube-Banda, yintoni mfondini

  • Nansi Indaba

    Hey Chronicle, why don’t you give us real news, like yesterday’s presser and not this nonsensical boo-boys stuff?

    • makhosi

      This is now news as their persecution is an embarrassment to democratic society. Big test. Unless they get acquitted it will forever be a shame.

      • Zuze

        I think you meant to say a “demonic society” kkkkkkkkk

        • Miros

          Yo! And who is ya, is ya his spokesperson! Don’t make me shank ya! !

          • Zuze

            Shut your ugly face stupid BABOON.

      • Miros

        o! I nah longer ‘as da stomach for replyin’ ta ay of ya nonsense. What it is, Mama! Don’ make me come ova there … So go ahead prove ta da whole world how empty ya is.

        • Symbol

          Please write proper english and stop making us dizzy.

    • Bambanani

      You are right< whats boo-boys???

  • Wezhira

    It seems all these people are Byo based. Where does Masvingo come in where you said people were bussed from

    • Gogodera

      Charumbira sounds more Masvingo than Bulawayo

  • Tsikwela

    Booing is now a crime?????

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Give us real news (press conference by the generals) – not this nonsense.

  • ED

    where is the story on General Chiwengwa

    • Nitram2

      It was read in Swahili that is it is not appearing in an English paper!

    • Nitram2

      It was presented in Swahili that is why it does not appear in this English newspaper.

      • Wellington

        kkkkkkk and it was perceived as pornographic hence not fit for a family paper

        • Miros

          Yo! Grow up ya’re now tao old for silly jokes!!

          • makhosi

            your sense of humor is suspect

          • Symbol

            And you are too young for this platform.

      • Symbol


  • Essexvale

    Although I personally do not like the man because he’s conceited, uncouth, loud and ostentatious (boastful), I’d be interested to know what charges will be brought against him and his rowdy team. The nation’s constitution allows freedom of expression and association and therefore those arrested for their criticism of the first lady had a right to do so albeit, using due process tempered with appropriate behaviour. Another sticking point is the fact that in their prosecution of this case, the authorities are using the POSA law(s) which the nation’s current constitution renders as null and void. All this points towards ZANU PF’s penchant for apply constitutional provisions selectively while also resorting to using outdated legislation when they perceive a threat posed against their hold over citizens and their affairs. Yet as I’ve earlier mentioned; I hold no brief for the man and his gang of thugs who represent a clique of people bent on imposing sectional interests in Bulawayo and the region in furtherance of an evil agenda of ethnic superiority by one section of the nation’s population who regard themselves as an aristocracy.

  • nsikizi

    now he has to hire lawyers alone

  • Jojochenjera


    • makhosi

      KWA KWA AAAAAAA. “that’s not news”

  • leo philips

    fuck all shonaz

  • genaro gattusso

    matobudawo mupepa mdara charumbira

  • Accumulator