Chiefs unapologetic about cars, says Charumbira

Chief Fortune Charumbira

Chief Fortune Charumbira

Sukoluhle Ndlovu, Midlands Correspondent
President of the Zimbabwe Council of Chiefs, Chief Fortune Charumbira has said traditional leaders are unapologetic about the cars they recently received from the Government.

He said chiefs actually bought the vehicles and did not get them free of charge.

The Government recently handed over 52 vehicles to traditional leaders around the country with more to be delivered shortly.

Speaking at Chief Samuel Samambwa’s installation ceremony in Zhombe on Saturday, Chief Charumbira said the vehicles were necessary for the dignity and respect of the chiefs.

“We are unapologetic about the cars we received from President Mnangagwa recently. Those vehicles are necessary for the status, dignity and respect of the traditional leaders. If anything, we deserve those cars more than anyone else in this country.”

“Contrary to popular belief that we were given the cars for free, we actually bought them with our own money. People are just ignorant about this whole thing. The cars were purchased with the money we have been contributing towards the Chiefs’ Vehicle Scheme since 2004. We did not get them for free,” he said.

Chief Charumbira told hundreds of villagers who were gathered that traditional leaders must be taken care of, as stated by the Constitution.

“It’s you who designed the new Constitution, the same document which states that chiefs should be dignified and exemplary. Now we are given cars, you question why it is done.

“If a politician gets a car you do not question, but a chief, you start saying a lot of things. What is the difference? After all a politician only lasts for a short period of time, yet a chief is there for life,” he said.

He urged villagers in Zhombe to live in unity and peace regardless of one’s political affiliation.

“I urge you all to live together in peace and unity. Violence has no place in this new dispensation and anyone found wanting will be dealt with. This is not the time to fight, but the time to build our communities”.

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  • Jojo Wamoyo

    Lost Chief. He can’t follow what people are saying about the cars. He is buried in greedy. Has lost contact with reality.

  • BonzoReChihuta

    Ko iyo presidency yeCouncil of Chiefs hayina term here? Is he a president in perpetuity?

    • guptagupta

      Anogona chirungu

  • chinos

    Chieftainship is a structure that even rhodesians captured and manupilated. As long as our chiefs do not get any training, do not have a framework of their role in governance, then they will be just used for anything.

  • musa

    contributions since 2004? that money was eroded chief & how much were you contributing against your income since dollarisation to afford those cars? oh, i forget you were addressing rural folk who are afraid to query you.

  • Justice

    No doubt chiefs deserves cars but in a functional economy
    Now the chief wil be driving his expensive ISUZU stepping on pedals with torn shoes going to pirate with the car to earn a living,
    This is an indicator that there are other basic need that should have been looked into besides cars
    Why not focus on sustainable development

  • mpisiemduna

    nonsense how much does a chief earn to afford such a state of the art vehicle.yes chiefs should get vehicles but not every 5 years as if they are productive.

  • Giyani Giyani

    Enter Chiefly arrogance…..

  • guptagupta

    ther is nothing wrong with chiefs getting the ride, after all others get bonus, makazonyanyawo kutenga dzinorema Chief dai makasvikirawo panissan NP

  • Tauro

    where is this fellow living in…2004…we all lost our savings which we had….but the Chiefs managed to save theirs? really? this guy is taking us for fools sorry to say madzishe

  • Mehlomakhulu

    Hear ! hear ! hear ! The arrogance of hypocrisy. ZANU pf bewitched every facet of our country and they not ashamed of themselves !

  • M. C.

    where did you buy them you nincompoop

  • ancube

    When will President of Chiefs be removed. We are tired of permanent positions. Please have that position on a rotational basis per province

  • OkaMathonsi

    This chief is arrogant. He is rude for a chief. Besides his chieftain-ship is disputed. Zimbabwe has chiefs who don’t even know their said subordinates or subjects. When was is it that we heard of a chief calling for their subjects for traditional ceremonies, empowerment and commemorations? They are only chiefs to themselves and their families.
    Currently we have people who have settled in their areas without their knowledge and approval. Long back no one will visit and let alone get into a village without a chief knowing and approving. On the way forward, it is time chiefs rationalize with what is there, in view of the new villagers. No one should be removed but made to comply and fall under them. My wish is for the chiefs to be apolitical so as to embrace the different subjects with different political affiliation. The chiefs should be unifiers.

  • chikanda

    I wonder what this greed chief trying to say , all the 2004 savings were eroded by inflation, the same chiefs who got the Mv in 2014 , this time around buying votes through chiefs will not work we are monitoring closely ,with the values of each we could have drilled more 20 Boreholes / small dams , let not take whole portion of national cake and give it one person at the expense of the taxi payer ,

  • lol

    ungati kudii, iwe wapihwa mota yemahara!!!