CIO operative’s manhood bitten in rape attempt


Mashudu Netsianda, Senior Court Reporter
A GOKWE-based Central Intelligence Officer (CIO) lured a 20-year-old woman into his bedroom where he tried to rape her before the victim bit his penis and escaped.

This emerged when Lloyd Herbert Nyamuchiwa approached the High Court challenging his conviction and sentence imposed by a lower court.

Nyamuchiwa attempted to rape the woman who had approached him seeking assistance to secure a place to train as a teacher as Mkoba Teacher’s College in Gweru.

Nyamuchiwa was last year convicted of attempted rape by a Gokwe magistrate who sentenced him to four years in jail of which one year was suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

Bulawayo Justice Nicholas Mathonsi dismissed Nyamuchiwa’s appeal, saying it lacked merit.

The judge said the complainant’s evidence was consistent and demonstrated the absence of consent.

Justice Mathonsi said Nyamuchiwa abused his position as an officer in the President’s Office to victimise a desperate school leaver.

“This is a person who abused his position as an officer in the President’s Office and a member of Zanu-PF to victimise a simple rural school leaver desperate for a placement at a college. She was unsuspecting and genuinely believed that she could be assisted,” said the judge.

“Even the complainant’s mother entrusted the appellant who turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For betraying that trust the appellant deserved what was coming to him and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the sentence. In the result, the appeal is hereby dismissed in its entirety,” ruled Justice Mathonsi.

Nyamuchiwa, through his lawyers H. Tafa and Associates, said the evidence by State witnesses was not credible and full of inconsistencies.

In his grounds of appeal, Nyamuchiwa argued that the complainant seduced him because she was desperate to enrol at Mkoba Teacher’s College.

“Although I was meeting the complainant for the first time, she is the one who seduced me by sitting on my bed, removing her jacket and pushing her dress up seductively. Having been encouraged by the complainant’s actions, I requested to have sex with her and she agreed. Having helped her take off her clothes I asked her to perform oral sex on me and she complied,” said Nyamuchiwa.

Nyamuchiwa said after oral sex, the complainant’s phone rang and she spoke to her mother after which she announced that she had to leave.

The facts of the matter are that on July 12 last year, the complainant’s mother referred her daughter to the Zanu-PF district offices in Gokwe where she was to submit her application forms for enrolment at Mkoba Teacher’s College.

The complainant was given Nyamuchiwa’s phone number so that she could contact him. Upon arrival, the complainant found the office closed and she immediately phoned her mother who in turn contacted Nyamuchiwa to assist her daughter.

The complainant phoned Nyamuchiwa who offered to process her application. The court heard that Nyamuchiwa then lured the woman to his house. On arrival Nyamuchiwa immediately locked the door and attempted to have sex with the complainant.

Nyamuchiwa undressed complainant and threw her onto the bed before putting a condom while pinning her down.

The complainant wrestled with Nyamuchiwa during which she managed to bite his private parts resulting in the appellant releasing her.

The woman managed to escape and she contacted her mother about what transpired. A report was made to the police leading to Nyamuchiwa’s arrest.—@mashnets

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  • Bolzosteel

    That’s the most painful thing a man can experience Kkkk well deserved though sex should never be a force matter

  • Bambanani

    Good ruling Justice Mathonsi

  • Bongozvozvo

    So to get a teacher, nurse, soldier training place at an government institution as a woman, one must perform weird sexual games with a member with a member of the CIO? Is this how bad things have become under the current government? Why must an application to enter a publicly funded state institute be supported by sleeping with some ZANU-PF operative in order to be given an opportunity to undergo professional training. State institutions like Mkoba TTC owe their existence to the taxes paid by all of us as citizens of Zimbabwe? Is the Principal of Mkoba TTC aware of this rot? Is this not state capture of other institutions by the CIO? Now I understand why the quality of teachers, nurses, policemen and indeed soldiers has deteriorated so badly. Surely, Principals at these vocational training centres must stamp their authority and we demand an explanation why the CIO or any other security organization must involved in student selection through bedroom interviews for any prospective lady student to register at state funded vocational training centres like teachers’ training colleges? Is this what we fought and died for in the liberation struggle? It is a shame to realise how Mugabe’s 37 year forced tenure in office poisoned formerly professional orgs like vocational training centres and those who run them.

    • Bhalagwe survivor

      When people of matabeleland cry foul of these training centres being captured for shona enrolment people begin to say we are tribalistic-go to U.C.E, Mpilo and U.B.H to compare the ratio of Ndebele and other tribe you will be shocked

      • TB Janet

        You will be shocked because you don’t know that Shonas are 90% inhabitants of Zim while Ndebeles are 10% .Travel through out the country you will aappreciate the lack of merit in your argument. Plus people are not hired on tribal grounds but on qualification.

        • moyoza

          You hav3 got a shona mentality subala lomdidi wakho jaha to be 90%…That thing of shona mentality must stop. all governmemt institutions are controllrd by shona!people and therefore they engage their kith and kin to pepertuate the shona hegemony. One day tgis will be a thing of the past just like mugabe

          • TB Janet

            Why are they controlled by Shona people when you ndebeles are there?You just whine and howl on this platform,Shona richingotonga!kkkk.If you are man enough stand up for your tribal rights!!Its a fact One province in Zim is only ndebele while the rest are Shona.You have stayed for too long in Bulawayo to think it is the whole of Zim.Wake up!

          • OneZimbo4all

            one thing I will agree on as a shona person myself is that it’s time Ndebele’s stand up for their rights. If a ndebele feels he is not included I will hear him out because that’s his grievance. It’s true that in government there is this ‘clan-based’ thinking where people hire their family and their village-mates and shona’s being the majority already, one of the end results is a lack of ndebele representation in government, therefore, ndebele’s never have a voice. I only wish that ndebele’s can find it in themselves to let go of the bitterness cause that will only hold a people back. They should, however, stand up for themselves like you said. Bitterness will only breed more tribalism and where there is tribalism there will never be progress. I just wish ndebele’s knew that what happened during the genocide is not a representation of what the general shona population felt but rather what certain power-hungry individuals felt. Some of us may not understand but we see your point.

        • sekuru madzibwa

          you 90% tribalistic tb that is why you are pained by the truth

          • dog eat gog

            You are 100% triabilistic sekuru madzibwa hence this hallucination. Bitterness will kill you.Imagine failing to taste power in your lifetime even through devolution!!!kkkk.Pity mfecane!

        • zibulo

          your statistics are wrong, yes shonas are many but why add salt/spice??. show me that shonas are not tribalist and i will apologize on the writer’s behalf. if you cant then he is right. why was it not ,ike that before independence? has mashona areas been developed to world standards, seeing that shonas are refugees even from their ryural villages , yet they claim educasted/majority. are they the causers of all the chaos in zim these shonas? do they also suffer from the same actions they create? are they the same people who celebrate managwaga’s “ascendance”to the throne yet he is also part of the rot? sorry to the real non-tribalist shoans , just giving your tribalbilistic fools a run for their money

          • Chaminuka Kutonga Kwaro

            ZibuLo did you take your lunch hour mental pills?You need them boy. You are frustrated man.I feel for you and your chickens at that God forsaken shake you call home boy!kkkk.No one has claimed that Shonas have developed but we have never insulted you tribally. Remember all these noises are a result of tribal provocation. Show me a Ndebele owned company in Harare,
            or Kwekwe and I will show you Shona owned companies in Byo serving lost souls like you.All you do is dance house music,putting on Tommie’s,carrying okapies like hunters and guzzling beer early in the morning without working and later claim tribal segregation yet you are self losers!!Go hang!

          • zibulo

            but if you claim to be so intelliugent , why be a refugee? stay and develop home. invest your “intelligence”home where you were nurtured. we all have homes. who did you hear crying for help from your lot? you are just a thieving lot , like the zanu lot you are. Shonas back home are good, respecting , and do acknowledge that zim is for all since all fought . only immigrants are a problem. i am explaining to a fool , thats the problem


          And do not display your ignorance here.
          Are shonas 90% in Byo? & in Matebeleland in general?

      • Kabius Kekedu

        What a big tribalist that will die early because of heart problems over things that do not matter.

    • Eunice

      Its happening in all districts all shame! My cousin sister went thru the same when she wanted to join nursing and she turned down this CIO operative who is also a Zanu PF Officer in Chitungwiza. Two years down the line when she applied for presidential scholarship, she also confronted the same person who started to re-visit his old interest…..but still she refused. Our sisters go thru this s##### and these guys are protected by these zanu pf institutions…

  • Thinker

    How does a guy put on a condom while pinning down a girl… that doesnt make sense at all

  • Wise Counsel

    so basically this happened July 2016 ??????

  • Njenje

    Oh yes! True that our brothers in the force abused their positions. I remember vividly when the 5th Brigade invaded our home, they said if my mother wanted to live she must hand over our sister. They took our sister and she came in the morning in tears and today she has a boy called Nharo. (Nharo was a word used to describe someone who was perceived to be stubborn) This is an innocent soul and we accepted him in the family, though he does ask why he is called by that name) however my sister has never found peace in her life. That has been the brutality of some members of the force. Can you imagine how many Nharos there are out there?