Council water situation critical

Auxilia Katongomara Chronicle Reporter
THE Bulawayo City Council is considering resuscitating its water crisis committee as it faces a critical water shortage with its supply dams at 42 percent capacity.

With the Meteorological Services Department predicting that the country is likely to receive normal to below normal rainfall during the 2015-16 season, this could have far reaching effects on the city’s water situation.

According to the latest council report, Acting Town Clerk Sikhangele Zhou said management was considering resuscitating the water crisis committee considering the water situation.

Zhou told councillors that when water shedding was introduced in 2012, the total capacity of all dams was at 40 percent.

She also said an emergency meeting on the water situation must be convened.

“Currently the dams are at 42 percent and the 2012 figures excluded Mtshabezi dam and Nyamandlovu boreholes which were not functioning at the time. The introduction of the two water sources has improved the current water situation,” said Zhou.

She dismissed the idea of introducing water shedding at the moment, but suggested that an emergency meeting should be convened immediately to plan on how to deal with the current water situation.

Councillor Thobane Ncube suggested that the pumping capacity at Nyamandlovu Aquifer be increased and non-functional bowsers should be repaired and be on standby for any emergency.

Clr Ncube said he felt that the emergency committee should also tour all the dams in order to appreciate the situation on the ground.

The acting Deputy Director of Engineering services (water), Mente Ndlovu, said the city was located on the Matsheumhlope Aquifer which had plenty of water which should be utilised.

He said if funds were available, council would install solar boreholes which are less expensive as council did not have the capacity to drill boreholes.

Ndlovu said council had bought six new bowsers and one had been allocated to Cowdray Park suburb.

“The rest of the bowsers were deployed in various projects and will be recalled if there is an emergency,” he said.

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  • Lunga

    Why must we always reach this point every rainy season when we should be an at advanced stage of drawing water from the zambezi water project!!!!Dunderheads in Govt!

    • mthilisi

      Zambezi water levels are low, same with Kariba. Where have you been?

      • Doctor Do little

        Come on man. What are you talking about? That the water levels are low would never have affected or made any difference to water being piped to Bulawayo if the pipeline was there. The Zambezi is a river and not a dam so there is no storage there. The river deposits most of its water into the Sea so it stands to reason that the sea would not dry up because Bulawayo drew water from there. To supply Bulawayo with Zambezi water would take a very insignificant percentage of that water which would be like taking a teaspoon of water from a 44 gallon drum. Lunga you are spot on. These people cannot plan further than their noses. No one ever suggested a pipeline from Lake Kariba.

        • Lunga

          Thank you Doc!

          • Gasta

            You guys stop acting stupid and don’t act like you know better than the guys who are up there….why cant you go to the ministries and take their position by simply making people vote for you…………………..create tributaries from Zambezi will reduce the flow drastically and remember we share this water flow for Energy and energy is of great concern…for now the situation is not bad as it may seem because Zambezi and especially nyamadlovu aquifers are helping us big time..the situation is not yet bad let them increase the pumping from aquifers to these dams …and rememeber the aquifers in the ghettos commonly known as the bhoranis by most people will surely help us a lot if situations are hectic we have done even better than South Africa and other neighboring countries in terms of combating water crises, the bowsers is just a prerequisite that’s needed at few areas only …I say to the ministry, “go ahead, increase the pumping rate, look for funds to get the solar powered borehole pumps, get the matsheumhlope aquifer running at its full throttle, we good to go”…Dr Do Little, try using the cognitive side and stop using your psycho-motor when you respond supporting to some comments.

          • Gasta

            sorry meant “Mtshabezi and Nyamdlovu are helping us big time” not zambezi

          • Doctor Do little

            The one that is acting stupid is you. The aquifer if you done a bit of research can not be used continuously as there is a likelihood that if abused cracks and collapses can happen because of the amount of earth above it. Are you saying if Harare or Bulawayo were built adjacent to the Zambezi river they would not be able to use the water? Bollocks. About the guys up there that you so admire they have failed to do anything constructive for the past 36 going on to 37 years. You know nothing about psycho motor and I will support any one I want to. One thing I will not do is listen to an apologist for failures so take your useless advice elsewhere. Another thing what tributaries are you talking about? We are talking about a pipe line and as far as I know no one asked these clowns to build a new river off the Zambezi.

          • Mpisi

            What is Matsheamhlophe aquifer? Where is that?

        • GP

          You can’t say it better. It’s only idiots who can’t reason this way

        • Mahlabathi

          Ask Dabengwa about the MZWP money

          • Doctor Do little

            You ask him.

      • Masocha

        Spot on Mthilisi. The water levels from Zambezi were too low to the point of threatening energy generation. Those who visited (or know) Victoria Falls will know the levels were very very low. It is not as simple as putting a pipe in the Zambezi and opening a tap in Bulawayo…

        • Doctor Do little

          Even if that is that is the case it is not like a pipeline can be built in one day or even one year so if you do not understand Lunga is talking about what might of been. Of course it is not that simple. Long term planning is never simple.Is simple what the politicians want? If the truth be told there was absolutely no planning for a long term water solution in Bulawayo. Life has a way of turning things around because it is no longer us alone that are affected. The chickens have come to roost in Harare where people are selling borehole water in plastic containers that are picked off the street for $1 because the tap water is undrinkable.

          • Zuze

            That is pathetic. That is what Jotham and his many names like. Izinja lezi have failed big time. After all did they have a crystal ball to see that water levels would be low? If Dabengwa stole the money why was he not prosecuted? UJotham is a liar of major proportions.

          • Doctor Do little

            That I know.

    • Mahlabathi

      Dabengwa stole MZWP money. The 2nd issue Zambezi river is running low and the Kariba dam is drying up. Vulingqondo – Xamu. Ubona kungani ngumlindi lo.

      • Doctor Do little

        Excuses excuses excuses.

      • Mixed Race

        Please tone your language and stick to facts mate.This current council is made up of people who cannot think straight because I personally commented about six months ago that they should implement water rationing to save our water because the international weather forecasters had already predicted heavy droughts related to El Nino effects.As usual they ignored our comments like their political brothers and sisters.They talk of solar boreholes as cheap,but this is real nonsense to me because more equipment is needed to have the system operational instead of the normal zesa driven submersible pumps.The calibre of the councillors we elected is beyond normal description.Wait and see how the water rationing will be implemented with serious health break downs.

        • Mahlabathi

          Kunzima ndoda – ngivemelana lawe.

  • clement moyo

    No this city council is so nonsensical that it amaze me to still have them operating. When a pipe bursts they let the water run until it is enough to fill Mutirikwi River then they will come and close it. We loose a lot of water through bursts and negligence yet we pay a lot of money for every litre of water. If sane people were running this country, water would not be paid for. Now they will ration it and cause cholera. Lina lingabeka otsotsi bezikhwama ubukansila. Ngumbhedo sibili, wodwa nje.

  • hydrogeologist

    water belongs to the almighty God, have no fear God will provide

  • Water is Life

    If the Zambezi Water Project was not messed up those in Political positions of authority everything they touch turns to ashes