Bosso a culture: Hlongwane

Sikhumbuzo Moyo Senior Sports Reporter
SPORT and Recreation Minister Makhosini Hlongwane has said Highlanders is not only a football club, but a culture and identity of a people. Speaking at the official launch of the club’s 90th anniversary at Barbourfields Stadium yesterday, Hlongwane said Highlanders represents an embodiment of collective aspirations and manifestation of the indefatigable spirit of people against colonial settler subjugation and adversity.

“Highlanders is a ‘world outlook’ and a way of life. It’s also a prism through which its supporters at home and worldwide view events that permeate their lives. In essence, to the true Bosso supporter, there’s a Highlanders way of eating and drinking,” said Hlongwane, much to the amusement of supporters at the stadium.

He said celebrating Highlanders’ 90th birthday was no small feat as numerous teams and sporting institutions before and after independence have either folded or become footnotes in the nation’s sporting history.

“Highlanders today stand tall and continue to tower over (the) footballing horizon. One can’t write history without mentioning Highlanders, by extension, one can’t delve into Zimbabwe’s sporting history without acknowledging the immense contribution of this ‘black and white’ institution to our existence as a people. Effacing Highlanders from the annals of history is akin to trying to un-bite the apple. It’s impossible! Ungayipheka imboza emini libalele (you may spoil the dish in broad daylight),” said Hlongwane.

Despite the rather poor turnout, largely attributed to poor marketing of the occasion by the club’s organising committee, the event itself was a lively moment with those that attended enjoying every moment of it.

Highlanders emerged 2-1 winners over Botswana side Gilsport Lions, but Bosso coach Erol Akbay was not amused by the performance of the midfield. “It’s work in progress, but my midfield did not play to my expectation. The defence was okay, solid, but my guys in the midfield didn’t come to party, we’ll work on that. The team is shaping up,” said Akbay.

Bosso employed a 3-4-3 formation that had captain Felix Chindungwe, Honest Moyo and Erick Mudzingwa in defence, while veteran Tendai Ngulube, Bruce Kangwa, Simon Munawa, Ralph Matema and Godfrey Makarutse operated from the midfield.

Castle Lager 2015 Premiership top goal scorer Knox Mutizwa and King Nadolo were the twin strikers. “The team’s there, we’ll work,” said Akbay.

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  • CoomsCandy

    The celebrations are going to turn into a farce if the organising committee fails to market the celebrations as is the case right now. The celebrations are poorly advertised hence the low turn outs. If the Highlanders SA Chapter was able to mobilise just about 2000 supporters to go and support Chicken Inn in Pretoria and an entire executive of Highlanders fails to do the same for the celebrations is an embarrassment indeed.Aggressively advertise these celebrations. Come up with an exciting programme that would entice even those people who are not Highlanders supporters. Also look into holding some of these events outside Bulawayo as I also feel that the generality of Bulawayo is now taking Highlanders for granted. Take the celebrations to Harare, Mutare Victoria Falls Gwanda etc YiTeam Yezwe Lonke. By this I am also challenging the efficient Harare Chapter to come up with something in the capital. If it means Bosso playing Dynamos so be it, after all we are sponsored by the sponsors. We must think outside the box.

    • Bosso 4 Life (the real deal)

      I agree. Bosso should start behaving like a successful business unit; and in any business, effective marketing is key. Isn’t that what the proposed changes at the club are aimed at….a business like Bosso?

    • vusumuzi

      and futhi why no report of speeches by the Bosso Management except by Makhosini. That he is a Minister does not mean that he knows more about Highlanders. He is in fact a member of an organised system which is aimed at terminating Highlanders and its community in the political world . He is just an appointment by Mgabe , who has failed to make Zim great , he is nothing. Even inviting him was a big mistake . coz i cant listen to him talk about Bosso. Yes management made a boob in this fiasco of a so-called celebration. The organisers should have made outreach programmes first , to the whole country , and appointed or called upon certain influential people in the Communities . Through township Branch Supporters’ committes it could have ganered more support for the occassion. Even emaphandleni through izinduna labo Sobhuku , therein lie or reside the Bosso supporters , ngingasabali e Botswana , E Goli , Zambia , UK , USA and Aussie land. Liyigqubule Madoda . And which opponent does the team play , a nonentity!!! Ayiphindwe leyi i celebration . Baba u Khabo qala kabutsha!!