Civil servants pay dates out

Mrs Cecilia Alexander

Mrs Cecilia Alexander

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
CIVIL servants have hailed the Government for proposing to pay all the civil servants their salaries within the same month of work.

This comes as Government released pay dates for this month which will see all the civil servants being paid by October 31.

In the past some civil servants were paid their salaries the following month.

The Zimbabwe National Army and the Air Force of Zimbabwe received their salaries on Tuesday while the health sector was paid their salaries on  Friday.

Police and Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services will be paid their salaries tomorrow while the education sector will be paid on Friday.

The rest of the civil servants, who usually receive their salaries on the following month, will be paid their salaries on October 31.

Pensioners will receive their allowances on November 3 while the grant aided institutions will be paid their salaries on November 7.

In an interview yesterday, Apex chairperson Mrs Cecilia Alexander said:

“We want to actually applaud Government for paying all civil servants within the same month. This is something which we have always been clamouring for and something which is the right thing to do.”

Mrs Alexander commended civil servants for being patient even during difficult times.

She said as a union they are now focusing their energies on the housing projects with development in the area at an advanced stage.


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  • makhosi

    “Civil servants Pay dates out”, only in Zimbabwe.

    • Siwaphiwe Nampie Mpafa

      A survival-of-the-fittest society shows itself in many ways.

      • zibulo

        and a lot speaks about the newspaper which says it like this !!!!

  • Dr Do A Lot

    iyewa mhani! We only want pictures of the sexy inspector Simango!

  • Munyaradzi Murenga

    Why do you have to publish civil servants pay dates? Is that news? We need to hear about developmental news.

  • Mhofu wekwaChivi

    We need better news than having pay dates for civil servants.