Cop shoots soldier: Flees scene, seeks refuge in police station

Gweru Central Police Station

Munyaradzi Musiiwa, Midlands Correspondent
A SOLDIER has been hospitalised after he was shot once on the left ankle by a detective as he tried to restrain two police officers from assaulting a suspect in Gweru over the weekend.

Detective constable Gift Gorongonya allegedly shot Corporal Zico Shumba of the Zimbabwe National Army Military Police who was in military gear.

The soldier had just disembarked from a ZNA bus that had just stopped at Amtec garage along the Gweru- Harare Road while travelling from Mvuma.

The police officer who shot the soldier while in the company of another cop, fled from the scene and sought refuge at Gweru Central Police Station.

There was chaos when soldiers besieged the charge office baying for the detective’s blood.

Army Public Relations director Lieutenant-Colonel Alphios Makotore confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that one of our members was shot by a police officer in Gweru yesterday (Saturday). However, investigations are still in progress and we do not want to jeopardise them. We are informed that the police officer who shot our officer has been arrested and will appear in court soon,” he said.

National Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba referred questions to police in the Midlands province.

Officer Commanding Midlands Province, Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Tabeth Ntabeni said she was still compiling details of the case and would forward them to Snr Asst Comm Charamba to comment.

“We are still compiling the details of the case and as procedure we will give them to Snr Asst Comm Charamba because she is the one who speaks to the media,” she said.

A source said detective constable Gorongonya and his colleague constable Chrispen Musiiwa attacked a civilian after they had found him allegedly smoking marijuana at Kudzanayi Bus terminus.

The two detectives chased after the suspect who was running towards Harare Road.

He said the cops fired three shots and apprehended the suspect at Amtec Service Station.

The source said when the cops were assaulting the suspect, a ZNA bus stopped at the service station. Military Police officers who were in the bus disembarked and tried to restrain the two detectives who were assaulting the suspect.

“Musiiwa then pointed a gun at Corporal Shumba who managed to disarm him and removed the magazine. Detective Gorongonya immediately opened fire at Corporal Shumba and shot him on the ankle on his left leg,” said the source.

The source said the two detectives fled to Gweru Central Police Station while Corporal Shumba was rushed to Zimbabwe Military Academy hospital where he is receiving treatment.

“There was commotion at Gweru Central Police Station when soldiers descended there baying for the police detective’s blood. High ranking officers from both the army and police were called to persuade the soldiers to leave the police station and proceed with their journey,” said the source.

“At that time, scores of people had gathered outside Gweru Central to witness what was unfolding before they dispersed when the soldiers went away.”

The source said detective Gorongonya was being charged with attempted murder and will appear in court today.


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  • Captain Dube

    Who said soldiers are above the law. This application of law is biased instead. How can a shot on the leg be charged as ‘att murder’. How do we interpret the charges of “assault”?, wake up mani nxaa

    • Lucky Mudimba

      Why would an officer fire a shot on another officer. That is unacceptable fake captain. This rogue police doti officer must face the music.

      • josefa chinotimba

        I agree with you 100% Lucky.This idiot police officer must face the music,and no wonder why the povo is now working hand in hand with the soldiers.This moron police officer is an idiot,he can not just fire shots in the air for someone who was smoking mbanje.

        Speaking on behalf of the povo,we are once again called to work with our brothers and sisters in the army,period,not the idiotic police officers.

        • Softtouch

          Ignorance of Law it is not a defence my dear brother,i would refer you to the constitution of Zimbabwe:
          Section 213 explain the Function of the Defence Forces and Section 219 explain the Functions of the Police Service
          by upholding the constitution of this land I believe that noone will ever incite dispondence,being a law abiding citizen let us not ignore the detects of our own constitution.

        • Dk. Mtkt

          Its called rule of law. He never shot the suspect but fired in the air to warn him not no runaway! There will be anarchy if suspects just decided to outsprint policemen because they think their crimes are petty. Police should do their duties professionally and the general public must cooperate with police as a civic duty at all times. There should be respect for rule of law by everybody and at all times. In a normal country, the soldiers will be detained and brought before the courts. Lets do away with the lawlessness of the previous dispensation.

      • Softtouch

        Never ever try to disarm an officer of his/her firearm because if you do them you will face the consiquences. That officer has the right to defend that firearm at all costs but during the scuffle the firearm may discharge resulting in injury or death due to a stray bullet

    • Softtouch

      The charge of Attempted Murder is appropriate in this cases considering the type of weapon used because if that person dies due that gunshot wound alternative the charge would be “Murder” or Culpable Homicide. I think if we continueously read Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act and the Constitution of Zimbabwe.


    attempted murder by shooting the leg kikkki. There is more to this story, firing warning shots to a person smoking mbanje

    • Madzibaba Bhawureni

      Pointing a fire arm at anyone is regarded as attempted murder ‘ so as shooting on the leg .

    • Softtouch

      The type of weapon used which is constitutes the offence at times gunshot wound lead to death. If one dies due that wound then the suspect would be charged with murder or culpable homicide depending on the circumstances.

    • MakhosiXamu

      ZRP Officers must kill these Soldiers bafuze uChiwenga. Soldiers are a crazy lot … bulala zonke i doti.

      • nda

        ungalobi into eyabanga umsindo

        • Dumisani Lunga

          mmm Makhosi ndoda, ngithemba uyazidlalela mfoo


        Ngama Gukurahundi akho noMgabe wakho for the last 37 years wena. Sekushintsheni manje?

        • MakhosiXamu

          Kambe uphelele enhlokweni yakho ?. The Drivers of Gukurahundi are the ones in power, vula amehlo akho lawo anje ngentakubomvu, mgodoyi.


            AmaGukurahundi akhiphene emisebenzini. Ngokwenu lokho!!

      • zibulo

        sounds like the original Jotham Xamu !!! re-incarnated ??? ZRP carried out Mgabe’s wishes through brutality. ZNA listened to Chiwenga/ED to stop brutality, and Xamu is angry !!!!. Thats you, welcome !!!

  • robin hood

    Are soldiers above the law? Can they stop police from apprehending suspects? What does the law say?

    • Lucky Mudimba

      Are police officers allowed by law to beat suspects u moron.

      • Dk. Mtkt

        They are allowed to use minimum force to subdue a suspect fleeing or resisting arrest. For those who do not know, a situation that causes an officer to fire his weapon is not easy to calm down. It brings a lot of psychological stress to the officer that may endanger the lives of both suspect and officer. It doesn’t help the situation if another serviceman tries to disarm him violently. The situation is a symptom of poor training for the policeman who assaults a suspect and worse of all a supposedly trained soldier who disarms a policeman.

        • Lucky Mudimba

          They are not allowed to beat anyone , moreover the suspect was already apprehended. These officers are overzealous for nothing.

  • Lucky Mudimba

    The old dispensation allowed police officers to employ nefarious means when dealing with public. They are now struggling to do their work properly , how can u fire warning shots to a suspect who was smoking Dagga. These cops need refresher course.

  • Mahuswa

    Why was the soldier so overzealous as to disarm an officer on duty? Yes investigations will continue but members of the public are severely warned not to try and disarm officers on duty. and in any case the soldiers caused the suspect to flee. Which circumstances warrant the use of firearms while on duty? I think when one wants to deprive an officer of his prisoner and firearm. In this case the officer was right to shoot. But it was unfortunate on only timings. This is a summons case. Arresting him and putting him in cells was good for his safety.

    • Lucky Mudimba

      This was an MP, well versed with rules on the use of a firearm and procedures of apprehending suspects. Something was sinister on the part of the police officer. When you have arrested a suspect , he must charged according to law not to be beaten by an unprofessional policeman. What is so special about these cops.

  • The General

    How does one fire a warning shot to a dagga smoker?
    what are the aggravating circumstances?
    Are police officers allowed to assault suspect after apprehending them?
    As citizens what do we have to do if we see someone being assaulted?

    • Lucky Mudimba

      Tofanira kutomamisa mbava izi. For how long are we going to be oppressed by these corrupt policeman.

      • Softtouch

        Corruption involves two people…most people are corrupt because they are the ones who offer bribes to the police for favours.
        It Takes TWO to TANGO

        I wish to see police officers arresting those offering Bribes and charge them BRIBERY as defined in Criminal Codification and Reform Act

        • Smoothy1

          It’s not always true that corruption involves two pple. The police rather solicit for the corruption. They force you to give them money that’s why we say it’s them who are corrupt.

    • zibulo

      Can someone please answer the last question ? we witness a lot of law breaking by civil servants , police and army sometimes. what is it we should do Constitutionally?

  • mathe

    shooting someone in uniform, this is a tricky case, why shoot each other

    • zibulo

      they didn’t shoot each other, wena ! why change what is to be what you want. The CID shot the soldier, Does it say the soldier also shot ? This is how lies are spread.

  • Mumanyikawakaroka

    This is what we have always been saying, that our Police force thinks the Laws were made for others and not for them. Suspects in handcuffs and leg-irons are butchered in the name of “minimum force” as if they pose any danger to anybody. Suspects are killed inside police cells and somebody calls that “minimun force”? If they have the guts to shoot uniformed soldiers in public, what about a mere civilian locked away from the public eye? Whoever wants to rule this country has to be able to control this Rogue ZRP Force. Otherwise nobody will vote for a Party that allows lawlessness by anybody as was now happening under old Matibili. Vote Ngwena 2018, he and his team can stand up to this nonsense.

    • zibulo

      ZRP beat demonstrators and ED saud ZRP used “minimum”force, beating them on the soles of their feet . Will your Ngwenya bring back the ZWD ? Will he resurrect the Gujgurahundi victims he massacred? uyahlanya wena.

      • Mumanyikawakaroka

        Suppose you are a Ndebele, or a Mthwa(Bushman) /Mthwakazi (Bushwoman) as you would like to be called, and the Killer Lobhengula were to rise from his hiding place, will you not be one of the first to shout “Bayethe Inkosi” despite all the innocent blood of the owners of the country that he shed? Or will you ask him, his father Mzilikazi and the KwaZulu bandits to ressurect all the people they killed from LeSotho, Botswana and here in Zimbabwe? Or to hand over all the gold, silver, cattle women and children they took by force? If then they can’t ressurect the dead on behalf of the makororos, how then can Ngwena ressurect gukurahundi victims on behalf of the 5th brigade? Move on with life, waiting for gukurahundi compensation is like the Zulus waiting for inkomo zeNkosi ezantshonshwa nguMzilikazi. Vote Ngwena 2018.

        • Gift

          Mhata yako wena lema, but u logical

  • Brutal Truth

    The soldier almost died protecting a weed smoker.That’s a rare JOINT partnership!

    • zibulo

      or this way ; the soldier almost died protecting a citizen from brutality by ZRP. Which was is ok? Dont trivialize brutality bruu , its wrong .

  • mangena

    scores of people gather to watch a shooting incident not worried about also being shot, i CID belibona engani abantu bayalibuka


    How I miss my childhood city of Gwelo. Please fix that country I want to come back, you Gukurahundis!!