Bosso too broke to buy players

Peter Dube

Peter Dube

Ricky Zililo Senior Sports Reporter
HIGHLANDERS’ chairman Peter Dube is confident that his club will be more competitive in the 2016 season despite their failure to sign big name players during the present transfer window.

The Bulawayo giants, who last won the league championship in 2006, have instead promoted three players, Prince Banda, Adrian Sila and Charlot Siyalonga, from their junior ranks into the first team.

However, they lost Valentine Ndaba to rivals Dynamos and also failed to retain the services of striker Obidiah Tarumbwa, defender Teenage Hadebe and midfielder Nqobizitha Masuku who were on loan from Zifa Southern Region Division One side Bantu Rovers.

Tarumbwa has since moved to Chicken Inn and Masuku to FC Platinum, while Hadebe’s nagging injury has delayed finalisation of his intended move to the Gamecocks.

Veteran midfielder Mthulisi Maphosa’s contract was not renewed and he is one of the senior players presently trying their luck at PSL new boys Bulawayo City.

Crucially though, Bosso managed to retain the services of defenders Erick Mudzingwa and Felix Chindungwe, as well as goalkeeper Ariel Sibanda, whose contracts had run out.

Expectations had been high that the Bulawayo giants were going to bolster their squad with acquisitions of seasoned players in a bid to compete for the title.

Responding to questions about the team’s preparations for the 2016 season after the club’s elections that brought in Modern Ngwenya as the new vice-chairman and retained Donald Ndebele as treasurer on Sunday, Dube said Bosso cannot afford to sign big name players at the moment.

“We haven’t brought in big names for obvious reasons. We can’t afford because the people we compete with are better resourced than us,” said Dube.

“But we say the people that follow and support the club must actually drive us to realise that somehow we should work hard and remain a very competitive entity. And we’re going to do exactly that. If you look, the much talked about junior policy couldn’t have been better than what it is now gauging by the results we attained last season. We even brought in a team to Division One where we expect to actually start reaping benefits in terms of signing players who’ll be promoted into the first team.”

Dube said following their strong finish in the 2015 season which saw them ending sixth in the league and winning the Easycall Cup, everyone at the club is looking forward to the team continuing from where they left off.

He said despite failing to win the league championship in the last decade, they remained proud that Highlanders has always been a competitive side.

“As Highlanders, to some extent we’re glad that we’ve stayed there. We’ve won a couple of cups. Fine, the league itself has eluded us, but I think we’ve remained competitive under the circumstances. It’s that bit of stability that we pride ourselves in under these difficult circumstances, but look we still remain with a brand that we can pride ourselves in,” said Dube.

Highlanders are still awaiting the arrival of Dutch coach Erol Akbay, who is expected to join the squad as soon as his work permit is issued. The first team is performing its drills under assistant coach Amini Soma-Phiri and goalkeepers’ coach, veteran Cosmas Zulu.

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  • vusumuzi

    Headline should read ; Bosso too rich in Juniors Pool to buy players. Plenty of them juniors ready to be drafted into the first team . Only problem is the Dutchman who knows nothing about them nor the first team players and will only implement his own tactics of saving his job at the expense of the future of the team. Fear of losing makes such coaches remove the flair we saw in yesteryears from the game. Foreign coaches do not know about our play and come to want to change us. I might be a bit old in thinking but how about romping in Ali Dube back in the fold. Is it only because he is not so-called “educated” , yet records speak . Wish i was in charge i would have been bold and shock everyone and romp him in .

    • Magadlela

      Well said Vusa. Uyitshaye ekhanda.

    • musa

      sensible comment, though am not a bosso fan but yours is the only sense i have read in a long time. no tribalism s*#t, just plain common sense. too bad the leaders do not have common sense.

      • Bosso 4 Life (the real deal)

        Affirmative action should never be interpreted as tribalism!! Affirmative action in the region is what the so called tribalists you refer to are simply calling for!!

        • musa

          “affirmative action in the region” by calling for the exclusion of a certain tribe based on their surname regardless of where they were born and bred? despite them being citizens of that region? try another excuse, this one doesn’t hold water.

      • Magadlela

        Sorry Musa. Your analysis lacks thickness. When we talk about Highlanders juniors, we are talking about all players from different tribes. All our junior teams (u14-u20) have players from different tribes. This has been the case before. So where does your tribalism come. Maybe you are the one.

        • musa

          did you just join the internet based public discussion fora bandwagon of readers and commentators ? under which rock have you been hiding? or you have selective amnesia?

    • MDD

      The reason no African team has won the World Cup is largely due to playing the game ‘the African way’ ie doing silly unnecessary tricks, show boating etc.
      This Ali Dube you talk about did nothing but ‘loot’ all good junior players from small clubs with Bosso paying no compensation for their development.

      • Doctor Do little

        You are lost. Ali Dube is a legend. The players he brought through benefited all Bulawayo teams including Zimbabwe Saints with the likes of Paradza and many more.

        • vusumuzi

          Mtshele mfo . Akazi ukuthi ukhuluma ngani noma ngobani lomuntu. Jealousy impethe. Am sure bakhona abazi kanngcono even kulami lawe abangafakaza more about THE LEGEND Ali Dube. Maybe uyilaba abathi ongafundanga amaphepha cannot “lead”!!!!. A mentality esa i Zimbabwe emuva by disregarding other fellow men

      • vusumuzi

        This Ali Dube did nothing but produce Rambo , Mawiwi , Madinda , Netsayi , Roy Ngwenya , McDonald Silongwe , Peter Nsukuzonke. These players never came from another team. I unfortunately also had a stint under Ali but had to go to night school to do High School. Musa ukugxeka lalapho kukuhle khona, kawuzose uthole izibusiso ungaba lomona ngemisebenzi yabantwana babanye abazali. UMONA PHANSI

      • Doctor Do little
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    • Essexvale

      Why is this being allowed here!! This is the sports page and this counterfeit religious message was sneaked in by someone with obvious sinister intentions; eg, making a quick buck through free advertising, while also taking advantage of our nation’s policy on freedom of expression!! Citizens are being conned by evil minded felons who are making a killing out of the desperate economic situation. Example: elsewhere in the news, the Bulawayo City Council is reported to have been conned out of US$300,000. Be on guard!!

      • Signs of the Times

        Correct . One would think that the newspaper would pick this up It is happening right here, Botswana, South Africa
        Maybe they should track the person and see what business they are doing

  • Magadlela

    “Big names” were once small. Bosso makes big names. We don’t need mercernaries to come to betray the team. Ten years we have been bringing the so called big names and we have failed to get the league tittle. HOME GROWN SOLUTION IS BEST. KAYISOZE IBULAWE!!!!!

  • abbie makiwa

    is this mamafamily the only news and comment today.Dont drive us into shunning our own Bulawayo paper by putting in Satanic testimonies.

  • Bosso 4 Life (the real deal)

    This is the best thing that has happened to Highlanders FC in many years!! Now they will be compelled to depend entirely on the junior policy as a reliable pool for players. and as we all know Bosso always played well when this policy was being fully utilised. I consider this to be poetic justice, as we have been shouting out to the world for Bosso to seriously revisit the junior policy; all to no avail. Let’s see how the Dube admin will be handling this tough one?

  • Mso

    I salute Vusa for great thinking. Well said. Also plse note in Bosso we did win all the trophies including the league with guys from our jnr policy. Ever since we started buying the so called big names we have never done any better. So going back to our jnr policy is God’s gift to Bosso as we will not be buying these gold diggers.

  • Kuta Kinte

    I think the junior policy works because the business of just buying players wont develop our football faster. I salute the move. But I will repeat what I have always been saying. Where are the business people and corporates who are supposed to be sponsoring seasoned stand alone community teams like Highlanders and Dynamos? Mostly those two.