Byo mayor slams technophobic councillors

Nqobile Tshili Chronicle Correspondent
BULAWAYO Mayor Martin Moyo has accused fellow councillors including his deputy Gift Banda of not being conversant with Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) resulting in them missing important council meetings which are communicated through electronic mail.

Officially opening a workshop on Constitution and Local Government Legislation Awareness Creation organised by Local Authority Capacity Enhancement Project at a Bulawayo hotel yesterday, Clr Moyo attributed the absence of a majority of councillors to technophobia.

In his introductory remarks, Clr Moyo said: “I’m a little bit disappointed with the number of councillors who are in attendance today. Probably this is caused by email communications. I think some of our councillors are not up to date with the use of emails.

“They’re taking too long to open their emails missing some important communications.”

Reading a prepared speech, the mayor “welcomed” the absent Clr Banda. In off-the-cuff remarks, the mayor said his deputy could have missed the event due to failure to access e-mailed communications.

Clr Moyo recommended that the council should revert to using text messages when communicating with its laggard councillors. A handful of councillors attended yesterday’s workshop. This is not the first time councillors have been exposed for failing to utilise ICTs.

In December, 2013, The Chronicle published a story in which councillors were allegedly failing to use laptops after the local authority computerised its administrative systems, doing away with manual filing.

Before issuing the laptops, council used to issue reports of council meetings to councillors, officials, interested parties in large volumes printed on bond paper. In yesterday’s discussion the sizes of council’s housing stands were criticised with participants saying their prices were very high and out of the reach of many residents.


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  • Mpisi

    If this story is true , that councilors do not want to use laptop provided by the Council, then they should be taken away from them sold and money put to better use. When the next round of elections come , lets boot them out ! We cannot be led by people who live under rocks! How are we going to make Bulawayo a 21st Century city, with people who are not techno savvy. Asifuni inkokheli ezihamba zisalela emuva njengezibunu!!

  • Mpisi

    Mr. Mayor why is Bulawayo City Council not on twitter? Mr Mayor we need to communicate our issues with you or the leadership as the residents of this great city. I propose we use City of Kings on Twitter. Mr Mayor you will be able to follow tweets from your residents, helping introduce technology to your residents.
    Today there is a story on paper about the quarry pool that has killed 12+ people. Residents would suggest to you what to do with the hazard. You are doing a fantastic Job so far , unlike the Harare City Council, pliz lets get our Twitter account running!

    • Bkay

      Bulawayo CIty Council is on twitter sir @CityOfBulawayo

      • Mpisi

        Thank you will look it up

  • Mixed Race

    This clearly shows how naive and misguided our current mayor is.He tries to shift the blame to technology for his councillors’ poor performance, when the real cause lies with his weak and poor administration standards.
    1-Why did the council speed vital limited funds buying laptops for ignorant people?
    2-Why was the old and very effective system of communication among the illiterate councillors was stopped?
    3-Do you implement a costly system before your subordinates are ready for it and then blame them for your serious mistakes?
    These limited funds could have been used to repair our badly needed services,eg roads,street lights and sewage breakages.Our mayor should go for management courses to improve his management principles.He should try this simple S.M.A.R.T business principle before he makes public comments.

    • Mixed Race

      correction-item 1-should read spend instead of speed

  • qondani

    The mayor is a friend of thieves who ruin the city and fraudsters

    • Ndex

      Woti xa

  • jahman

    Akula zinto ezinjengama staff development seminars that the city does for its employees yini. Okunye kuqalisela at the top, clever organizations will always provide such training to ensure their staff knowledge is in line with current market trends.