Council boss sued $100,000 for adultery

Mashudu Netsianda Senior Court Reporter
GWANDA Town’s director of housing Kemelo Mdlongwa-Nkwate is being sued for $100,000 by a woman who claims she is in an adulterous relationship with her husband. The aggrieved woman, Thandeka Moyo, through her lawyers Mathonsi Ncube Law Chambers, on Friday filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court.

Moyo, in court papers, said the adulterous union between her husband, Twoboy Moyo and Mdlongwa-Nkwate resulted in the birth of a child who is now six-years-old.

Twoboy and Thandeka got married in 1998 in terms of Chapter 5:11 of the Marriages Act.

“Our marriage was entered into in 1998 and it still subsists and the defendant and I are not on friendly terms. On different occasions and places, the defendant and my husband committed adultery which resulted in the birth of a child in 2010 and their relationship has been going on for the past seven years,” said Moyo.

She said as a result of Mdlongwa-Nkwate’s actions, she has suffered damages in the form of loss of love, contumelia and companionship. She is demanding $100,000 from Mdlongwa-Nkwate and interest calculated from the date of summons to the date of final payment.

Moyo said she was no longer enjoying her conjugal rights following Mdlongwa-Nkwate’s interference with her marriage. Moyo said despite demand Mdlongwa-Nkwate has refused or neglected to pay the money.

Mdlongwa-Nkwate has not yet entered a notice of appearance to defend the summons and she has 10 days to do so. In May 2014, Mdlongwa-Nkwate approached the courts seeking a protection order against her 33-year-old son following a fight over her late husband’s estate.

She accused her son Bohlale, a teacher at Plumtree High School, of harassing and insulting her.

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    The Municipality of Gwanda doesn’t have a council boss by that name. It is common knowledge within the town of Gwanda that the name you’re referring to is in fact the name of the Council Boss’s daughter. The daughter is based in England.
    It would be fair for you guys to get your facts right before publishing such spurious allegations.
    Had great respect for Mashudu and his editor Mdu, but this article is proper backyard journalism.