COPS ARE BACK. . .Police force says will be people centred

Zimbabwe Defence Forces spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi (left) and Zimbabwe Republic Police chief national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba during a press conference held in Harare yesterday

Zimbabwe Defence Forces spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi (left) and Zimbabwe Republic Police chief national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba during a press conference held in Harare yesterday

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
POLICE have resumed their duties as the situation in the country has normalised following the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and will conduct joint patrols with members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, the country’s security services said yesterday.

The latest development follows the launch of Operation Restore Legacy by the ZDF two weeks ago to remove criminal elements surrounding former President Mugabe.

The operation saw the detention of former Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo, who is facing abuse of public office charges and ex-Zanu-PF youth leader Kudzanai Chipanga who is facing charges of causing disaffection among the police force or defence forces as defined in Section 30 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

The two have since appeared in court and their cases are still pending.

In a joint statement following the ZDF operation, the army director of public relations, Colonel Overson Mugwisi and national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday said the Zimbabwe Republic Police is now resuming its role as stipulated in the Constitution.

“We the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and the Security Services of Zimbabwe wish to inform the nation that the situation in our country has returned to normalcy following the historic inauguration of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Head of State and Government and Commander- In -Chief of the Defence Forces, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa on 24 November 2017, which has set a new trajectory,” reads the joint statement.

“We wish, therefore, to advise the nation that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is now assuming its role as stipulated in the Constitution of Zimbabwe under Section 219, which among other things mandates the ZRP to maintain Law and Order protect and secure the lives and property of the people.”

They said the ZDF and police would conduct joint patrols especially in the Harare Central Business District.

The statement said looting and illegal occupation of other people’s properties particularly farms and houses would not be tolerated.

“Law enforcement agents are already receiving reports of looting and illegal occupation of other people’s properties particularly farms and houses. This behaviour is criminal and against the spirit of non-vengeful retribution and will be met by the full wrath of the law,” the statement added.

“We, therefore, remain committed to serve our country. Zimbabwe is a peace-loving nation as demonstrated during the past week. We accordingly urge all citizens to remain committed to peace. We remain guided by His Excellency, President E.D Mnangagwa’s inaugural speech, particularly where he spoke about unity and self-discipline by all. Let us all remain united and respectful of our national laws and by-laws as we uphold the rule of law.”

Police, who have been previously condemned for corruption, using heavy handed tactics and brutality against civilians among other acts, said their operations’ and programmes would be people centred.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would want to assure the nation that it will strive to ensure that all its operations and programmes will be people-centred in accordance with the vision of His Excellency, the President, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. We would want to urge our nation to remain united and co-operate with security services as they discharge their duties,” reads the joint statement.


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  • Willy

    Yohhh yohhh haha these cops can’t wait to go back to the road and swindled poor motorists of their hard earned cash. I can imagine them rejoicing at this. Sicela lizibambe otherwise we will come hard on you liyekele ukuphongu gcwalisa amaroad blocks all over as if this is a terrorist country. Please allow us to enjoy our peace. Thank you.

    • chinos

      Back from where?

      • Willy

        Go get the answer from your uncle chihuri.

      • Willy

        Read the headline you kangaroo. Awufundanga yini

        • Daar


          • Essexvale

            Excellent whataboutery.

      • Jotham

        From where-ever they were hiding.

      • Essexvale

        you could try having a girlfriend instead

  • EX-Cop

    There is need for operation restore legacy in the ZRP that is the organisation which has caused suffering and anguish to the peace loving citizens. There is need for audit for the billions they raised through spot fines. The Police stations do not have stationery vehicles. I think money generated from spot fines was funding the G40 operations.
    Is that law enforcement when you give Police Officers the daily target to raise money. Police have developed inhuman face. Roadblocks were being done even by Police bases with 3 officers they will afford to leave their routine duties for Roadblocks.
    During my time as Police Officers we know that there was patrols in town but now it was Police at every intersection with a ticket book.
    Arresting everyone for minor things because they want to meet the target.
    Cde President ED stop the following
    Daily targets for traffic enforcement
    Money generated from fines should go to treasury as it was used to be.
    Remove Chihuri and his fellow criminals senior Officers they are disgrace to our country.
    A country should hear cries of its citizen.
    Police,ZIMRA and VID are the most corrupt institution they should all be fired.
    Thank you ZDF for restoring legacy.
    Police explain to the public the reason of having 5 road blocks on a 15 km stretch what is the aim

    • Winston

      Hey Ex Cop! there is no need to fire all the top brass. There is one extremely sexy top brass yellow boned Inspector from Bulawayo who actually needs to be promoted for the sterling work she has been doing here in Matland. I seriously think That the sexy Inspector Simango has to be promoted for her dedication to duty!!!

      • ngoni

        kkk from the way you talk I think she has to be promoted for other reasons better known to you.

        • Doti yako Mrambinda

          The clue is in the details:

  • John Ntundu

    The Z.R.P cant wait to be on the roads again to demand money from the motoring public. Senior assistant commissioner Charity Charamba is lying through her teeth that from now on Z.R.P will be people centered. The President must simply fire all the Z.R.P top brass. This way the rot in the police force will be eliminated. The Z.R.P is corrupt and that is a fact. Because the citizens cant do any thing to stop the rot, they simply accepted the corruption and learnt to live with it.The Z.R.P corruption was institutionalized way back, its now part of their official modus operandi. I beg the President to ensure that all the money the Z.R.P collects through fines and so on is remitted to treasury.

    • silver

      so the police from now on will be people centered? my foot…its an admission that they never cared for the people….but extortion was their game.. i hope president ED will sweep the zrp top brass off the ramps to oblivion…..

  • Coolage

    As long as AUGUSTINE Chihuri remains at the helm, and people like Charity Charamba and Justice Chengeta in the force; then there’s no change to be expected from these bribe-taking fellas

    • Cetshwayo kaGodlwayo Original

      Yes. Better to admit you’re bitter when you’ve a good reason to be. Life does get easier later on!

  • Kabius Kekedu

    It sounds far-fetched but police officers will always tell us that the money collected on the roads would find their way into two bank accounts – Ya Chihuri and ya Grace. Check it and find out. The bank accounts are there, check the daily deposits and check depositors. Mbavha huru.

  • Mwalimu

    Yes indeed Zimbabweans are peace loving as evidenced by the orderly land reform programme. Not a single life or property was lost.

  • John

    I have be subjected to harassment by police for silly offenses and fined above the stipulated fine schedules.
    Its a shame that these police officers couldnt even bear wth me considering im a disabled.
    This year I registered an ex-Jap on the 2nd of June. I had paid my full cover & registration fees & was only left wth licensing which was just $20. I was given the reg book around 4.30pm & there was no where I could get the licence. The next day, which was a Saturday, I was given a ticket for not having vehicle licence at 7am on my way to town.

    I explained everything & he told m I was supposed to leave the car at home & go get the licence and then go get the car at home. I explained my situation evidently wth the crutches on my front passenger seat. He couldnt even listen 2 me.

    I then had to call my brother 2 bring me cash since they had told me they dont have POS machines and was supposed to catch a kombi to make payment at Harare Central.

    The guys are stationed at Hatfield police.

    This abuse must stop. How can u harrass a disabled like that.

    We had no office to report this. Now we knw the rubbish is gone.

  • zibulo

    Can figures please be given about how many criminal actitivtes and accidents happened during the ZRP Suspension ?? They claim their presence is to deter crime and accidents (asking us to paste plastic stickers on vehicles which have reflective light covers !!! ) but seems none happened. can i pbe corrected .

  • Patriot

    can we say all relatives of gumbura are rappists? Can we say all kinsman of chidhumo and masendeke are murders/armed robbers. I think this anti-police talk has gone beyond, we all know it was the traffic police that had corruption as part of identity. But guys there still exist police officers who have never received a bribe. Hard working and God fearing. Lets correct the rot in traffic and any other bad apples in the force but lets praise those who are committed. Parliamentarians, embassies staff and other vips had no problems with ppu. vfu members are champions in dealing with domestic violence, rape and other abuses, homicide guys are professionals in dealing with murder cases and robbers, technical staff like teachers , doctors and nurses etc are doing good job in police schools and hospitals etc. List of performing departments is endless anti-stock theft, cid, su, mbcu, drugs, forensics (despite limited resources) etc. I believe policing is a dynamic but thankless job but at least let good performers stay motivated otherwise the on going anti-police sentiments are demoralising .Take time to watch programme crime watch on ZBC at 9pm every tuesday i learnt a lot