Cheating married man in HIV+ maid ‘murder’


Sylvester Chiramba, Court Reporter
A MARRIED man from Bulawayo has been arrested for allegedly fatally assaulting his maid whom he was having an affair with after discovering that she was HIV positive.

Godson Zondo (36) from Emganwini suburb allegedly assaulted his maid Khethiwe Zimba with a wooden plank all over the body on Sunday after he discovered that she was on Antiretroviral Therapy.

The maid, who was having an extramarital affair with Zondo, had not told him that she was HIV positive.

Zimba died in hospital on Monday from excessive bleeding.

It is understood that Zondo’s wife works outside Bulawayo and the alleged crime is said to have been committed when she was away.

Zondo appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube yesterday facing a murder charge.

He was not asked to plead and remanded in custody to February 16.

Mr Ncube advised him to apply for bail at the High Court.

The State represented by Mr Petros Shoko said Zondo once stayed outside the country, hence he was a flight risk.

Mr Shoko also said most of the witnesses in the matter were the accused’s workmates, neighbours and relatives so he was likely to interfere with State witnesses.

The prosecutor did not state where Zondo is employed.

Mr Shoko said Zondo was having an extra-marital relationship with the now deceased.

“The accused discovered that Zimba was taking some Antiretroviral Therapy tablets and she had not told him. Zondo was angered by this discovery and he took a wooden plank which he used to assault Zimba several times all over her body.”

Zimba, the court heard, bled excessively and died in hospital the following day.


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  • msongelwa.

    Firstly the court must ask this killer why did he proposed the deceased woman employee, and secondly why he didn’t use condoms or visit a clinic for blood test, thirdly death penalty so he won’t be able to see an woman in his lifetime and naye lowu owakho obumthethe sengowethu thina esikwazi ukuphatha kahle thina esikwazi ukuphatha kuhle abantu besimama.

    • 7 ufana lembazo

      uyazi uzofaa

    • Dunudunu

      Yenalowo akade emthethe naye useyistofu (HIV+). Ungamudla uzofa ndoda!

      • Rings

        Becareful of holier than thou attitude, my man. Abesishoneni bathi seka urema wafa.



  • musa

    adultery never ends well

  • mathe

    adultery is dangerous though l do not want to seem as if lam judging, what was the man status as well

  • qondani

    Violence nxa

  • siphilanzima

    why didnt they use condoms in the first place

  • Masuku Zikode OweBhelingwe

    MONEY + WOMEN = NO MONEY, which is = (NO MONEY + NO WOMEN) QED Equation for thina esaphasa imaths ku O’level kkkk

  • Vuubahleke Mnguni

    @Siphilanzima, inkinga ngomjolo, you cant use a condom always. You use icondom lisaqala, as time goes on, ususithi ngumntu wakho, kanti kuyonakala ndoda. Yekani umjolo once, or thathani isithembu esisemthethweni. Umjolo vele uyakhathaza ndoda. Uyajola laye, ikanti laye ujola lomnye ojola lomnye, umnye loyo ejola labanye, labanye labo bejola labanye futhi. Kunzima kulomhlaba esiphila kuwo. So phansi ngomjolo, uqeda imizi yethu.

    • gwayelide

      Eish mfanakithi, kodwa kutheni ungabuzi kithi abanewenu, bheka manje usukuphi mfanekhaya. Kungenani sokukhulekela mfane ukuthi uThixo akuxolele

  • NONO

    Zanka Buka Manje utshiya unkosikazi wakho over uMaid, Rot in Jail le HIV yakho

  • myhead

    price + for the man….with maid imagine