Church shrine suicide shock in Bulawayo: Grade 6 hangs self

Curious Nketa and Emganwini residents gather at the place where the Grade Six pupil allegedly hanged himself in Bulawayo yesterday

Curious Nketa and Emganwini residents gather at the place where the Grade Six pupil allegedly hanged himself in Bulawayo yesterday

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
A GRADE Six pupil at Mckeurtan Primary School in Bulawayo allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree using his neck tie at an apostolic church shrine yesterday.

Msizi Ndlovu from Emganwini suburb was found hanging from a tree at about 10AM near a stream that divides Nketa 8 and Emganwini suburb.

His body was allegedly discovered by traffic police officers who were about to mount a roadblock near an area commonly known as Emagetsini.

Msizi was wearing his grey school uniform but his shoes and a satchel with books were placed near the tree.

The boy’s age could not be established immediately.

Family members said they were not yet ready to comment on the matter as they are yet to meet as a family over the incident.

News about the incident quickly spread, drawing scores of people from both Nketa 8 and Emganwini suburbs to the scene with residents expressing shock at what they had seen.

The residents who comprised parents and some school children patiently waited for the police to arrive at the scene.

A Chronicle news crew saw police removing the body from the tree at about 1:30PM yesterday.

Some of the residents were whispering in disbelief, saying the boy was too young to have committed suicide.

“How can a boy of his age commit suicide? What problems was he facing to make him resort to this unspeakable act? Did he even commit suicide or someone killed and hanged him here to conceal the matter?” asked one of the residents in a hushed tone.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said they were investigating circumstances leading to the boy’s death.

She said police were worried with suicide cases involving children.

Insp Simango urged parents to closely monitor the behaviour of their children.

“Investigations on his death are still in progress but as police we are concerned and worried that a young life has been lost. We are calling on parents and guardians to pay close attention to the activities of their children. These days children spend their time using social media among other information communication technology gadgets which can have a negative impact if not monitored,” she said.

Insp Simango said children always provide pointers whenever they are having problems and parents should always be on the look-out for any signs that their children are troubled.

Last month, a Form Two pupil at Townsend High School in Bulawayo committed suicide at her family’s home in Sunninghill suburb after her mother ordered her to do her homework. — @nqotshili

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  • Brutal Truth

    What’s wrong with this generation?At grade 6 I wouldn’t have known how to even if I had wanted to hang myself.

    • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

      You’re not bitter, but perhaps you need to stop using Bill and Hillary Clinton as an example of a typical marriage.

      • Brutal Truth

        You are not an idiot,but perhaps you need to stop smoking marijuana

        • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

          Love is just a means for obtaining s.3.x or financial security, depending on the gender.

  • xhiba

    may be he was a victim of bullying at school

    • Pink Boy

      yah. u might be right. & teachers tend to take part in the bullying unaware & at times consciously

    • Nanazo

      That is what I thought as well, bullying at school. This is very common these days, and teachers and school heads connive to cover up the misdeeds. Go to
      St. Columba’s and see what is happening…bullying takes place right before the noses of the head and teachers, and nothing happens.

    • benjamin

      And bullying is not just about beating up someone. An even worse form of bullying involves taunting, dissing, always teaming up to ridicule a person, kipping a person under fear by always threatening etc etc… Teachers and parents must monitor kids and groupings of kids for this kind of behaviour. Also, teachers themselves may actually be the perpetrators usually through fiery scolding.

  • bh

    10 AM to 1.30 PM – in between those times people, including children have to be tormented by the sight

    • still scared

      l saw dead bodies when l was a grade one pupil coming from school during the war years, l was passing near a temporary military camp back in 1976. they were off loading them from a military truck. when l told my parents back home what l had seen they said you stop making up stories

      • Pink Boy

        they knew u wer not making up stories but remember back in the days there things for adults & for kids so tht ws not ur place kkkkk. if u research u will find tht they dd something abt it without ur consent though

        • Smoothy1

          Without his consent???

      • musa

        & you are still scared scarred

  • 1234

    Traffic police officers discover the body at 10.00am and “people wait patiently for police to arrive”. Which planet were these other police coming from. I thought they were all ZRP and surely it should not take that long for communication to filter from traffic section to the crimes section. We talk about the Police Charter. Shame!!

    • Smoothy1

      Typical of “I can’t help you. I am late for work” when you are being robbed.

    • MakhosiXamu

      You are such a pathetic idiot

  • musa

    something is fishy

  • God of War

    They should investigate his situation at home. Check if he has a step parent etc.

  • Ntombendala

    The boy is the only child and raised by his single parent, they church at Emganwini SDA, he was a happy child, now the mother usesele engela mtwana shuwa lina, kubuhlungu lokhu, he was a pathfinder,life is really not fair indeed.

    • Smoothy1

      Shame sterek. But parents and guardians really need to show love to the kids. That way kids can confide whenever they have some problems and you take corrective action.

    • Kalanga Princess

      That is so so sade. May he rest in perfect peace. I pray for strength for the mother. No mother should go through that.

    • eguswini

      if you have one child traditionally they say you should also bring in at least two or more other relatives children to shield the one you have from enemies

  • Gxabhashe

    Eish madoda sorry to the family ,it may be a case of bullying ,traffic section ngo 10 am lingena skhathi bani lina litshayisa ngo 11 lingena ngo 6am kkkkk uyazi okunye sooo…


    Church shrine?? I suspect the Church. Most of these churches use marine and other evil spirits for prophecing and these spirits need sacrifices from time-to-time. The boy could have been physically/spiritually dragged to the shrine and then sacrified. No all who call him “Lord” are Him as He said.

  • makhelwane

    could be the works of bad people, at one time my neighbour called me to come and witness what a six year old was doing that was in 2002, in the childs school book he was drawing graves and dead people and horrible looking creatures then when she reprimanded him he took a rope and threatened suicide imagine a six year old. that child got healed from that through prayers from one of the traditional churches.

  • sibindi

    Its said there are some games in the phones that guide someone to commit suicide, parents need to check what the child is doing on the phone, at one time it was said one such game is linked to the Russians