BULLET HOLES IN TWO BODIES. . . ‘Woman kills lover, turns gun on self’

NRZ workers mill outside the residence in Bulawayo where two people were found dead yesterday

NRZ workers mill outside the residence in Bulawayo where two people were found dead yesterday

Nyaradzo Bakari, Chronicle Reporter
AN unidentified woman allegedly gunned down her boyfriend before shooting herself in his room at the National Railways of Zimbabwe single quarters at Raylton in Bulawayo.

The woman is suspected to have shot her boyfriend, identified as Heater Chauke, at point blank range in the head before turning the gun on herself on Sunday night at Reading House building.

Some people at the scene said they suspected the couple was killed and a murder-suicide was staged.

National Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the incident.

She said Chauke and the woman were found in pools of blood with bullet wounds on their heads.

“I can confirm that we are investigating a murder case where two people were found dead. The man was lying on the floor with a bullet wound on the back of his head while the woman was lying on the bed with a gun wound on the left side of her head,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.

She said the pistol that was used was reported missing on the same day the couple is suspected to have died, following an unlawful entry and theft at a house in Bellevue suburb.

“The woman was holding the pistol with her right hand. The weapon used was reported missing from a house in Bellevue suburb on Sunday. The money that was stolen at that house was found in the woman’s bag,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.

The whereabouts of Chauke’s roommate, who discovered the bodies, are unknown.

A source close to investigations said the roommate, who was away for the weekend, found the bodies of the couple with bullet wounds on their heads yesterday morning.

Chauke, suspected to be in his early 30s, was a diesel plant fitter at NRZ while the woman is suspected to be in her mid 20s.

Police officers take away the bodies

Police officers take away the bodies

The motive behind the murder could not be established but it is suspected that the couple had a misunderstanding after spending the weekend together, since Chauke’s roommate was away.

“Chauke’s roommate had visited his family during the weekend. I suppose the woman spent the weekend with Chauke and they had a misunderstanding which pushed her to kill him. When the roommate came back around 7AM, he found the door locked from inside,” said the source.

“He knocked but no one answered so he used his key to push the key that was in the lock and unlocked, only to find the two lying dead. The woman is said to have been holding a pistol. It is very sad that such a young woman can be brave enough to kill someone.”

The source said the pistol was alleged to have been stolen as a report of a missing pistol had been made prior to the incident.

“It seems the pistol was stolen from somewhere because it is said to have been matching a pistol that someone reported missing sometime back. The woman had probably planned to kill him for quite some time and was waiting for a time when the roommate was away.”

A woman at the scene had a different version.

“This is too neat to be a passion killing. I think someone killed these two people. Police investigations will give us the answer,” she said.

When The Chronicle arrived at the scene, NRZ workers were milling around Reading House building where the incident happened.

They appeared to be in shock and resisted security details’ attempts to chase them from the scene.

The bodies were taken to Mpilo Central Hospital mortuary.

Chauke’s relatives, who were at the scene, declined to comment on the tragedy.

“I am still in shock. I don’t even know what happened and have no approval from elders to comment on behalf of the family so I don’t have anything to say,” said a woman who declined to be named.

NRZ public relations officer Mr Nyasha Maravanyika confirmed the incident and bemoaned the tragic death of their employee who he said worked well with others.

“I can confirm that we received news that one of our employees died after a woman came and shot him. We do not know if she was his girlfriend or wife. We are saddened by such loss of life because the man had been working well with us,” he said.

“We urge our workers to prioritise dialogue and share problems with others who can help. They can also go for counselling with their partners to avoid violence.”


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  • Ian Smith

    If she indeed killed him; does this mean her relatives will have to give his relatives 20 cows before they bury him or its only done when a man kills a woman?

    • Brutal Truth

      Trying to sound smart by provoking a debate?

      • God of War

        At least he’s not insulting others and being heartless like somebody i know.

    • benjamin

      I guess that’s not quite a matter of which gender did the killing. It will depend upon how the victim’s family reacts to one of them being killed. Some families will take it really personal and choose to be in denial, some will take advantage to generate some wealth, and yet others will be more understanding and accept that one of them has left under very unfortunate circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

    • Zim – Resident

      This is a very good question. In African culture the laws bend when it comes to gender issues. The African laws favours women more than men. In this case, it wont surprise me to hear that the relatives of the deceased young man will pay lobola for the departed young lady.

  • Brutal Truth

    2 thieving morons gone.Nature has a way to self cleanse.Arrest that roommate as well & throw her into the dungeon & complete the fantastic job already done

  • Worried Citizen

    Basic principles of Rigor mortis imply that You can not shoot yourself and be found holding a gun the next day. Its just impossible. Foul play

  • Mlu

    This still need further investigation. Criminals are smart these days. Still not convinced by some facts- deceased woman found holding the gun on the right hand, but the gun-wound is on her left side. I still smell a rat….

  • siphilanzima

    the room mate could be a suspect why is it that his or her whereabouts are unknown

    • Major Musango

      yaah there needs to be an alibi

  • Doctor Do little

    Forensic science can determine by the amount of gun power residue on ones hand and body if one fired a weapon. The test has to be done within six hours.If she did kill him it might be there longer because after killing herself she would be unable to wash her hands.

  • Mutsai

    investigate the owner of the gun, are they related to the deceased woman? this was stage-managed.

  • musa

    zrp can be very lazy at times. classifying this as murder-suicide will warrant no further investigations on their part & they will go on to bask in the sun as usual. the woman was murdered, simple. how could she shoot her left side of the head with her right hand?

    • God of War

      Doesn’t it depend on which side you are standing when looking at the bullet hole. I think the journalist is the one who confused us here.

      • Major Musango

        that’s why the police have to run ballistic tests …. it’s just that Chronicle went on to ask people what they think instead of them asking for professional views from the police.

      • musa

        charity charamba is the one quoted in the article as having saying she had a gun wound on the left side of her head and she was holding the gun in her right hand

  • prophet entabeni

    if the money and the gun were stolen by someone living in that house and the owner of the items approached these prophets who can command fire, the thief will bring a curse to the home, some of the prophets will refer to an incident of prophet Elisha of the old testament who commanded fire come down, Stealing is now dangerous though lm not saying thats what happened . the gun can even be commanded to take action on its own whilst inyanga or prophet shouts fire

    • orator


  • qondani

    So who locked from inside,the roommate must be questioned too

    • God of War

      The woman had locked the door and then killed the guy. There is no way a third party was involved cz how was the door locked and the key was still inside.

      • siphilanzima

        has it been proven that the door was locked from inside

        • God of War

          the article says the door was locked from the inside unless the room mate is lying. This is a simple case of murder/suicide. She killed him finish and klaar.

          • siphilanzima

            it could be the work of ex convicts who learned new tricks whilst behind bars that if you then place a gun on a victims hand the police would simply dismiss the case

          • Umzila Kawulandelwa

            So held the gun with her right hand and shot herself in the left side

  • Wellington

    ZRP should just do away with those metal coffin, use body bags atleast like whats happening the world over

    • prophet entabeni

      the one inside the metal coffin has no choice

      • Wellington


    • Major Musango

      what’s the problem with metal coffins?

      • Wellington

        they are too old and outdated, their lids cant even close properly, they are inhumane, body bag is better

  • Major Musango

    People are so quick to conclude … no one knows what happened.

  • Mlu

    Good observation about locking from inside, however, these are all allegations which need to proven by investigations. I know there are times when one can unlock by pushing the key already inserted in the key hole, but its not always the case that every-time you do so you will succeed. It could be a mere statement of one trying to avoid being linked to the crime.

  • The Analyst

    How did the police or whoever know that the money in the lady’s bag was the same one that had been stolen together with the gun?

  • zola

    Why is it so hard for Africans to accept that women can be murderers????
    If it was the guy who had killed the woman…people wouldnt be arguing,,,
    Fact is she locked the door shot him…and killed herself .

  • Umzila Kawulandelwa

    So held the gun with her right hand and shot herself in the left side??? mmmhhhh