‘Burst condom’ soldier disowns ‘son’

Angeline Mpofu Court Reporter
A BULAWAYO man disowned his son in court to avoid paying maintenance saying he used protection during sex while his estranged girlfriend claimed the condom they used burst. Obvious Sibanda, a soldier, told magistrate Victor Mpofu he was not prepared to pay the $100 his girlfriend Ruth Ndlovu demanded for their son.

“I can’t pay maintenance for this child because he’s not mine. We had protected sex and there’s no way I could have impregnated her,” he claimed.

He said Ndlovu once claimed the child belonged to another man in the neighbourhood.
“She once approached another man in the neighbourhood and claimed the child was his. Now she wants me to pay maintenance for another man’s child,” blasted Sibanda.

He requested the court to allow him to do a paternity test before he could pay maintenance.
“I will pay maintenance once it’s proven that I’m the real father of this child,” said Sibanda.

Ndlovu shot back: “He clearly knows that the condom burst and there’s no way he can disown his son.”
She said she was prepared to get a paternity test as long as Sibanda would foot the bill.

Magistrate Mpofu left the court in stitches when he said Sibanda might have been too aggressive during intercourse resulting in the condom bursting.

“You were too harsh my friend,” he said to laughter from the gallery.
Mpofu ordered Sibanda to pay maintenance while he raised the money for the paternity test.

“While you raise the money for the paternity test, the child needs to taken care of. I order you to pay $100 per month starting this month,” Mpofu said.

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  • Jojo WaMoyo

    What happens if the test proves that the child is not his for sure?

    • Fredrick

      the guy gets refunded by the woman if the means is avaliable …he is innocent…thus the law.

  • E.Punungwe

    Fair ruling, if and only if the child is not his then the maintenance stops. In the mean time the child needs to be taken care of, and by default soldier boy is the closest candidate.

  • zimbo concerned

    Good decesion you will get your money back if u a not the father. Something must be done with women who lie abt partenity of children.