BREAKING: Police, war vets in running battles

Anti-riot police

Anti-riot police

Anti-riot police today disrupted the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association’s (ZNLWVA) meeting which was due to start at the City Sports Centre in Harare by throwing tear gas canisters, resulting in running battles.

War veterans scatter after anti-riot police fired tear gas

War veterans scatter after anti-riot police fired tear gas

The war veterans were waiting to be addressed by their leaders who had not arrived at the venue by the time the chaos reigned.

A driving instructor and learner were caught in the chaos

A driving instructor and learner were caught in the chaos

Meanwhile, the area has been cordoned off.

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  • malalegqokile

    the police have a duty to uphold the rule of law, kwaze kwathunqi intuthu

    • vusumuzi

      to uphold a law which denies these guys the right to meet and re-elect or propose to meet to elect new leaders. Whats wrong with that? What do you understand by the woprds DEMOCRACY FREEDOM JUSTICE ?? yOU DONT UNDERSTAND LAW EITHER AND YOU NEED TO BE FREED TOO

      • Mixed Race

        You write as if you are outside the country because if you were within you would know that these war vets have terrorized your relatives daily in support of these unfair procedures.Most of us are really very happy that J Moyo and his group have enlightened the masses against these small gods.How many times have these guys attacked peaceful demonstrators for making their rights known, in support of their so-called party?What really surprises me is that they are cowards who failed to stand up to the occasion,however their leaders cleverly avoided the hot spot.They should just arrest their leaders for breaking the law.This would send a clear message to them.

        • Khalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

          I concur with you MIXED RACE , Vusumuzi is a tot who just comment in any subjet even if not qualifying. I think he must just reserve some of his comments that won’t hurt him .

          • susan

            please use diologue to sort problems

      • Khalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

        ELECT WHO? elect Mnangagwa who killed 20 000 people , is that the kind of a leader that you always dream of , war vets -a rubbish which expired long ago but pushed its way forward for the last 36 years , you are too academically instead of understanding the past , wena mfana sende lembuzi mani .

  • disorderly conduct


    • vusumuzi

      Non sensical behavior when people are Exercising what it meant to Be Liberated as was said during the War. Lawe you are soon to be History. Understand what Freedom means. Homes were burnt to ashes , people were kidnapped , tortured , killed by the Colonialists because they wanted power for themselves. So ZANU and ZAPU fought to end this . But ZANU has taken us back to those days again, even worse !!! Its not nonsense to want to be lead by another . At a meeting , unarmed , what are the Police trying to achieve. They are a proof that Power is now centred on one man Mgabe , and that is what the Liberation not about. It was to liberate us from such people who grab absolute power. If this succeeds lawe you will be liberated. In fact all ZANU supporters will be liberated as they will be able to nominate anyone , according to Freedom laws , to lead the Liberation movement. You with your words are an enemy of the Struggleif you support Riot Police doing this.

      • Khalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

        Vusumuzi, i think you are a bit confused here , these war vets are only defending Mnangagwa against Grace , but they are fully supporting Mugabe and his regime and they want to perpetuate this Mugabe regime through preferring Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe , think about , what is the difference between Mugabe and Mnangagwa , people like you Vusumuzi were very young during the guguraundu time , you are so unstable and always easily blown sideways by the air , you are less informed , you simple academically comment on this werb , don’t you have advisors who can lecture you a little bit about where we are coming from ?
        Grace should be fully supported mind you , only tots like you will work against here because of being confused .

        • vusumuzi

          your response that Police should no tolerate nonsensical behavior puts you on the side of ZANU. I am not ZANU . I am 54 years old , you misread and misunderstand what i say . That is not nonsensical behavior by those “Vets”. Its a sign that even in the ruling party there is no freedom/democracy. These police are breaking a meeting/not a group plotting a coup. I say and hear properly , until ZANU is DEMOCRATIC , it will always deny us all democracy, not that i support Murderers and Thieves/Looters. We are in their grip as they have the Military Heads of all forces on ZANU side instead of being on Zimbabwe’s side. Ungizwe kahle na?

  • Roell

    The chickens are coming back home to roost. We shall be watching from the terraces.

  • Mkhokheli

    These people need to be taught a lesson. Gone are the days when they used to terrorise people in the name of fighting for liberation as if they were fighting alone. Most of them are fake (like Matematandas) and they think they can hold us at ransom 36 years after their so called liberation struggle which has brought a lot of suffering to all Zimbabweans. Basutha kubi and they need to be put on line. Tshay’ umuntu!

    • Makhandeni

      And DENNIS NDLOVU is not a war vet, how can he be in the National Executive? No wonder why the current leadership has no respect. It is because they are not militarily cultured to differentiate chains of authority. MLALA, although I have reservations about him had a point when he said these guys were imposed.

  • Ian Dumakude


  • Ian Dumakude

    sometimes it is difficult to imagine how people think. demonstrating against Grace Mugabe shouting that you want to listen to her husband. They are confused. Tshaya yena. Libatshaye kakhulu emaqolo ngenduku zenu lezo mapolisa

    • Khalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

      Politically , Grace is not all that advanced but vocally i am here to salute her . For Zimbabwe to end this kind of a regime situation, we need the likes of Grace to do it for us . I as a victim of the guguraundu , i will never be so stupid and oppose Grace , isn’t it that she is fighting against Mnangagwa and his friends who belive on a war credentials when it comes to who must succeed Mugabe , Mnangagwa is the really man who led the fifth brigate to kill more than 20000 people in Matland .This country will never be colonised by stone age black people who feels that their war credentials are always important compared to the youth and proffessors of this country , we need to seriously transform from this kind of the situation , people have got degrees , masters , doctorates etc .Such modern people can bring better change to this country , therefore there is no need to continue with this disastrous situation of war credential when it comes to who must lead the country , Grace and the G40s might be seen as very immature but they are the most significant people playing such a paramount role and leading us out of Mugabe’s regime rule .

  • Freedom

    It’s really true that “what goes around comes around”, who would have thought that one day these fuckers will be at the receiving end too.

    • vusumuzi

      Surely even these boys called Riot police need to FREED from the bondage of beating their own kith and kin. Solon they will awaken to the fact that we are one and its not good to kill or beat ypour brothers for the sake of rantiungs by a person like GRACE

  • Doctor Do little

    I am just glad that they can feel how we felt when the Police stood by and watched as they beat people up in Bulawayo.

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Looks like THE showdown is imminent! Its the finals showdown…..

    But the question still remains as to whether we will have one person in the field? Remember mid 2008….!?

  • Julie

    Grace Mugabe is the best thing that has ever happened to Zimbabwe, her hunger for power has divided ZANU pf into small manageable groups, it’s a pity the opposition is busy bedding prostitutes to capitalize on the ruling party’s infighting. I guess we will have to leave it to ZANU to destroy itself maybe when the dust settles we will get a better leader but a little voice tells me it’s a divide and rule strategy by his excellence or ZANU PF is diverting attention from their failures. Come 2018 , towards elections, they’ll reconcile and tell the masses they failed to implement their pledges from their last campaign because of some rogue elements within the party but give them another chance they’ll make it right with us.

  • Bk2

    As long Bob arimupenyu Grace acharamba achitonga…& ari more powerful than Ngwena .
    Ngwena has a very tricky situation there & munyama wacho ndewekuti Jonono the mastermind ari kuside kwa amai,..Its hard to out think Jonono…who has done it?…..Pakaipa

  • Acharike Gandanga

    These are not war vets. Real war vets died a long time ago. Maybe third Chimurenga war vets. And if ever they are veterens of the war, how could they be outclassed by mere policemen with a baton stick and a single canster.

    • Suppoter

      The living War Vets are old most of them are in their 70′s now, There is not a single War Vet who is 50 years now all of them have gone past that age. Don’t play with us. But though I like this let them fight. When they were killong our people in Kezi the all laughed. Manje kukubona, okungapheli kuyahlola Ne Zanu will come to an end like it or not.

  • Q.

    Zanu PF is beginning to show signs of destruction.

  • Suppoter

    The living War Vets are old most of them are in their 70′s now, There is not a single War Vet who is 50 years now all of them have gone past that age. Don’t play with us. But though I like this let them fight. When they were killing our people in Kezi they all laughed. Manje kukubona, okungapheli kuyahlola Ne Zanu will come to an end like it or not. Even the Boers in South Africa never thought one day they will be ruled by Black people but now they are. Zanu PF is coming to an end though the end will be bitter as they will kill each other for some time before they come to their senses. Bulawayo don’t get involved. Let this happen in Harare. Like it oh my God you have answered our prayers. HALALA

  • Bantu

    an eye for an eye leaves the people blind. blind to see the threads of love and hope that humanity needs to survive the trials and evils of this world. Freedom calls for discipline and power comes with responsibility. in 1963, Zanu was formed by power loving people masquerading as freedom fighters. These people hijacked the revolution led by Joshua Mqabuko. Their eagerness to shed blood without care nor true cause is evidenced by the graves and mass graves of both their comrades and the Ndebele people. Violence has always been their modus operandi. Because of their notorious history of cowardice, they sought and still seek to make every Zimbabwe a coward like them. Not brave enough to shoulder the burden of their obvious misdeeds, not wise enough to learn from the failures of their system, not strong enough to fight for the true cause of the people, which are Justice for the poor and needy, Equity for the honest and hardworking and Peace for the God fearing people of Zimbabwe.

    He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword.

    They that live by oppression, by greed , by power mongering , shall die by the same.

    What we are seeing today, my people, is a beast that is falling on its own sword, a system that is self destructing and a house built on shifting sands that is finally crumbling.

    Let them eat the fruit of 53 years of hegemony and bloodthirst.

    But we the people of this blessed nation need not let the bitterness of yesterday define the destiny of tomorrow. Let us rise above the temptation to gloat and boast over the consequences and misfortunes of our fellow Zimbabweans. Let us use this opportunity rather, to learn from this painful period and come as purified gold to build a Zimbabwe that has no place for individual moments of madness (Matebeleland genocide) and collective thuggery (election violence since 1980).

    Always remember, the enemy is not the person but the devil in the person.

    Zimbabwe will rise again

    Aluta Continua

    Jah Lives