Bulawayo legislator alleges Ekusileni Hospital sabotage

Ekusileni Medical Centre

Ekusileni Medical Centre

Thandeka Moyo, Health Reporter
THE Member of Parliament for Mpopoma-Pelandaba Constituency, Cde Joseph Tshuma, has urged Government to investigate reasons behind delays in opening Ekusileni Hospital in Bulawayo.

Contributing to debate in Parliament on Tuesday, a livid Cde Tshuma said there were companies willing to run the institution, but it seems there are elements bent on sabotaging Government efforts.

The hospital was built in 2001, operated for a few months and was subsequently shut down after it was discovered that the acquired equipment, worth millions of dollars, was obsolete.

“I would like this to be put on record that this Ekusileni matter must be investigated because I am told that there are companies willing to open the hospital,” said Cde Tshuma.

“I approached Dr Nyasha Masuka who was appointed to head the Ekusileni committee. He actually showed me evidence saying that there are about nine international companies and three local guys who have put in their proposals and are willing to make sure that the hospital can be opened yesterday, but maybe because somebody somewhere wants a cut somewhere they are hindering that thing from opening. Is that right?”

He challenged Government to prioritise Ekusileni just like other hospitals in the country.

“The late Vice President Joshua Nkomo died and left it not functioning. Another Vice President came in, Dr John Landa Nkomo and he died and it is still not functioning. Now, we have got another Vice President (Mphoko), should he die again and still it will not be functioning? How fair is that to the people of Bulawayo and Matabeleland. When they start talking you think they are being tribalistic, yet these are sincere issues that are there,” Cde Tshuma said.

He said he was also disturbed by the failure by Treasury to avail $65 000 needed for the dysfunctional cancer unit at Mpilo Central Hospital.

“I went to Mpilo and asked the CEO of the hospital what the problem was. He said they needed $65 000 and had been trying to speak to Treasury for them to release that money so that the company that repairs the machine can come from South Africa and do it. They will not come before they get this payment.

“Are you honestly telling me that we are failing to release $65 000 only so that the Mpilo Hospital Cancer Unit can start working again? We have got cancer patients in Bulawayo who are dying every day and we are just sitting on our laurels,” Cde Tshuma said.

He said such delays were sabotaging President Mugabe’s drive to address economic challenges.

“How do you resuscitate an economy with such kinds of mindsets?” the legislator asked.

Last year, the Ministry of Health and Child Care constituted a committee chaired by Matabeleland North Provincial Medical Director Dr Nyasha Masuka to work towards opening Ekusileni.


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  • Gen Gowon

    There is nobody who bothers about local health delivery service institutions.Mugabe himself is treated abroad so are his ministers.The excuse for allowing Ekuseleni operate was that the machines were outdated which means they were still functioning but a critical cancer machine was allowed even to total breakdown and there is no urgent effort to replace it.This is the state of affairs in Zimbabwe which has a health delivery system which is no longer in the intensive care unit but totally dead.

  • Saboteur

    “..shut down after it was discovered that the acquired equipment, worth millions of dollars, was obsolete.” Tshuma that where you should direct your concern. If the reason for shutting down this hospital was genuine then no government hospital should be operating today because most of these hospitals are using equipment that is obsolete. take a look at equipment used at UBH, Mpilo, Gomo hospitals etc as proof of this. The saboteur is the person who closed down the hospital in the first place.

    • Sam Boggar

      Who in particular closed that hospital maybe that could be the starting point.

  • Cetshwayo kaGodlwayo

    Thina nxa sesikhuluma sithi abantu baseHarare bafuna amaNdebele afe wonke, lithi sile nzondo lobandlululo kodwa liyabona kuthi lieyenzani. Lisjwayela kabi soqala manje ukukhuluma ngedevolution…asisafuni ukubuswa yiHalale sikhathele please

  • Fairer

    You are spot on Hon Tshuma.These are the issues that need urgent attention.Health is one of the basic rights and a priority.Health institutions should be fixed without further delays perhaps issue of getting treatment from abroad by our leadership can be minimised

  • Bongani

    If it was in Harare or anywhere in Mashonaland it would have been operational kudala but the fact that yisibhedlela sethu amazwangendaba angeke safa sasebenza, look at eGodini project, look at MZWP, industry was relocated to Hre, refurbishment of Nkayi road, to mention but a few, so there is nothing new there.

  • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

    Money was eaten by an elite group whilst the rightful group were busy scheming about ways to border jump to paradise.

  • Everfaithful

    Well said Mr Tshuma. We need to go beyond that ancient ideology called tribalism !

  • masvina

    the problem is simple, this hospital is not in harare or any other place where shonas are a majority. same as the godini mall, its has to happen in harare first

  • Essexvale

    What’s the actual reason for this sorry affair? As ordinary citizens, we can only speculate; and that exactly is what I suspect the legislator for Mpopoma-Pelandaba is doing in pointing out his take on this problem. There are probably several factors that are responsible for the non-opening of the health facility. Chief among these must be the evil spectre of marginalisation. We’ve seen, on many previous occasions, how government shows a disinterest for projects that are based in the region; Bulawayo in particular. Yet we as citizens must also shoulder some of the blame because we display apathy when in actual fact we should be robustly lobbying for the things we want. Then of course, the Honourable member for Mpopoma- Pelandaba cites corruption, in the corridors of power, as a reason for the stalled hospital project. He might have a point in that. Indeed, there are concerns that this project is suffering the same fate as the Egodini mall initiative because of alleged demands for back-handers from high-placed public officials who won’t give their approval unless palms are greased.

  • genaro gattusso

    we have a gvt which is so myopic.what was the reason for the VP to be rushed to Gweru yet Bulawayo was the closest from Gwanda.