Charambas’ holiday in Vic Falls . . . Musicians announce return with release of two new albums

The Charambas

The Charambas

Leonard Ncube in Victoria Falls
Pastor Charles Charamba and his wife Olivia, have said their new dual albums Abba Father and Voice of Miriam will be released next month.

Dubbed the first couple of gospel music in the country, the Charambas, who have been quiet since 2014 when they last released WeNazareta, said they were back with a bang.

The couple which was spotted at the A’Zambezi River lodge in Vic Falls earlier this week, said they needed a break and decided to visit the resort town.

“We’re here for a brief holiday and the stay has been so refreshing. One can never get tired of Victoria Falls. More interesting is that we’ve been meeting people and they’ve been showing love and stopping us for photo shoots,” said Mai Charamba.

The two, as if to confirm that once joined in holy matrimony, the couple become one person, responded at the same time to questions during the interview.

“We’ve been on a roll since we got into the music arena and we never rested. We also wanted to take time to see our children grow, but now, we are re-launching and it’s going to be non-stop going forwards,” said Charamba.

Mai Charamba said: “We did a dual collaboration in 2014 and the quietness was deliberate. We had other things to attend to and Pastor Charamba was at the Zimbabwe Musical College. Hopefully next month we will be releasing dual albums if all goes well.”

Credited for hit albums Tinashe Akatendeka (1997), Johane 3:16 (1998), Vhuserere (2000), Exodus (2001), Sunday Service (2002), Verses and Chapters (2004), Pashoko Pangoma (2010), Charambas Live at HICC (2005) and WeNazareta (2014) which were collaborations as well as Amen (2000), Daily Bread (2002) and The Gospel (2006), the couple has been away from the studio for more than three years. Pastor Charamba said the hiatus was deliberate as they decided to focus on their family and academic life after a marathon run in music.

They said on the forthcoming albums, they had retraced their roots back to the original Fishers of Men trademark style that gave them fame about two decades ago.

“People have been complaining that we seem to have departed from our customary original style of music and we’ve listened to them. On the new albums, we’ve brought back our old style that they loved and associate us with.

“But this doesn’t mean that we’re not offering new contemporary sounds as we balanced the music,” said the couple.

Mai Charamba said fans should watch out for songs like Ndiri Munana, Boycott Sin, Mwaka and Vana Muma Bin from her album, The Voice of Miriam.

Pastor Charamba’s album Abba Father includes songs such as Vakanga Vakaita Sei? Jesu Garai, Kutenda Kusina Mabasa, Kutengesa Josefa.

The husband and wife team said they were considering collaborating with some local and foreign artistes in future.

The couple last played in Victoria Falls more than three years ago and they are planning to stage a show in the resort town just after the release of the albums. In the last few years they have been regulars at the annual Makomo Festival in Hwange. — @ncubeleon

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