Cop hangs self after fight with wife

Ernest Vivian Mahoko

Ernest Vivian Mahoko

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A POLICE officer stationed at Lupane Police Station in Matabeleland North province committed suicide by hanging yesterday morning following an alleged infidelity dispute with his wife.

Ernest Vivian Mahoko (28) of ZRP Lupane Camp Quarters had a misunderstanding with his wife, Ms Heather Dambaza (27) after she allegedly discovered through WhatsApp that he was having an affair with a local bar lady.

A source within the police camp said Ms Dambaza discovered a message on her husband’s phone informing his alleged lover that his wife was going away and the two were going to have some nice time.

A misunderstanding over the issue led to his death.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Inspector Siphiwe Makonese confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm we received a case of sudden death by hanging of a member of the police force following an alleged domestic dispute. Investigations are under way,” she said.

A source said the couple had a misunderstanding over the cop’s WhatsApp love messages on Tuesday.

“In the messages, Mahoko had communicated with his alleged girlfriend telling her that his wife was going to her rural home and promised her that they would have some nice time alone. There was a misunderstanding when the wife discovered the WhatsApp message,” said the source.

At around 11PM, Ms Dambaza is alleged to have stormed out of the house claiming that she was going to her parents’ home.

“While at an undisclosed destination, Dambaza allegedly received a message from her husband, wishing her a safe journey. In the message, he also allegedly informed her of his intention to commit suicide,” said the source.

The source said Mahoko allegedly took a belt and hanged himself from the roof truss.

“At around 1AM, the wife returned and found the now deceased hanging from the roof truss. She cut the belt in an attempt to save him but discovered that he was already dead,” said the source.

When Dambaza noticed that her husband was not responding, she informed a neighbour.

A report was made at Lupane Police station.

The body was taken to St Lukes Mission Hospital mortuary.—@winnie_masara

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  • derfen

    The age difference is the cause for this tragic end

    • Anonymous Mpofu

      You reckon? How so?

    • Mangena

      also keen to find out how age could be a factor , am a year older than my wife (just as the couple in the story) and thus very much an interested party !!!

    • Dual sim

      The cop was a stupid idiot period. Case closed

  • JayMasterX

    Dude was a total fool simple!!!

  • Ziyabheda

    These bottle store shop ladies will fall for anyone who says be mine. The cop knew that since the wife had left he had been left without any thing because the bottle store girl would remain to be every one, s call girl. Tragic end indeed

  • Chokwadi

    Now she has no husband,she has robbed a son of his father (in the picture near the car), she accused him of cheating when he wasn’t, and even made up this story (did the cops even read his whatsapp msgs to verify)

    The poor man was so desperate he had to hang himself just to prove he never cheated on his wife. Who was looking for an excuse to leave him for another man.

    Now you see why relatives end up accusing ‘muroora’ of killing their son. RIP Officer of the Law and devoted father, gone to soon.