Chamisa’s ‘frivolous electoral promises’ vindicate Khupe

Dr Thokozani Khupe

Dr Thokozani Khupe

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
MDC Alliance presidential candidate Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s “frivolous electoral promises that are hazardous to the public” have vindicated MDC-T breakaway president Dr Thokozani Khupe on her calls that the party should have held a congress to elect new leadership, her spokesperson said yesterday.

Dr Khupe, following the party’s founding president Morgan Tsvangirai’s death in February this year, called on the party to hold an extraordinary congress to choose its new leader but Adv Chamisa grabbed power.

In an interview, Dr Khupe’s spokesperson Mr Witness Dube said Adv Chamisa’s lack of depth and incredible bungling was shocking and it was hazardous for the public to follow his childish promises.

Adv Chamisa has grabbed every opportunity to make even the unlikeliest of political gaffes.

He has been making some unrealistic electoral promises such as introducing bullet trains, spaghetti roads while lying about meeting US president Donald Trump.

He even gambled with his 18-year-old sister saying he will give her to President Mnangagwa if he lost elections, sparking an outcry from gender activists who accused him for being insensitive to women.

Mr Dube said Adv Chamisa’s wild electoral promises and lies are enough proof that Dr Khupe was right in her call for an extraordinary congress as Adv Chamisa lacks leadership qualities.

“In fact she is being vindicated by lack of depth in Chamisa’s leadership qualities. The young man is definitely out of depth. We should have subjected the issue of leadership to the collective wisdom of the people,” said Mr Dube.

“Nonetheless we moved on with our congress and elected the MDC-T leadership that the people want. Anyone else who wants to continue with Chamisa’s child’s play can do so, it’s their choice. But when real issues are decided they will come to the real MDC-T house for real resolution.”

He said although it is regrettable that the MDC-T could split votes in the coming election, Dr Khupe would not trade principle over compromise.

“That is always regrettable and we must always understand that the principle of good leadership supersedes damages that can be on the way,” he said.

Mr Dube defended Dr Khupe-led MDC-T election manifesto titled Building an Economy to Support Transformation (BEST) that was launched on Saturday, saying it was addressing people’s expectations hence there was no need for people to make noise about it.

“It didn’t come up as a surprise because it came from the people. It wasn’t an attention grabbing manifesto, it was putting to print what people already knew we stand for. You wouldn’t expect people to start saying this could have been that. They were consulted. For people who believe in us it was a way of formalising our campaign,” said Mr Dube.

The Adv Chamisa camp on the other hand is still to come up with a manifesto and has been reacting to events in Zanu-PF, to its detriment.

Last month, MDC-T deputy president Engineer Elias Mudzuri cast aspersions on the presidency of Adv Nelson Chamisa, saying members “followed the wind” in choosing him as the late founding party president Tsvangirai’s successor.

He said the party could be forced to change its leadership if Adv Chamisa loses the coming elections.


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    • Cainos Kainos Nkolomi

      Chamisa is still childish, he needs a mentor, can not rule this country.

      • Mgewundini

        True that. He does not know what to do with the pilfered crown and hence the puerile promises he’ s spewing!!

      • Luckman Champs

        Which mature person in ZANU pf do you think run this country when they failed to run it over thirty seven years ago

      • PETER DATE

        Wena,are you mature or can you tell me one mature person in ZANU PF ?
        You ‘mature” people have beeen underdeveloping this country for the past 38 years.

  • takunda nigel

    BEST is something to think about .It does not give me sleepless nights like BitCoin : we will have to produce ourselves out of poverty , add value to what we export , exercise strict accounting on all our operations .So when some aspirant to national leadership expresses interest in BitCoin my alarm bells do not stop ringing .
    Chamisa and his love for BitCoin terryfies me !

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  • Jephat Moyo

    But the guy has a lot of support. Infact is the only candidate having rallies. All the other are having small meetings. Have rallies so that we hear of your ideas so that we make informed decisions

    • Mike Mangwiro

      you can say again bro. Chamisa has got the support and under free and fair conditions ED will be clobbered

    • Obert

      Guys believe me Makhuphe and company will not even win a council seat even one bantu benkosi. They will just be thrown into the dust bin of politics.

    • Wellington

      we have seen people who had rallies before him, what came out of those? Dololo

  • Citizen

    Move on Witness Dube and Khupe.By the way, when and where is Khupe addressing a rally? I need to attend and hear her ideas before the erections!kkk.Is she also going around the country like other politicians? Let me know if she will as well attend BBC Hardtalk, so that I tune in to hear her.You see Dube,you got a lot to do own your own than focusing on Chamisa. Your opponent is the ruling party not another party also aspiring to rule. You sound bitter and scorned like a woman,both you,witness Dube and Khupe.

    • N. Sithole

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I thought opposition’s preoccupation should be the removal of the ruling party and not fighting other opposition parties. Kunuka santungwana.

  • Dudu Mdlaziba

    Chamisa and his coup counterparts will never make it big. #KhupheHasMyVote

    • malume Makhovula


  • zibulo

    Deride MDC Chamisa and you will be the darling of Zimpapers and all other state media . So maKhuphe you get fooled by zimpapers yet you know that you will not even garner votes for one seat ??? Go back to MDC and i tell you , witholut being power hungry but with Zimbabwe in mind, when MDC wins , a senior post awaits you , obviously. What will vote splitting help me or you, moreover you claim to want to free zimbabwe, do you want that with you at the helm? We also know little about Chamisa but as long as he is MDC and agains’t ZANU, we will vote for him , coz through MDC there will e positive changes; First we do not worry about investors; freedom and unity will be the first issue to be addressed. A united country/people like what happened in RSA will always forge ahead and roads will open for things like investment as investors will have confidence in the future of such a people.Right now even locals cant even invest here, not even the ZANU guys, they invest in RSA,know how many properties these guys have down there? You will be surprised, i wish some investigative journalist could do that right now and splash it in media before the votes. All otehr parties , lets vote as a coalition and stop preparing /demanding as if you command even a tenth of votes , you dont , stop being selfish, if we free Zim, there will be plenty opportunities

  • N. Sithole

    Chamisa may have been making frivolous promises. However, that does not make Khuphe the automatic choice for presidency. She just does not have what it takes to be president. Ngiyaxolisa nxa ngithunuke inhliziyo zabany’abantu.

  • ndini

    Msunu wako Khuphe and Zanu papers…fools.Khupe wont garner 0.75 % of the votes..The Junta is supported by the British in rigging elections

  • Obert

    The truth is Makhuphe and wena Baba UWitness Dube ,you will just become history a day after the announcement of results. You will just vanish into thin air. Hambani niyobuza abanye abakebakwenza lokho enikwenzayo. Ndla ilegacy yenu nisaphila. You will just retire from politics after the announcement of results. Buyelani lapho enisuka khona. To me Makhuphe you just rejected to become a vice president of a country after elections and you choose to vanish into thin air after elections . Awu bantu njee mama . Hayi you are a hero for taking a low post . Nobody has ever done that .

  • Doris Costance Madlipipi

    You know, there is something wrong with chamisa people around here, they like him its fine, whats their problem with others who dont like him?, we have 118 political parties here and everyone is free to choose who they like. Everytime they insult their opponents and im fed up now. The best way to describe them is ‘omsathanina’

  • Wellington

    Howfar indaba yotshwala


    No weapons formed against Chamisa will prosper!

    • Zvobgo


  • Lindiswe Sylvia

    When my husband left me for another lady I was so hurt and I used to cry every day. Whenever I could miss him I could just close my bedroom and cry because I never wanted my kids to see me crying. It was tough times to endure the stress and at work I could not perform well being a nurse I work with many people but I could be moody and could even loose tempers for small things my colleagues complained and I signed many warning before the matron.

    I tried so much to move on but it was hard I love my husband some times I could see him dreams wake up thinking he would come but nothing, I used to sms him but no response calling him he never picked my calls and finally blocked all my numbers not even to support the kids . many times i tried to talk to his family and friends they tried their best but he had completely changed and he regarded everyone as a stranger kept a deaf ear on everyone who tried to talk to him. I resorted to sangomas and spell casters but not even at one time did i see a change. I started drinking alcohol because I couldn’t handle the stress but as you all know once you are drunk you are out of stress it could be worse once the alcohol is out . I cant forget the day I came back home and our first born asked me where is Daddy I miss him a lot why he is no longer coming home I never gave a right answer I went in the bedroom started crying at this time. I thought a lot of bad things but again because I loved my kids I knew I had to be strong because it was my role to play as a mother.

    I phoned one family friend she is such a darling to me and she gave me a number of Mama Thandy +27814476165 she said she had helped her two years ago i had lost all my trust in everyone but she strengthened me and gave me a go ahead to try Mama Thandy . I thought about it with all my heart and finally decided to contact Mama I made everything known to her and she said that we had a future with my husband and we are compatible but the lady had used something on my man which had diverted his feelings away from not only me but also from the whole family. i was so angry at this point and I asked if It was possible to get him back. mama thandy assured me that i would get my happiness back in three days

    Before I begun the prayer with Mama Thandy and sent her my info with that of my husband then i was given the instructions of the prayers we did together over the phone and after the fast day my husband texted me saying hi it was not a big massage but i was so happy for that small massage i never replied though and after 48 hours of the prayer my husband came home i was not home by that time i was by neighbours i heard the car hooting and rushed to see who was it. He asked me to sit in the car we talked he was so romantic and he asked my forgiveness since then our lives have been progressing both in relationships and financially . I have written my story to tell everyone who may be in tears that I was like that before.

    If you can contact Mama Thandy +27814476165 you will get help. Thank you mama

  • BBC

    Please go with madam Khupe to BBC HARDTALK we want to hear her side of the story since BBC is an internationally followed channel then advise Mr Sucker that Zim Ballot papers have not been printed for his own info maybe they were Chamisa and company should find out from ZANU PF as Sucker has inside info about the going on in Zimbabwe

  • Ton van Der Parker

    Please change the record Mr Editor. Have you not got better stories to write than attacking Chamisa everyday . It is boring and sickening now.


  • Roscoe

    This Chamisa fellow is surely a pain in someone’s butt….

    • Zvobgo

      U r right
      From Mnganagwa, to his Thokozanu and their Trevor Ncube…
      One will soon suffer from Chamisiosiis

      • Roscoe


  • Doris Costance Madlipipi

    He stole the power, lets see whether he will steal the Zim presidency. I tell you all these wet dreams with come down crushing after july. Ralies dont win vote but tactics.Mtactics.Makhupe play your cards right and I tell you ‘Zanu this zanu that song’ will become a national anthem after elections. Wena do what you believe is right and you are winning some hearts daily.

    • wilie


  • Major Musango

    What has Munangagwa delivered yet?

    He promised about opening ZISCO and Shabanie Mine in his first 100 days ….. what do you call that!