Carl Joshua’s new radio role

Bruce Ndlovu Showbiz Correspondent
Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube has added another feather in his cap and is now a co-presenter with McDonald Gurura on ZBC’s SFM Morning Rush.

The two, who started their partnership in December, are on air from Monday to Thursday at 5.30AM, with Gurura’s grasp of current affairs issues mixed with Ncube’s satiric view of serious topics to create a potent but funny early morning take on hot news issues.

This is Ncube’s first stint as a host of a radio show, although he had prior experience as a regularly featured guest on various shows.

Ncube said that he welcomed the chance to prove his worth on radio, as some of the material from his act had been used by radio presenters on their shows. Now, he said, he would have a chance to showcase his wit and humour to listeners first hand.

“Some of my jokes have been used on radio by the presenters but this is now a chance for me to deliver them first hand to listeners around the country,” he said.

Ncube said that he and Gurura were trying to use the show to also show the changing role of radio.

“We want to show that radio has now transcended the airwaves. It is no longer about sitting in the studio and delivering news to the people but connecting with people at an intimate level. That’s why we will be broadcasting from places like coffee shops for some of our shows so as to put faces to the voices on radio hence bring it closer to the people,” he said.

Ncube added that he had not tried to hold down a regular radio spot in the past because of the amount of travelling that he did as stand-up comedian.

“I do a lot of tours and I have to travel a lot so it’s hard for me to host a show that will require that I spend a certain amount of time consistently in the studio. This is a chance for people to know another side of me as a performer and as a person who also loves technology. I want to see how can spread word on the show using today’s tools,” he said.

Ncube also took the time to elaborate on his Build up the Dome in Victoria Falls project which he also embarked on towards the end of last year.

“The project is about building a tent-like setting where we can have a comedy club. I was inspired by Parkers Comedy Club in South Africa which was one of the first such clubs in Africa. In Zimbabwe we’re obsessed with having shows in big arenas but small venues are also worthwhile because they make performances intimate,” he said.


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