Byo firm introduces networking platform

Brighton Gumbo Business Reporter
DELIGHT Holdings, a young Bulawayo-based sales and marketing promotion firm, has introduced a business networking platform to enhance trade linkages between small to medium and large scale enterprises.

Speaking to Business Chronicle on Friday, Delight Holdings president Kevin Msekiwa said the initiative would provide a platform for business people in the city to buy and sell each other’s products thereby making money.

He said the networking programme was also aimed at facilitating investment packages through creation of foreign markets for local products.

“We’ve realised that every year in Bulawayo there’s a lot of production happening but that production can’t go any further because there are no markets,” said Msekiwa.

“So we’ve noted that if people are together, united, they exchange business and there’s no product that’s not there. Most of the products are there but the challenge is that people don’t know who wants what at the end of the day.”

He said subscribed companies would be given 15 free services, which include company sales team training, market survey, order sourcing and meeting of monthly targets, rrunning of sales promotions and organising of business expos among others.

Msekiwa said the official launch of the network was scheduled for next months.

He said Bulawayo had many opportunities but lacked vibrant marketing and sales.

Msekiwa has been involved in the sales and marketing field for 14 years with different companies.

“I used to be the regional manager for Astro Mobile Bulawayo, a cellphone handset company. There’s money everywhere in Bulawayo, what’s needed is for business people to open their eyes and understand their market,” he said.

The young firm believes the initiative would assist in the revival of businesses in Bulawayo and the country at large.

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