Policeman who robbed Apostle Chiriseri’s corpse dies after being hit by car at a roadblock

The late Apostle Charles Chiriseri and Pastor Petunia Chiriseri

The late Apostle Charles Chiriseri and Pastor Petunia Chiriseri

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A COP who was set to appear in court for allegedly robbing Apostle Charles Chiriseri’s corpse of $200 has died after an ex-policeman allegedly hit him with a car at a roadblock.

Mkhokheli Mpofu (30), a constable, was hit by a car while manning a roadblock on Friday near the spot where he allegedly robbed the late founder of His Presence Ministries International pastor’s corpse in September last year.

Fellow officers yesterday told The Chronicle they believed Apostle Chiriseri’s spirit was exacting vengeance on Mpofu.

The accident that seriously injured Mpofu occurred at the 397KM peg along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway in Mbembesi around 6PM.  He died on admission to the United Bulawayo Hospitals on the same day at around 7.30PM.

“A former police officer Mr Peter Cahile was driving a Land Rover Defender towards Bulawayo and he failed to stop at the roadblock,” said a source who declined to be named.

“Mr Cahile told investigators he failed to see Cst Mpofu who was in the road signalling for him to stop, as it was dark. He stopped a few metres from the accident scene and was immediately arrested.”

Mpofu was supposed to appear in court on March 28 for allegedly stealing $200 which was in the late Apostle Chiriseri’s pocket at the accident scene.

He allegedly committed the crime with a colleague, Tawanda Mawere (31) and a fire fighter, Mthandazo Rick Dube (34) from the Bulawayo Fire Brigade at the 388KM peg along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway last September.

The late apostle was travelling to Bulawayo with his wife pastor Pertunia Chiriseri who suffered serious injuries and was admitted in hospital for about a month before she was discharged.

Mpofu and Mawere were stationed at Mbembesi police station and according to state papers seen by The Chronicle, Dube retrieved the apostle’s body from the wreckage and searched it.

“He then took $505, 95 from the wallet and recorded it in the Famona Fire Brigade log book and the two other accused persons, Mawere and Mpofu appended their signatures in the presence of Mount Olives International church pastor Gordon Dube who was one of the first people to arrive at the scene,” reads the court papers.

When Pastor Dube left the accident scene, the trio allegedly connived to steal $200 from the money they had recovered.

The theft was discovered when a relative to the late apostle, Bishop Colin Nyathi of Harvest House International Ministries communicated with Pastor Dube who revealed to him the amount of money that was found in Apostle Chiriseri’s pocket.

Investigations led to the accused persons’ arrest and they are set to appear in court.


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  • Malunga

    Someone saw a Dog.

    • Mark

      He was hit by a ex police cant you smell the rat?

  • God of War

    He must have a stingy spirit; why is it killing someone over $200? This was a coincidence; nothing more and nothing less.

    • God of Justice

      The idea of stealing is bad whether $1 or $1million.The demon of stealing deserves no mercy at all.So do not rationalize theft through amounts of loot involved.

  • Thulani Khumalo

    “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord” Ngamunye ngamunye bazophela. How could they do such a thing. Even if they had stolen only $10, it is morally and culturally wrong. Having known the Apostle personally, he was not a stingy man, but was very kind, loving and giving. The other remaining two must confess their deeds and seek forgiveness from the Almighty, otherwise they will face the same demise.

  • Tony Nyathi

    one down, one more to go….. Don’t steal from the dead…….. worse you are a police officer…… what type of Law enforcement is that….. God doesn’t like such behavior…..

    Lesson Learned : Never steal from the dead…. GOD & the Deceased Spirit will be watching U……

    • voice of a prophet

      l agree with what you say Tony

  • Teekay

    All kombi drivers should become Apostles now might be these cops will leave them alone

    • Ndlukula Ye Sizwe


  • we the people

    police are thieves, drive over all of them

    • voice of a prophet

      its bad to encourage violence

      • vusumuzi

        ZANU and Mgabe do encourage it daily, so you say sigoqe izandla?? Fuseki. cowards will not inherit God’s kingdom.

  • Nkunzebomvu

    It is very easy to pass such bad comments about this young policeman. But for those who have past that road block maybe you know of a very understanding young man with a small body obethanda ukugqoka ijesi ilenge. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Life has been taken from a very young man.

  • george

    There is no way such a kind man would even worry about the $200. His spirit is at rest, do not blame him for taking revenge over $200. Why have a roadblock at 6pm, they were asking for trouble.

  • theza

    why was the officer still conducting his duties when he had serious allegations being leveled against him, wasn’t he supposed to be under suspension pending investigations

    • Smoothy1

      True. Not only that. He was supposed to be in the dock. But all the same, roadblock after 6??? Obviously it will be dark so it was a risk. I have no regrets about it all.
      Also leave the spirit of the pastor alone. This guys wasn’t concentrating on his duties but was busy thinking about his trial date and since he was close to the scene of his crime, then he was busy cursing himself saying but why dd I do it. He was absorbed in thoughts that’s why he didn’t see the car coming.

  • xhiba

    lowo laye owe fire engine laye bananzelele, liyezwa kuthiwa ifire engine igiqike yamubhuqabhuqa, bantu lingadlali ngozimu nxa soluhlasela

  • Fred Moyo

    Its Satanism to believe that a dead person can avenge.

    • ntaka

      there was a case of an ex officer some time ago who stole from an accident scene but the matter emerged after something like a year when he thought the dust had settled, he admitted he just didnt know how it was revealed, he was now confessing at a certain church and was no longer working he kept on facing bad luck and hardships, umuntu ofileyo katshotshelwa kulomyama osuka ukunamathele

      • Fred Moyo

        Thats why I said its Satanism. Satan will tryin to prove that the dead know something, yet the bible is clear that the dead do not know anything. They are dead and buried!

        • vusumuzi

          when a thief is rebuffed and corrected/punished , is it satanism? if people change for the good its Godly.

  • Mbla

    God is watching

  • Danny

    It’s not fair and unAfrican to celebrate the death of person nomatter how bad he was. May his soul rest in peace.

    • MakhosiXamu

      What A good suggestion. Thank you.

      • vusumuzi

        voetsek !!!!!. ungumthengisi no matter what you try to do or say “kind” words , udume ngezinhlamba njengoyihlo odelela amanye ama Heads of state.

  • msindazi

    when setting a road block also try to observe safety like there should be prior warning signs some meters ahead and there should be ‘safety’ drums such that before hitting those manning the roadblock the vehicle is held by the drums, because in a road block there would be those who attempt to run away for what ever reasons

  • voice of a prophet

    there is also a story in the bible in 2Kings 5:23 about the healing of Naaman a military commander who was healed of leprosy by Elisha for free, but then Gehazi noticed this and sought a trick to take the payment unnoticed by Elisha but using his name. Elisha found out and cursed Gehazi to be infected by leprosy. The God in Heaven is also a God of war

    • voice of a prophet

      at one time Elisha ordered fire come down and also ordered bears to appear and tear the children who were naughty and calling him names

  • Samac

    Judge not, for the same judgement you pass on someone……….

  • Mirrror Mirror

    it was probably just a coincidence not the spirit of late apostle avenging

    • Chemist

      i concur with you ,

  • power of prayer

    there are some prayers that if said for three days by someone fasting, there would be a result in the third day

    • makheyi

      lokhu kuyesabeka njenge nyoka elempondo

  • Leon

    let KARMA do the rest

  • Leon

    dear KARMA thanx for acting so fast

  • Cetshwayo

    Never steal from a man of God

  • sakhamuzi

    If only he had not stolen from a dead person, his family will now have to go and apologise and refund the money. l feel the one from the fire department should be kept away from the Fire Engines, he should be fired immediately he will bring a curse to the department

  • who knows

    may be the church members were praying about this incidence and saying fire

  • dwala

    setshiye ibonus yakhe

  • Albert Ndlovu

    If you look closely at this equation, it’s not balancing. Since the cop had a pending criminal offence that he was facing: how come he was still discharging traffic duties and yet the force was supposed to suspend him. Something is not up to scratch here????? Mr Editor please get your facts right. Go deeper into this matter, something is amiss. As corrupt as the department of police is; I believe they are trying to cover up for someone.

    • vusumuzi

      Ndoda yamadoda. no one questions this . why ? a criminal at a roadblock , milking more motorists ,in order to raise money for a fine of his case!!!

  • skhakhane

    Liyafa lidunusele ilanga bafana lingathanda ubusela. Ameva aphuma lobomvu

  • Essexvale

    Poetic justice? This time I”ll decline from offer condolences. This is to demonstrate my utter distaste for corrupt public officials. Eish !!! Robbing a corpse indeed !!!

  • qembu

    ezinye imali ungazitshontsha zicina sezikudlela imali yakho yonke. sesimelele ukuzwa izimanga ezizavela e Famona asazi bakwethu

  • wawa

    why was the cop not in remand prison untill cleared

    • silver

      im quite sure that the road block was positioned in a road curve like they always do, to suprise motorists. and when they see a vehicle they literally jump on the road to stop the vehicle, the guy must have jumped to flag down the vehicle and got hit in the process.


    Is he really dead ? Or he ran away to Goli, is he not one of the ORT robbers?from US200 to R200M

  • QB

    Touch not my anointed one thus says the Lord.

  • Malcolm X

    There is a whole load of hogwash and rubbish, spewing from “super” superstitious minds here! I guess it makes well for sensationalism. So , was this guy not supposed to die anyway?