CELLPHONE MURDER: 35 years for stoning, robbery

Everton Moyo

Everton Moyo

Mashudu Netsianda, Senior Court Reporter
A FRUIT vendor who fatally assaulted a Bulawayo man who was coming from work before robbing him of his cellphone has been sentenced to an effective 35 years in jail.

Everton Moyo (21) of Vundu Flats in Makokoba suburb was convicted of murder with actual intent by Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Maxwell Takuva in connection with the death of Mr Trymore Nunurai who was aged 31 when the incident happened in 2015.

In passing the sentence, Justice Takuva described Moyo as a wicked and evil person who deserved a lengthy prison term.

“You killed an innocent young man who was coming from work out of sheer greed, which is a reflection of inherent wickedness on your person. Our duty as courts is to uphold the sanctity of human life as well as protecting society from people like you by removing them from society for a very long time,” said the judge.

Justice Takuva expressed concern over an increase in cases of violent crime perpetrated by youthful offenders.

“The trend now seems that youths are taking a leading role in committing violent crimes. We have time and again warned young people against engaging in such crimes, but sadly it appears the warnings are falling on deaf ears. Our duty is to impose jail terms that satisfy societal needs and in view of your age, we will temper justice with mercy by sentencing you to 35 years in jail,” ruled the judge.

Prosecuting, Mr Khumbulani Ndlovu said on January 21 in 2015 at around 6.30PM, Mr Nunurai was on his way home from work using a footpath between the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) station and Westgate Training Centre in Bulawayo when he was confronted by Moyo.

The court heard that Moyo demanded money from Mr Nunurai before assaulting him with fists, booted feet and stones. He also robbed him of his cellphone.

“Nunurai managed to walk to his residence where he narrated what had transpired to his wife, Ms Fisiwe Zikhali, and was ferried to Mpilo Hospital where he was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit and put on mechanical life support,” said Mr Ndlovu.

On January 27, Nunurai died and a post-mortem was conducted which established the cause of his death as skull fractures and head injuries due to assault.

The stolen cellphone was tracked using mobile network service providers and it was recovered from one Chalet Luphahla, who led detectives to Moyo.

After the deceased’s wife positively identified the recovered cellphone, Moyo freely and voluntarily made indications at the place where he and his accomplices had robbed the now deceased and caused his death leading to his arrest.

Mr Abednico Ndebele of Mathonsi Ncube Law Chambers represented Moyo. — @mashnets.

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  • mtshayazabhotshe

    ……..no remorse at all you will regret that arrogance young lad !you have wasted you entire life loser!

    • MakhosiXamu

      The young will learn the hard way, prison life is horrible.

      • Afghan Reporter

        There is still fighting in certain remote areas of Afghanistan.

      • mtshayazabhotshe

        you can say that again

  • mangosuthu mbele

    the sentence is too light. make it 70 years. i realised there are accomplices. what happened to them?

    • Zviregedze Nkazimulo Ntuli

      Really, even at that size, Samsung is still a family owned business.

      • Seasoned Journalist

        Am I the only one noticing that this guy deliberately comments on an off topic basis?kkk.I wonder what could be the reason.

        • Amature Jounalist

          Will answer your question in two parts,
          1). Surely you’re not the only one, people are complaining that Hong Kong housing prices are economically “unsustainable”.
          2). well there’s no reason really why underdog Hasim Rahman pulled off one of the biggest upsets in boxing history after he was able to knock out the heavily favored champion Lennox Lewis in the fifth round of their fight.

  • agent332


  • LihloLikazulu

    “The trend now seems that youths are taking a leading role in committing violent crimes.” These are the words of the learned Justice Takuva. Without sounding like I condone this callous and barbaric behaviour from this social misfit, I tend to wonder if this crime could have been avoided if industries were operating normally? This monster would probably have been working somewhere and would not have awoken the demon of greed that lies dormant within most souls that are not properly spiritually nourished.
    We are collectively responsible for this crime by standing by and not fixing the economy. Yes you can absolve yourself and blame this one or that one but what are you doing for the youth or the economy on a personal level. Are you just going to strand by and condemn these young lives going to waste like this. Food for thought!!!

    • Zviregedze Nkazimulo Ntuli

      How come we are never told that the Beatles’ first U.S. concert took place, at Washington Coliseum, a sports arena in Washington, D.C in 1964. The concert was attended by eight thousand fans.

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  • Ralph

    Job well done there justice and good sentence. No excuse is worth a human life. Very loud message to all murderers out there, try it at ur own peril. Imagine this guy was walking home, a gd sign that he was poor like most of us then someone still robs him of that nothing! Nxaa let him rot in jail. M NOT SURE IF LAWYERS HAVE A CONCIENCE REALLY. Fine it’s job to them but l hope the lawyer was just pleading for a light sentence since accused had pleaded guilty. I hope so really cz protecting a killer on court in the name of job is an evil worse than the killer