Daughter rapist gets 24 years behind bars


Faith Mabuto, Midlands Reporter
A MBERENGWA has been sentenced to 24 years in prison for raping his 11- year old daughter on several occasions.

The 39- year old man from Risai Village would abuse his daughter and pour water on her genitals or wipe them with leaves.

The man pleaded not guilty to four counts of rape but regional magistrate Collet Ncube convicted him due to overwhelming evidence.

Ncube said the man deserved to rot in prison because he had destroyed his daughter’s life.

“You deserved to be locked away in prison for a very long time as you are an evil man. Instead of protecting your daughter you made her life hard and you sexually abused her,” said the magistrate.

He said the courts existed to protect women from man like the rapist dad.

“I have also taken into account that you are a first offender. For all the four counts, your are sentenced to 24 years imprisonment of which two years are suspended for five years on condition you do not commit a similar offence,” said Ncube.

Prosecuting Andrew Marimo said sometime during December last year, at about 6AM, the man followed his daughter to the fields.

“The girl had gone to the fields to chase away birds from the crops. He raped her once and wiped her genitalia with a pink cloth”, said Marimo.

After raping her, Marimo said, he ordered her not to cry and never to tell anyone.

Marimo said that during the same year in December, in the morning, the man’s wife left him with the minor.

He said the man called his daughter into his bedroom where he ordered her to lie on the blankets and he raped her again before wiping her genitals with a wet towel.

Marimo told the court that during the same month at about 5PM, when the girl went to the fields, the man followed her and he raped her again for the third time and poured water on her privates.

He said that for the fourth time during the same month, the girl went to the bush and her father followed her and he raped her again before wiping her genitals with leaves.

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