Businessman nabbed for Siphatheleni death plot

Temba Dube Deputy News Editor
A BUSINESSMAN has been arrested in Bulawayo for allegedly plotting to kill an illegal money changer and rob her of $8,000. Vincent Sibanda of Planet Timbers in Kelvin North Industrial site, allegedly connived with a manager at the company, Gift Gwatidzo, to commit the crime. Police arrested him on Saturday after Gwatidzo sold him out.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said Sibanda would appear in court soon.

Sources told The Chronicle yesterday that Sibanda’s company was sinking in debt when he hatched a plan to kidnap an usiphatheleni and kill her on the company premises.

“He promised Gwatidzo a share in the company if he assisted him to lure a money changer to the company on the pretext of wanting to change an equivalent of $8,000 from South African rand,” said the source.

Gwatidzo allegedly developed cold feet and told his pastor who advised him to report the matter to the police.

“Gwatidzo made a report on Saturday, the day the murder was supposed to be committed. Sibanda had said they would use a pair of shoe laces to strangle the victim,” said the source.

Their victim allegedly got suspicious when Sibanda failed to show her the money he wanted to exchange for the United States dollars.

“She called a friend and the two fled. Police were already looking for Sibanda and they caught up with the two and arrested them,” said the source.

A police source said the duo was likely to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder or attempted murder.

Investigations by The Chronicle established that Gwatidzo and Sibanda once worked together at a company called Timber Masters before Sibanda broke away to form his own company.

Last year, one of Sibanda’s vehicles was seized to pay off a debt.

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  • Anonymous

    Gwatidzo, you did the right thing; that was a close call for you; you almost fell for this one.Thank the man of the cloth who advised you.

  • koka

    This gwatizo might just be lying. It will interesting to hear the alleged victim’s side of the story. There are a lot of holes in this story. Abantu be mpumalanga ngokusenga ezimithi bahamba phambili.


      Gwatidzo did very well by reporting this would be killer and already you are criticizing him for saving a soul. koka u have nothing to appreciate. You go on
      to say Abantu be mpumalanga……… what has that to do with the story. Learn to appreciate.

      • Orenthawl James

        Don’t worry about Koka, please appreciate that these stories are written in English, it’s a matter of apprehension that is at play here. So please forgive the bugger!!

      • khulu

        Gwatidzo was afraid of the avenging spirit

  • God of War

    This story does not make sense!!

    • vusumuzi

      same as the “Gushungo Bombers” story. very transparent

    • Legal Eagle

      Unless Sibanda admits, or there is some sort of a recording there is no case. That is if the report is accurate. A good lawyer will get him off with no problem. If Gwatidzo had went straight to the Police and the Police set a trap and then things might have been different. It is not easy to kill a person using shoe laces so on this one I think you have it spot on. It makes no sense.

      • khulu undubeko

        what if the shoe laces are made of wire or a radio active substance or laced with poison

        • Dumi

          Unatheni Kanthi Khulu. You are not yourself today?

        • Legal Eagle

          Then he says ” I have a shoelace lace with radio active material can I please kill you” “Yes ” she say. “Go no now” She unbuttons her collar walks up to sibanda and Sibanda puts it around her neck. ” Tighter please” she pleads.A big smile comes on her face as the pioson sinks in. “Thank you” says Sibanda.

          • khulu undubeko

            Police were supposed to lay a trap so as to catch the culprits red handed and also why would sibanda want to use a shoe lace instead of his knobkerry’ induku’

          • Legal Eagle

            Khulu that is why we said in does not make sense.

  • theza

    the story is not clear as no ‘crime’ was committed as they did not carry out the said plan its no longer clear whether the other man is trying to frame the other

  • Mavulakuvaliwe

    This story is pure fiction..They’ll probably beat a false confession out of Sibanda.

  • Bongani Mhlanga

    The police should have used Gwatidzo in a trap to catch Sibanda red handed. Otherwise Sibanda has no case to answer. Police these days….