Congress marks paradigm shift for Zanu-PF

Cde Mnangagwa

Cde Mnangagwa

Nduduzo Tshuma in Harare
THE Zanu-PF Extra-Ordinary Congress being held here today marks a paradigm shift in the party that will see renewed efforts in addressing developmental and economic issues and cleansing it of toxic politics of counter-revolutionaries who sought to subvert its liberation ethos.

Addressing the 107th ordinary session of the Central Committee at the Zanu-PF headquarters here yesterday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the party was focusing more on productivity and moving away from too much politicking as the practice was negatively affecting the growth of the party.

He cited the Presidential Youth Interface rallies during the tenure of his predecessor, Cde Robert Mugabe, as a platform hijacked by enemies of the revolution to push for a sinister agenda that saw the purging of cadres mostly with a liberation war background by political neophytes in the party.

“The Extra-Ordinary Congress equally marks a shift in paradigm of the party as we, more than ever before, concern ourselves with the bread and butter issues that affect the people we lead. The party at all levels must give due attention to the developmental and economic issues within their wards, districts and provinces,” said President Mnangagwa.

“Leaders must be truly servants of the people, moved by matters that affect the people.”

President Mnangagwa said there was a need, going forward, for a more symbiotic relationship between the party and the Government ministries, departments and agencies at the grassroot level.

He said party members at all levels should take part in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Government policies and programmes in line with the tenets of participatory democracy and governance encouraged by the constitution.

The President reiterated commitment to the creation of jobs especially for the youths, saying that both Government and party would make interventions to address unemployment.
“We will not be able to accomplish much for as long as our sense of party work remains hidebound in the old template of looking at Zanu-PF as about politics, politics and politics only. Let us recognise that the best politics emerge from the marketplace where livelihoods are made. The Central Committee must be at the centre of this new dynamic era which must pervade all party work into the future,” he said.

“Productivity across all sectors must be religiously encouraged, not only at a national level but at a disaggregated ward, district and provincial level. I urge us all to sleep, dream and walk in productivity. To this end, all our party members must be encouraged to do the same.”

He said communities and the party’s membership must always be kept abreast of the opportunities availed through various government interventions and policies.

President Mnangagwa paid tribute to the Central Committee for its resoluteness in defence of the party and freeing it from the clutches of counter revolutionaries under the moniker of the G40 faction.

“I applaud you for your boldness and courage as you did not shirk your responsibilities or flinch from taking decisions that were needful, against the adverse situation that had developed, threatening our party .

“You rose to the occasion showing and demonstrating that organs of the party, more so those at the apex, such as this one, must always show unswerving leadership for the survival of our party.”

President Mnangagwa said the Central Committee, the party’s highest decision making body between congresses, must assume full responsibility of repairing and re-engineering the party as well as putting it on a vibrant keel.

“This responsibility must never be abdicated or usurped for expedience. Not so much to feel pompous and indispensible, but to realise and wake up to the heavy responsibilities which it should discharge,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said Central Committee members carry the huge burden of being exemplary leaders as their actions also impact on the image of the party.

He said he made the observation in light of recent developments in the party which also affected the country.

“This is with reference to attempts by a cabal of counter revolutionaries, infiltrators and foreign agents who went under the moniker of G40, to destabilise our party and hijack our revolution. As a result, their activities, the negative development in our party echoed throughout our nation, confirming that the stability of the country is inextricably tied to the stability of Zanu-PF,” said President Mnangagwa.

“Thus, we must draw lessons from all this, including hard and uncomfortable ones.”

It was disheartening as the party structures seemed helpless as the cabal pursued its sinister programmes using party platforms, structures and personnel, he said.

“The Interface Rallies. The majority of us thought the interface rallies were for mobilisation of Zanu-PF. No! No! No!. It was an agenda. They undermined party rules and procedures while pretending to be upholding and defending them. They undermined the leadership of the party while pretending to love and defending it. Their programme, therefore was one of subverting the party from within,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said a lesson drawn from the whole fiasco is ensuring the supremacy of the party by foregrounding values and ethos and upholding its rules, procedures as well as respecting its structures and processes.

“All these must reign supreme at all times, taking precedence over individual status, wishes or predilections. Never again, should the Central Committee watch while indiscipline, personalisation and abuse of the party and its structures take toot,” he said.

“From the past events within our party, it must henceforth be engrained in all of us that the party constitution is supreme and must be followed without deviation, to the spirit and letter and that no one individual or groups of individuals are superior to it.

“The constitution is the soul of our party, a strait jacket that prunes our behaviour and conduct as members, it moulds us so that we do not break, for it gives us shape and form. The duty of every genuine cadre of the party is to ensure that this holds true at every level of the party, at all times in all situations.”

President Mnangagwa emphasised the need to shun retribution and vindictiveness calling on forgiveness and cadres to embrace and correct some who erred in the past as a result of being misled by the notorious G40 cabal.

Turning to elections next year, he said the Government will do everything in its power to ensure that they are credible, free and fair.  “In preparation, the party must invigorate its structures, organise, mobilise and meticulously ensure that all its members are registered to vote. We will, in the coming months, be meeting as the Central Committee to craft more concrete plans with regards these elections,” he said.

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  • Vumani

    Electoral reforms are prerequisite, Zimbabweans should be free to exercise their voting rights without fear, the rogue elements within ZDF should be brought to order. There is a worrying trend that food aid in rural areas has been dispersed on partisan & political grounds community’s are being asked to produce serial numbers as a condition to receive food aid. Bambazonke sounded like he was pre-empting election results as a forgone conclusion by outlining what his 5 year plan to year 2022, needless to the reckless pronouncement by Hungwe should be condemned in the strongest terms. The opposition should also be criticised for approaching ZEDERA proponents, one can assume the so -called alliances sense of entitlement by approaching the Americans on the third week of Mugabe’s departure they inevitably give credence to the fact that they are puppets of the West. It’s surprising that Biti was making pronouncements on behalf of finance ministry following the coup giving the impression that he was a self appointed finance ministry on personal level it’s surprising that a person who has been served with a divorce summons is at the forefront with the Americans. There was no constitutional mandate by the incumbent to forge a government of unity (GNU), the opposition has shot its self in the foot by it latest actions and equally Zanu currently should accept that the interim government is illegitimate hence the need for transparent electoral reform. This is an opportunity for Zimbabweans to choose a leader of their choice . The main Opposition MDC-T also suffers from a Mugabesim syndrome in that it’s leader is undergoing medical treatment & appears resistant to passing the baton to his young deputy .Welshman Ncube also seems to tag along with no clear strategy, as for Peter Godwin he has been living in exile he has no mandate to speak on behalf of Zimbabweans. The elections provide an opportunity for parties to contest fairly. Rita Makarau should be replaced at ZEC by an impartial person appointed and approved by cross party committee. The registrar general Tobaiwa Mudede should be retired effectively.Elections should be supervised & monitored by the international observers and international media without unfettered access to all polling stations. Nkosana Moyo should man up & campaign at home. Intimidation of political candidates should not be allowed & the media should desist from reporting on partisan lines. If a condusive platform is created for voting the winner will get an opportunity to rule legitimately without any hindrances & this will enable re-engagement with the international community without any preconditions. Aluta Continua !!!

  • Vumani

    Once you stiffle freedom of expression we will retierate that the Military Junta is a remenant of Mugabe’s authoritarian & dictatoral legacy. Citizens should not be censored for expressing their opinions a controlled editorial impedes development, who ever is the editor lacks autonomy and the benefit of hindsight there’s no need to delete my posts even if you disagree with me.

    • Mufaro Sibanda

      If the editor spares us Vumani’s myopic views censure him.

      According to Vumani Botswana qualifies as Military Junta because the Head of state was Head of BDF and several of the current Government ministers are from the military and the government had General Morafi as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Moyo is qualified deal with it! All our ministers in Zimbabwe are constitutionally elected.

      RG resigned in the face of impeachment not a coup and Citizens from the military have every right to be leaders in Government. We need more soldiers they more disciplined

      Ian Smith was a Royal Air-force pilot. He ran an oppressive regime but it was not a junta.

      Spares the propaganda Editor and thank you!

      Vumani join the militray if you are are citizen. General Powell who was Secretary of State did

      • Vumani

        Spare me your nonsensical views, Military veterans serve influential positions the world over however they are appointed legitimately particularly those you have made referrence to
        ,you make a dull Military Junta apologist to make such a comparison. The sentiments expressed on this forum are unanimous with reference to freedom of expression & civil liberties as you can see the editor has taken note.

  • Gen Gowon

    A complete departure from his predecessor and he focuses on institutionalisation of the party as opposed to personalisation of the party.If he decides to be practical in whatever he says,the opposition would have a torrid time in dealing with Zanu pf under the leadership of this gentleman.

    • Doctor Do little

      We are yet to see if this new road goes elsewhere or meets at the same destination with the old.

    • Vumani

      It gives credence to the fact that the man is couched on communist ideology as relflected in the Command agricultural scheme which surprisingly has not yielded any tangible benefits hence importation of maize from Zambia & the Ukraine. The imported maize is distributed in exchange for serial numbers & along partisan lines. This is not a nationalistic agenda it’s more of self serving consolidation of power with the support of the military to intimidate critiques and subdue public accountability. The question of legitimacy requires a concerted effort by human rights & constitutional experts. The selective blatant persecution & prosecution of opponents should be challenged with an emphasis reverting to constitutional authority. Gukurahundi should be revisited & the incumbent is challenged to name & shame the kleptomaniacs who have relentlessly looted state resources including Obert Mpofu & Constantine Chiwenga their role in Chiwadza diamonds scandal. A replacement of the ZEC chairperson should be made asap with involvement of players from the opposition in order to enable accountability & transparency. The honey moon is over the days of idolising leaders should be a thing of the past, there is consensus that Mugabe had long overstayed in order for Zimbabwe to move forward a more radical reformation strategy is essential any departure from the constitution will render Zimbabwe a perpetual pariah & failed state.

      • Essexvale

        I beg to differ on your take about ED being a person who’s guided by communist principles. If you knew about the wealth that the man has amassed and still amasses, you’d be saying something different. It seems that calling him a capitalist would be closer to the truth!

        • Doctor Do little

          I totally agree all except for the Capitalist bit. To my understanding a Capitalist is a person who uses their wealth to invest in trade and industry for profit in accordance with the principles of capitalism that are based on the principle of individual rights. Politically, being the system of laissez-faire (abstention by governments from interfering in the workings of the free market.) and also a system of objective laws (rule of law as opposed to rule of man) which, when applied economically to the sphere of production its result is the free-market. This man is yet to convince me he practices either the Principals of communism or a Capitalism. What ever this is, it is a product of Zimbabwe.

        • Vumani

          Perhaps it’s pertinent to qualify my assertion a capitalist whose political ideology is couched on communism, needless to say all the renowned communists never practiced communism per se it was directed at their subjects. Collectivism in which the state has stake in agricultural production for example but historical narratives suggest that’s it’s proponents were immensely wealthy. EDs wealth is in the public domain I am sure the United Nations never formulated diamonds for protection saga without evidential proof.

        • Doctor Do little

          I totally agree all except for the Capitalist bit. To my understanding a Capitalist is a person who uses their wealth to invest in trade and industry for profit in accordance with the principles of capitalism that are based on the principle of individual rights. Politically, being the system of laissez-faire (abstention by governments from interfering in the workings of the free market.) and also a system of objective laws (rule of law as opposed to rule of man) which, when applied economically to the sphere of production its result is the free-market. This man is yet to convince me he practices either the Principals of communism or of Capitalism.

          • Essexvale

            Yes I agree on your particular aspect concerning the ideologies of both communism and it opposite; capitalism. Shall we then agree to say that the man is plain greedy and uses political influence to make a killing; profit wise that is?

  • Essexvale

    Dear editor; I note with concern that in spite of promises made by those presiding over the new dispensation, about change toward observance of democratic processes and commitment to good governance, your publication’s editorial policy seems unchanged. It is a policy that is based on polarised political loyalties and flies in the face of the noble principle of disseminating objective and sincere information without fear or favour. The question on the tongues of every decent citizen is; why have Chronicle and other so called state controlled publications opted to remain subservient to one particular political party? Please let us know; do you really believe that what you are doing is in the interests of promoting freedom the principle of expression? No further questions!!

  • lameck Nkomo

    lets wait and see what they mean by paradigm shift!!! Phela kuyafana lokhu, u Smith waye encono. Kanti owaye engi Minister of Defence ngesikhathi se GUKURAHUNDI asuye yena lo owe Paradgm shift?

  • lameck Nkomo

    If Zimbabweansare one when we talk of Gukurahundi we will not say someone is being tribalist. We will seek to correct the past rather than to silence others. Food for thought.