Bulawayo residents assured of adequate water supplies

Patient Sibanda Chronicle Reporter
BULAWAYO Mayor councillor Martin Moyo yesterday assured residents that the city’s supply dam had enough water to last the next 30 months even if it does not rain. The country has not received any significant rains since the beginning of 2015/16 rain season raising fears that Bulawayo City Council (BCC) would resort to the dreaded water rationing.

Clr Moyo however said there might be no need to resort to water shedding as the supply dams had enough water to last the city the next 30 months even if it does not rain.

“We can only panic when we’re left with water to last just 22 months. For now we’re assured that for about 30 months residents will have adequate water. There’ll be no water shedding unless the dam levels drastically drop,” said Clr Moyo.

He said although the city had adequate water, people should not waste water. Clr Moyo said it remains illegal for residents to use hosepipes for watering their gardens.

“Residents should desist from watering their gardens using hosepipes. They should use “used” water for watering their gardens. Also they should report pipe bursts in order to conserve water,” he said.

Clr Moyo said they have projects such as the Epping Forest water project meant to augment the city’s water supplies. Council and the Zimbabwe National Water Authority have agreed to partner to ensure that the $4 million Epping Forest water project is completed.

“We’ve boreholes around the city that are meant to assist the people. All these programmes are meant to improve the city’s water supplies,” said Moyo.

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