Cops in roadblock rage

Two of the accused traffic police officers outside the court yesterday

Two of the accused traffic police officers outside the court yesterday

Thandeka Moyo Court Reporter
THREE traffic police officers allegedly went haywire and assaulted two motorists, stealing $210 and a mobile phone from the duo. The uniformed police officers allegedly dragged the hapless motorists out of their vehicles and administered a vicious beating during which they stamped on their victims as they lay on the ground.

Trymore Mushayamunda, 31, Tambanayo Pfumbidzai, 30, and Takunda Mizivi were manning a roadblock at the 20km peg along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road when they allegedly assaulted Nicodemus Mawoneke and stole $210 from him.

The trio, a court heard, went on to rough up Manfred Nhemachena who was filming the assault and took his phone. The cause of the roadblock rage was not disclosed in court.

The police officers appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Tinashe Tashaya facing two counts of assault and theft and were remanded out of custody to December 2.

Prosecuting, Nathaniel Mutsikwa said on October 5 at around 2PM, the three law enforcers arrested Mawoneke at the roadblock and handcuffed him.

“They started kicking, slapping and punching him until he fell to the ground. They jumped on his chest while Nhemachena was watching,” said Mutsikwa.

He said when the officers finally released Mawoneke, he realised he had lost $210.

“He did not sustain any visible injuries during the scuffle,” said Mutsikwa.

The trio, Mutsikwa said, spotted Nhemachena taking a video of the attack and turned their anger on him.

The prosecutor said the police officers dragged Nhemachena out of his car and he fell to the ground. “While he was on the ground, the trio stamped on his chest and continued assaulting him,” said Mutsikwa.

The court heard Nhemachena lost his phone during the assault.

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  • kabatshe

    Who will be the winner then. Vengeance is for God not man. Don’t hunt anyone they are not animals. Sue them if you can simple as individuals.