‘Cde Mphoko ditched old friends on landing VP post’

Former Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko

Former Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko

Nduduzo Tshuma, Political Editor
FORMER Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, after his appointment in 2015, alienated his old war time friends and surrounded himself with dubious characters who misled him into engaging in factional politics, former Cabinet Minister, Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube, said yesterday.

Mr Mphoko was two weeks ago recalled by the ruling Zanu-PF party from the position of Vice President and Second Secretary of the party over allegations of being divisive, a member of the G40 cabal, protecting criminals, preaching hate speech and behaving in a manner inconsistent with the Office and decorum of the Office.

He was recalled on the day the party also recalled former President Cde Robert Mugabe from the position of party First Secretary and replaced him with former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa whom the ruling party also reinstated as a Central Committee member.

Cde Mnangagwa was eventually sworn in as State President last Friday following the resignation of Cde Mugabe on Tuesday.

The party further recommended that Mr Mphoko, former First Lady, Mrs Grace Mugabe, fellow members of the G40 cabal namely Saviour Kasukuwere, Professor Jonathan Moyo, Ignatius Chombo, Patrick Zhuwao, Letina Undenge, Kudzanai Chipanga, Walter Mzembi, Paul Chimedza, Makhosini Hlongwane, Anastancia Ndlovu, Mandi Chimene, Dr Samuel Undenge, Sarah Mahoka, Mpehlabayo Malinga, Xavier Kazizi, Tongai Kasukuwere, Innocent Hamandishe, Eunice Sandi Moyo and Shadreck Mashayamombe be expelled from the party.

In an interview, Rtd Col Dube, the former War Veterans Minister, said Mr Mphoko, once a personal friend of his, ignored all advice and warnings against aligning himself with the wrong people. “Mphoko was my personal friend; we worked together for a long time in the Zipra High Command. However, when he assumed power, I was disappointed because he surrounded himself with the wrong people who gave him bad advice,” he said.

“He got new friends in the form of the likes of George Mlala. This is where he got things wrong because he involved himself with dubious characters with a very bad history. They misled him into playing factional politics with the G40 people.

“I think you remember that at one point Mphoko dressed me down at (Zanu-PF Bulawayo provincial headquarters) Davies Hall when he said I should work with the Mlala group and the rest of the G40 cabal or my political life would come to an end.”

Rtd Col Dube said they were happy that Mr Mphoko, the first former Zipra commander to be appointed Vice President (all his predecessors came from the PF Zapu party side), would use his position in the presidium to unite people and bring war veterans together.

“He however, got there and aligned himself with a clique that was commanded by Mlala.

“A group of self appointed leaders of the war veterans like Mandi Chimene who were never elected by the people.”

Efforts to counsel Mr Mphoko, Rtd Col Dube said, yielded nothing as the former Vice President stuck to the G40 cabal where he became a willing vessel to carry out a sinister factional agenda.

“We tried to talk to him but he refused to listen and stuck with his clique of dubious characters. There is an old English saying that goes, ‘show me your friends and I will tell your character’.

“Mphoko chose the people who contributed to his political misfortunes. Maybe it’s because he lacked people skills having worked away from the people for more than 30 years only to be given such a big position,” he said.

Rtd Col Dube said because of the bad advice Mr Mphoko received from his friends, he embarked on projects not befitting his status as Vice President and fell short in filling the shoes of his predecessors.

One such project was the distribution of chicks which turned out to be a monumental failure.

“How does one distribute chicks to people who are failing to feed themselves and expect that the project will succeed? It’s dangerous and it is no wonder that the chicks died and the project failed,” said Rtd Col Dube.

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  • Bulawayo born

    Tshinga Dube for vice president not that useless Mohadi

    • DeeSkweya

      Liqalile majaha, honestly what will Tshinga-Dube do, we need young vibrant cadres who will spearhead the revival of this dead economy and mostly attract investors not these old madalas who are specialists in looting

      • Dunderhead

        He is the face of Matabeleland

        • Bambanani

          You rotten imbecile, you think the nation can be built on regionalism. You think that face of what what nonsense of yours can lead to better lives. Hambo tshetshel’ unyoko seqedil’ uku Kaka.

          • Dunderhead

            Lawe awulanhloni, ngiyakuthethelela, did you do literature?

          • Bambanani

            Sorry about that comment, but don’t be telling us about faces of Matabeleland!

          • Afrikan

            Ahh Bambanani, inhlamba leyo is uncalled for. Unina ka Dunderhead has got nothing to do with your argument. Waze waziyangisa. We can tell what kind of individual you are from what you have written. Even if you write back profanities directed at me kodwa ekupheleni you know I am right…uyayangisa, awulabuntu hiding behind the keyboard. Akuziqode ungumuntu okhulileyo.You have no respect, none for yourself, none for the world at large and certainly none for your mother. Zikhuze sibili. Ngithethisa all you want but in your heart of hearts you know I’m right, lingenile lahlaba.

          • Bambanani

            I don’t give a fck about your ubuntu nonsense, unyoko umdidi uyaluma, hambo menwaya!!

          • Afrikan

            Ulamanga Bambanani, lingenile uzwile even if you pretend otherwise. Uzwile qho! Thethisa all you want you are just proving what kind of person you are! Sezikubambile inhloni uphongufuna ukuzenzisa nje abakubuki abantu ngobudlwangu bakho, bayakuhleka nje. Don’t even say awudingi kubukwa ngoba you are…you are seeking validation as a person. Zikhuze!!

          • Essexvale

            if the gorrilas were injected with the strength from 80 midgets, wouldn’t that mean that the gorrilas have night vision?

          • Afrikan

            Ulamanga Bambanani, lingenile uzwile even if you pretend otherwise. Uzwile qho! Thethisa all you want you are just proving what kind of person you are! Sezikubambile inhloni uphongufuna ukuzenzisa nje abakubuki abantu ngobudlwangu bakho, bayakuhleka nje. Don’t even say awudingi kubukwa ngoba you are…you are seeking validation as a person. Zikhuze!!

        • Symbol

          I think JB is better

  • succuba Jr

    Only about a week ago, the fawning Mboko was advising Bona’s father to promptly appoint another VP because he(the silly and unthinking fawner) was lonely following ED’s unprocedural sacking. He must be lonelier and inconsolable now; I will never miss him and Ntombizodwa Gucci Marufu..

    • Symbol

      Kkkkkkkk haaa ya

  • Mpini Ndoda

    Mphoko wabaleka lesidandane sakho mdala?

    • Essexvale

      don’t waste your time on people who don’t see you as a total package

      • Mpini Ndoda


  • Nkunzemnyama

    When he was appointed VP,,,,,,,DD was the only person who said Mphoko was not fit to be VP . He was called all sorts of names by zany ppl .

    • Essexvale

      Objectification is fine at the beginning of any relationship, but real people have strengths and weaknesses that make them the special individuals they are.

    • Bongozvozvo

      DDabengwa failed to resuscitate a potentially strong politically party and left its base wondering where he was once he had been elected President by a brigade of blind followers who could not remember why ZAPU fared so badly in the 1980 elections because of lack of strategy by the same top ZAPU leadership in which DD was part. I am uncertain how he can be of any use in the restoration of Ndebele integrity and bring much needed development when he should be explaining what happened to Nabanyama, an MDC activist who was disappeared while the same DD was Minister of Home Affairs, when he should be accounting for MZWAT donor funds which failed to bring water to dry Mat region including the City of Bulawayo. Did he not fire MZWAT staff when an audit had been ordered by the then Min of Water, flip-flopping Siphepha Nkomo We do not want to raise failed politicians from the dustbin. Let those with political epileptic fits go to rest. He failed to raise the standards of policing when given the Home Affairs portfolio, what makes anybody with wisdom think he is likely to be productive at this juncture????

      • Nkunzemnyama

        I never said DD us a good politician nor did I insinuate that he should be brought back. Hence your essay is irrelevant to my post. Next time, read between the lines ukuze uphendule into elomqondo.

        • Essexvale

          Is there ever a defense against having an affair?

    • Essexvale

      Write the guy off without hearing the facts or his side of the story .. seems to be the norm these days.

  • Bongozvozvo

    is this the same Mphoko who asked the ex-Pres Mugabe to quickly appoint another VP claiming loneliness a week after the then VP E.D. Mnanga had been fired?? Is this the same ex-VP who made it his business to donate chicks to poor urban widows who did not have money to feed themselves, as a result all donated chicks were either eaten prematurely as relish or died of starvation in the townships? The Society for the Prevention to Animals missed this special case of cruelty to chicks and they can take it this case up now that the accused ex-VP no longer has armed guards around him. Yeah, is this the same VP who claimed he could revive the industrial base of Bulawayo while he failed to even ask for a comprehensive study or report to establish the extent of industrial decay in the city? How on earth did Mugabe choose him? Mugabe must have been a good teacher indeed, being pointedly accurate to pick a tall fool when he saw one and making sure the fellow sang for his supper all the way until he was told Mugabe had been fired while abroad. Such was the strategy of Mugabe, picking slogannering and praise-singing lumpens who would not develop Matebeleland at all but enjoyed the luxury of eating Mnandi Ice-cream on the trail of Munhu wesekunaAmai varimunyanga, kkkkk. Fare ye well Cde Phelekezela (he who accompanies others) Mphoko, you now must explain how you forcefully removed ZINARA fraudsters who milked the public purse if millions of dollars simple because they held those ZINARA positions by virtue of being related to the Mugabes

  • Mnaizi

    It was wrong for the G40 leaders to try to purge other factions from Zanu-PF. It would be equally wrong to do the same.

    Every political party in the world have factions within them. It is part of the free exchange of ideas in a party. They are united by a common ideology (liberation struggle, education, empowerment of the people, etc). In the US, the Democrats have progressive (Sanders) vs centrist (Clinton), Republicans fiscal conservative vs non-fiscal conservative, and many others such factions within those 2 parties.

    What the G40 did by giving bad advice and info to the president and effectively purging, expelling and firing members and other factions within Zanu-PF was totally unacceptable, destabilizing and a threat to the working of the government.

    Now, as much as those expulsion were aberrant for a party like Zanu-PF, great care must be taken by those who were appalled by this type of behavior to not become as bad as those they accuse.

    The G40 leaders were wrong to try to purge other factions within Zanu-PF party, but it would be equally wrong to try to do the same.

    Expelled members from Zanu-PF who can admit their faults and are willing to work within the structure of Zanu-PF should be allowed back into the party.

    Many of them patriots who followed the leadership lead and respected the Zanu-PF hierarchy (even if, in this case, the hierarchy, office of the presidency and party structure was unfortunately hijacked by some members below the president) which is what we expect from any political party members. Zanu-PF members may have had certain differences especially in term of succession but patriotic members are united as one behind the party, its history, principles and ideology.

    Mugabe won the last Congress and those before it as a form of consensus
    and compromise between all members, groups and factions within Zanu-PF. During
    the elections, all those people worked as one to achieve the victory. 2013 was a great victory. The same will be true for the next leader of the party as it is the case for all political parties in the world.

  • mabla

    *How lonely are u Mphoko????
    Cn I cm to join yo loneliness?

  • Kabius Kekedu

    Its boring for such a voluminous person to be devoid of brains. Mwari musaiita iyoyo.

  • Mnaizi

    Distributing chicks to people is a fair, noble and needed cause. Zimbabwean people need that. As any country, we need to develop farming and chicken farming. That’s what we talk about when we say we want our governments to help creating jobs and enterprises. Even if the implementation was bad, the heart and intentions were in the right place.

    Instead of characterizing it as a monumental failure and forget about it, we must still think about the people and the need of the country to develop and try to develop chicks farming in the country. While the failure of this particular chicken project were obvious. The need to distribute chicks to people who are truly willing and able to farm chickens is still there. Sometimes the failure of a project is not so obvious, and can only be seen in the implementation phase (hopefully at the pilot stage), we always need to analyze what went wrong, adjust the strategy and remedy it. We must build on past failures to modify and prevent any failures for future project. Of course the use of pilot projects helps but sometimes it’s further down the implementation phase problems happens.

    Such chicks farming distribution and development project should probably be institutionalize as a joint project between the government and a Zimbabwean University or just an Arda/agriculture ministry project. The important aspect here is that it must be apprehended with a scientific and rational approach. A project with short medium and long term goals with many iterations. At first we must find a way to distribute chicks to Zimbabwean people who are willing and able to farm chickens. Then we must perfect such project at every iterations until it reached its final goal to help Zimbabwean people develop chicken farming in the country.

    This scientific and rational approach. Build on knowledge, experimentation, pilots, and learning from past failures. Adjusting and trying again. Is the type of approach that should be taking for every national projects (projects needed by Zimbabwean people).

  • Nkosinathi

    Zimbambe politics under Zanu has been polarized since the intriduction of Mugabe
    Its a sea fish world where fish eat other fish. You eat o you are eaten. Zanu will never be democratic its a party tainted with blood and back stabbing. I hate Moyo with partion but how many plp died because of his decision in Zanu? Those heroes worshed today are responsible fo genocide. How many plp died because of Mphoko? If those new Zanu leaders want real change they must abandon all thier dirty politics of killing and thier factional madness. We are where we are because of Zanu. The country and economy is where it is because of Zanu. Those revolutionary leaders have been with Zanu since independence hence they are 100% responsible fo the destruction of our country. Therefore Zanu must never, never ever employ old tactucs if the past; yhe tactics of ethinicty suppresion; tribalism, racism, dominance and being too big headed tilleverything completely collapse under thier nose. Also this revolution must usher a new direction among everyone, that when one oppose your party he is not your enermy to be killed.

  • libertyatliberty

    Njabulo.libertyatliberty at gmail dot com.Mphoko must also be granted the same privileges that were granted to Mugabe.That includes the money that was also given to Mugabe.Fair comment without bias.