DAM SUICIDE! ‘Cancer stricken’ student teacher drowns self

The late Nokulunga Ngwenya

The late Nokulunga Ngwenya

Andile Tshuma, Chronicle Reporter
A 23-YEAR-OLD student at Hillside Teachers’ College in Bulawayo allegedly committed sucide by throwing herself into Hillside Dams where she drowned.

Ms Nokulunga Ngwenya of Bulawayo’s Mpopoma suburb who left a suicide note saying her family would find her at Hillside Dams, had, according to sources, been diagnosed with cancer.

A man who was taking his dogs for a walk discovered Ms Ngwenya’s body floating in the dam during the early hours of Monday.

Family members had since Friday last week been searching for her after stumbling on her suicide note which she left at home under her cellphone on Thursday.

When she did not return home on the day she left the suicide note, family members reported her missing to the police but were advised to wait for 48 hours.

The family members however decided to conduct the search on their own at the Hillside Dams which was her favourite hang out but all was in vain.

It was not until Monday that the man who was taking his dogs for a walk discovered the body floating in the dam.

One of the Hillside Dams

One of the Hillside Dams

Sources said when the body was retrieved, it had a purse filled with stones tied around the neck.

Ms Ngwenya was back at the college after her Teaching Practice at Eveline High School.

A family member who only identified himself as Ms Ngwenya’s uncle told The Chronicle that she went missing on Thursday last week prompting family members to report her missing to the police and subsequently conducting a search for her.

“She left a suicide note saying we should look for her at Hillside Dams. We are shocked and devastated as a family because she was almost done with her studies and she did not seem like a troubled person. We are waiting for a post mortem report because we strongly suspect foul play,” said the uncle.

A Hillside Dams official declined to comment and referred questions to the police.

Bulawayo Police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

“We received information on a sudden death by drowning at Hillside dams. We identified the deceased as a 23-year-old female Hillside Teachers’ College student,” said Asst Insp Ncube.

Sources said Ms Ngwenya probably failed to come to terms with her health condition hence she committed suicide.

An aunt who only chose to be identified as Fiso said the family was bitter about the way police had handled the matter.

“We accept that our daughter is dead, however we are disappointed at the treatment that we received from Hillside Police Station.

“We told them about the suicide note and that Nokulunga said we would find her at the dam.

“They told us there was nothing they could do and we should return to the station after two days. They told us to tell them when we heard that a body had been found,” said Fiso.

She said they believed as a family that had the police acted promptly, they could have probably saved Ms Ngwenya’ life if indeed she committed suicide.


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  • Hlokoloza

    Nxa amapholisa only roadblocks.

  • denzel

    MHSRIP. But I don’t understand this story reporter. She wrote a suicide side note and still the family is suspecting foul play.

    • Cetshwayo

      Mhlawumbe ukhona um’bulali owam’bhalela leyo note, kwazi bani mfoka Washington

  • God of War

    She was diagnosed with cancer; a fact that the family knows and she also wrote a suicide note; so why is the family chasing shadows and suspecting foul play? It’s standard practice the world over to wait 48 hours before filing a missing person report for an adult.

    • Dr Revenge

      It is standard practice when a person goes missing but if a person leaves a suicide note that ceases to be the case. The Police are just useless.

    • Smoothy1

      I agree with you on the first part GOW, there is a note so why suspect foul play?
      But on the issue of 48 hrs, NO. In as much as it is an offence not to fasten one’s safety belt in a car, it is also an offence to commit suicide. Police were actually supposed to run around in search of the person, ‘coz she was committing a crime. If police hear sm1 saying is going to wherever to shoot a person do they just fold their hands waiting for the crime to be committed first??

      • God of War

        It now depends if they had informed the police about the suicide note or they just said that she was missing.

        • Disgruntled

          if you read the article it clearly states that the police were informed about the suicide note..the aunt named Fiso confirmed that. The truth is that the police are USELESS!!!! they are only effective when it comes to roadblocks and all that other crap, because they stand to benefit from it…shuwa how do you tell a worried family that they should come back when they find a body?? HEARTLESS INCOMPITENT fools

  • sophephelaphi

    Of late some of the police behaviour has become very bad, for example l reported a case and spent the next four days trying to have them attend to my case but to no avail, then one day l received a message saying come urgently to the police station but when l reached there no one seemed to know who had sent the message l ended up returning home without getting any assistance that number when l tried to phone it it was not going through up to now. What is happening in the Police Force

  • Ziyabheda

    This 48hr lapse period before reporting a missing person is all nonsense where there is clear evidence of foul play or suicide. However,people must also do their best to assist the police by doing their best to search for the missing person by all means possible including mass publicity.

  • dingani

    Why kill herself when we have lots of men of God who can command some of these diseases out. It could be that some people dont trust them but we have witnessed a lot of miracles live

    • MakhosiXamu

      Do you mean cash-hungry fake prophets whose spiritual fathers are either Ghanaian or Nigerian?

      • Cetshwayo

        Kanje wena uyiSatanist Zanoid, you think all healers are inspired by Ghanian or Nigerian sangomas, no wonder why you and your kind still believe that Mgabe is the only one who can rule this once beautiful country which your grandpa has destroyed. Shame on you Jotham. Uyisono mfana

      • noe

        Words that come from your mouth,shows the state of your heart,you are a troubled soul,wandering and thirsty and have no fixed abode spiritually your inner man has long died

        • Leon

          KKKKKK, are you saying Xamu wil never find his inner peace?
          take him to K.F.C

  • qaqa

    ZRP Hillside used to a no nonsense Police Station their professionalism used to be so good, but of late it seems they have lost the shine

    • uBhonklanti

      the tarven they opened at the camp is the real reason why they no longer care abt their work. they drink with known criminals from Hillcrest and Hillside

      • yahwe

        this is a different agenda, tavern or no tavern a person does s he pleases during his spare time ,they will not be on duty ,since its a police camp one can knock off and start drinking while in uniform, coz its a police camp,and not a public place,deal with your problems and stop blaming police

        • uBhonklanti

          I am talking of cops who go to work drunk and some even in uniforms. Why are u aggrieved? are u one of them?

    • nhlamba baloyi

      At one time one of my children went missing and l phoned the police about this, they said come to the Police station to make a report after 48 hours but l said there is a house that lam watching l suspect the occupants must know something but police will not assist untill the matter was taken over by, ‘amamonya’ who went to knock at the door with an okapi knife and forced their way inside the house and recovered the child and the police came to attend to amamonya saying they are a public nuisance

      • Yahwe

        Police, police police whats wrong with you people?The 48 hour period is decided by police ,its in the books of law.You expect police to protect you from yourself? You busy obsessed with police socializing at their canteen ,?whats your problem Police officers are human beings they have a social life, they are allowed to drink beer,ndiyani akkudzai kuti vanenge vachinwa doro vanenge vatiza basa?

  • big

    foul play must not be ruled out. A lot is going on with these new age relationships, love triangles, blesser kind of relationships. Everyone has an idea how painful and scary drowning must feel. So one would not likely want to commit suicide by drownin.

    R.I.P. Well fighting cancer might also be a very scary thing and without adequate counseling, one might be driven to such a fate.

  • Danny

    Why would she put stones if she wanted to die.. The stones must have been put by someone else to make sure she drowns. It’s could be wrong but its my observation.

    • Smoothy1

      To make sure she drowns ‘coz with the stones, she meant to keep herself under the water until she was dead.

    • Citizen Freedom

      what a poor analysis

      • Terry

        You can say that again. I just facepalmed so hard my forehead hurts…

    • Shocked 101

      Danny you are soooooo stupid…it must hurt!!! obviously if you are trying to drown yourself you HAVE to pull yourself down with something heavy otherwise you just float..simple logic

  • khonzi

    Is the handwriting on the note hers, whom did she stay with, any car in that place that could have been used in the commission of the crime, has CID Homicide done its part. This could be murder, why would she move all the way from mpopoma to commit suicide at hillside dams. By the way hillside dams is said to be associated with some strange happenings in the spirit side

  • uBhonklanti

    Hillside Police Station is one of the most useless stations in BYO. They are concentrating on beer drinking instead of helping the residents. Most of the time the cops are at the canteen/tarven situated along Cecil road where the majority of officers stay or pirating their Honda fits. Criminals drink with cops at the tarven and they turn a blind eye to their illicit activities.

    We thought we will have peace when the notorious bottle store at Hillside shops was closed as cops spent most of their time drinking at the shops instead of doing their duties. Chihuri and Charamba must act on this rot.

    • Marcus Lacoste

      You are very right.Hillside Police station has become more like a Shebeen

  • admit

    The Chronicle obsession with murder suicide stories is not helpful. A visitor to Bulawayo on reading the chronicle would think that it is the murder and suicide capital of Zimbabwe. Have you noticed that 5 of the 8 Top stories today are about murder and suicide. I little more positive news perhaps ?

    • nhlambabaloyi

      but its news

      • MakhosiXamu

        True ndoda.

  • Vumani

    A diagnosis with chronic illness should be followed with some counselling it’s some cases second medical opinion might allieviate apprehension,it’s a tragic premature and avoidable death. A young life taken at its prime may her soul rest in eternal peace. The systematic collapse of the health sector has left many in state of hopelessness and dispair it’s heart breaking to read the about loss of young people cry my beloved nation.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Lina abantu bamasiko lesintu yini elibangela i cancer ngobu thakathi benu. Yeeee i counselling ?. Stupid analysis. All these cancers are caused by these African witches who are so shameless. Now a life is lost ngenxa yezihlobo ezithakatha emini…shit. The Govt. must make sure laws are changed so that all witches are hanged.

      • siba

        edamu lonaleliyana kwake kwabanjwa inhlanzi elegwayi lomuntu

        • MakhosiXamu

          Izimanga lezo zibangwa ngaba thakathi . ndoda.

  • khokho

    ekadeni kwakuthiwa edamu lase hillside kubonakala iziga, kwakubonakala inyoka elogedla lwe qude, kwelinye ilanga omunye wabona inyoka elenwele eqolo. Kayisiyo ndawo ongadlala ngayo buzani umdaka omdala ohlala e Hope fountain bazalitshela kahle

  • nda

    sicela esipholiseni baqhatshe abantu abake baba ngomahobho abathakazelela umsebenzi hatshi lokho okwenzakala kulenzi insuku, ufice abantu bengaqedakali ukuthi bayazi abakwenzayo kumbe balwa lozulu

  • Tonde

    Nice damsel. Looks like that famous Police Inspector speaker. If the fornicator Sonde was told to drown himself inorder to have permission to lay his hands on a jewel like this, he could have done that.

  • ngilusizi

    ezulwini uyafika abuzwe ukuthi uzibulala ukuthi oMagaya, labo Prophet Shem, Labo Prophet Chawani behlulekile na ukumceda

  • lubimbi

    Police Station Commanders should be jerked up to ensure that all reports are attended timeously and also attend to queries promptly

    • Lubimbi

      Police should carry out an audit of all reported cases whether they were attended to or not, there is now gross negligence and incompetence in the force, they issue you with a report number but do not attend the crime scene, . May the relevant authorities ensure that each shift has a commander to direct operations

  • langenkathazo zakoNgwenya

    either she was murdered by a boyfriend or could have been in love with a married man and wife hire assasins

    • Tormenta

      suicide is a real thing punk

    • Joel

      You are out of touch with reality you numpty.

  • simayedwa

    thina sasisazi ukuthi umuntu ungafika enkambeni usiya mangala icala uyahle ukhokhele ijibhi khonapho khonapho, njalo sasisazi ukuthi ijibhi kayihambeli into eyodwa ngenge mota yesigulane, kanti khathesi yindaba sebelobuvila obunje ye buya ngemva kwamaviki amabili njani futhi. Yayithi ingafika ijibhi izigebenga ziphaphatheke ngezinsuku zabo baba uDumiso. UDumiso wayesazi umsebezi . isantana yayingadlali njalo

  • Vumani

    Your views are speculative Makhosixamu it betrays your ignorance to attribute cancer to witchcraft & African customs and traditions. It’s a condition which may manifest at any stage of any person’s existence wena usucabanga intolwane silimandini nonetheless its standard clinical intervention in countries with a progressive and complimentary health system irrespective of whether the cancer is benign or malignant. One cannot make an analogy based on speculation without post mortem systematic rigorous investigation.

    • Tormenta

      Now that is what these so called educated Zimbabweans do not understand

    • Sie

      those things are real Vumani,ask abadala they would tell you what cancer/ IMVUKUZANE is&thus why there were people who knew how to treat it then, reason why even today in the name of Jesus Christ some people get healed from it.

  • Tormenta

    Now she spoiled our water to drink – truly selfish. I keep on telling people to eat organic food stop eating South African processed food.

    • Derik

      Why are yu so heartless and dense??how cn yu worry abt dirty water over some1 losing their life.you are repulsive,you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Tormenta

        You fool, would you drink contaminated water? Problem is Zimbabwe is suffering from excessive levels of mental illness due to political and mostly econo-social problems

        • Dunderhead

          We don’t drink water from Hillside dams.

    • makheyi

      her actions were very bad imagine someone walking his dogs enjoying morning freshness only to stumble on a body how scary it is. He is then forced to go all the way to call the police and give a statement

  • Terry

    So the police are shown a suicide note and and person leaves her phone behind and they still say wait for 48hrs??? doesnt this alarm anyone??

  • mns

    Have had a bad experience as well from Hillside Police Station after reporting a particular matter.